Beaches of Sardinia

a picture of scattered rocks on the sandy beach of Cala dei Gabbiani, near Baunei, east Sardinia, Italy.
Scattered rocks across the beach of Cala dei Gabbiani, a superb snorkeling paradise near Baunei, east Sardinia, Italy.

A clear horizon of cloudless skies, deep blue waters, and miles of mesmerizing coastal landscapes basking in the sunshine of the warm and pleasant Mediterranean sun… Welcome to – your home to the best beaches in Sardinia, Italy! Situated in the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, Sardinia is a serene and secluded island famous for some of the cleanest and the most mesmerizing beaches, with gleaming turquoise waters and pearl white glittery sands. Check out some beaches below or browse the site’s top menu. Whether you want to sit back and relax on the sunny, sandy beach or delve into the most thriving waterfront fun, you will find everything you need about the best beaches in Sardinia.

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North Sardinia

Heading north? We’ll give you a few teasers to get you started. Splendid beach holiday in northern Sardinia, guaranteed.

Santa Teresa di Gallura
Spiaggia Rena Bianca, Santa Teresa Gallura, Olbia-Tempio, north Sardinia.

Spiaggia Rena Bianca

Spiaggia Rena Bianca is one of the best beaches of north Sardinia. Family-friendly too ...
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Santa Teresa di Gallura
a picture of Spiaggia Rena Di Ponente, a beach near Capo Testa, north Sardinia, Italy.

La Colba – Rena di Ponente

The beach of La Colba – Rena di Ponente (Spiaggia Rena Di Ponente) is approximately 400 meters long and faces ...
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blues skies, a deep blue sea and a river at Spiaggia di San Pietro, in north Sardinia, Italy.

Spiaggia di San Pietro

At the border of the provinces of Sassari and Olbia-Tempio, (Spiaggia di San Pietro) begins. It is located 1.7 kilometers ...
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Trinità D'Agultu e Vignola
Spiaggia Di Li Cossi, Costa Paradiso, north Sardinia, Italy.

Spiaggia Di Li Cossi

Tucked away in a natural amphitheater of granite rocks, Spiaggia di Li Cossi is a must-see cove located in Costa ...
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North-East Sardinia

Isola Maddalena

The Maddalena Archipelago boasts crystal-clear waters, stunning beaches, and breathtaking landscapes. Experience the unique beauty of its islands and immerse yourself in the rich culture and history of the region. Indulge in mouth-watering cuisine, hike scenic trails, and create unforgettable memories in this paradise. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable travel experience.

summer scenery of clear waters and granite rocks at Spiaggia dello Strangolato on Isola Maddalena, Sardinia.

Spiaggia dello Strangolato

The pinkish sand is inviting. Spend a few hours on Spiaggia dello Strangolato with or without kids, and admire the ...
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Spiaggia di Bassa Trinita, where a wooden pathway winds through a patch of dunes and Mediterranean vegetation, adding to the natural charm of the location.

Spiaggia di Bassa Trinita

Despite its small size, Spiaggia di Bassa Trinita is a quiet beach within easy reach of the main town where ...
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Costa Smeralda

You’ve heard the stories. You’ve seen the pictures. Indeed, some of the best beaches in Sardinia can be found on the renowned Emerald Coast. The Costa Smeralda, between  Baja Sardinia and Porto Rotondo villages, consists of miles and miles of picture-perfect bays, secluded coves, and white sandy beaches. As if that weren’t enough, the perfectly clear turquoise waters seem to come straight out of a Caribbean daydream. They’re just waiting to be scratched off anyone’s bucket list.

Porto Cervo
Grande Pevero Beach, Costa Smeralda, Olbia-Tempio, Sardinia.

Pevero Beach

Pevero beach (Spiaggia del Pevero), located just 3 kilometers south of Porto Cervo, consists of two beaches: Piccolo Pevero beach ...
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Cala di Volpe
Spiaggia del Principe, Costa Smeralda, Sardinia, Italy. It is also known as the Prince's Beach.

Spiaggia del Principe

Principe beach (Spiaggia del Principe) is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Costa Smeralda, and shouldn't be missed ...
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Cala di Volpe
A slice of Mediterranean paradise at Spiaggia di Liscia Ruja, Cala di Volpe, Costa Smeralda, Sardinia.

Spiaggia di Liscia Ruja

Liscia Ruja is located between Portisco and Cala di Volpe, and is considered to be one of the most beautiful ...
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Picture-perfect Spiaggia Capriccioli, near Cala di Volpe, Costa Smeralda, Sardinia. In the background, the small mountains of Isola Mortorio.

Spiaggia Capriccioli

Capriccioli Beach belongs on the list of the most beautiful beaches of the Costa Smeralda. This rather small beach is ...
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Beyond The Emerald Coast

Have you been dreaming of beach holidays in Sardinia lately?

There are more Sardinian beaches to explore in the Northeast, beyond the Costa Smeralda.

San Teodoro
A splendid view of Isola Tavolara, seen from Spiaggia La Cinta, San Teodoro, Sardinia, Italy.

Spiaggia La Cinta

La Cinta Beach (Spiaggia La Cinta), near San Teodoro, is one of the longest beaches (3.2 kilometers) in north-east Sardinia ...
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Lu Impostu
Friendly skies over Spiaggia di Lu Impostu, the third longest beach of San Teodoro.

Spiaggia di Lu Impostu

A few hundred meters south of Cala Brandinchi you'll find Lu Impostu beach, the third largest beach of the San ...
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San Teodoro
Cala Brandinchi beach, also known as ‘Little Tahiti’, in San Teodoro, Olbia-Tempio, Sardinia.

Cala Brandinchi

Cala Brandinchi beach (Spiaggia Cala Brandinchi) is one of the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia. Also known as 'Little Tahiti' ...
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Porto San Paolo
a picture of granite rocks on Spiaggia di Cala Girgolu, near Porto San Paolo, north-east Sardinia, Italy.

Spiaggia di Cala Girgolu

The beach of Cala Girgolu (Spiaggia di Cala Girgolu), is a beautiful place to visit if you find yourself in ...
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East Sardinia

Hiking through the long canyons, narrow gorges, and valleys of the jagged Supramonte mountain range. Boat trips from Cala Gonone and Santa Maria Navarrese. Mother Nature sure has her way: some of the best beaches in Sardinia are just a bit harder to reach. But the rewards are worth the effort, and the memories are priceless. Cala Mariolu, Cala Goloritze, Cala Luna, Cala Fuili… This is East Sardinia!

A gorgeous from the beach at Cala Mariolu, in east Sardinia, Italy.

Cala Mariolu

Cala Mariolu is another top contender on our list of Best Beaches of East Sardinia. The cove is located just ...
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Cala Goloritze, 9 kilometers north of Baunei, Ogliastra, east Sardinia, Italy.

Cala Goloritze

Cala Goloritze is one of the most photogenic Sardinian beaches of its kind. Elected a UNESCO site in 1995, this ...
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A view from one of the caves at Cala Luna, east Sardinia, Italy.

Cala Luna

Situated beautifully in the Sardinian gulf of Orosei near Cala Gonone, lies Cala Luna beach, with its white sands, clear ...
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a picture of the beach at Cala Fuili in the province of Nuoro East Sardinia

Cala Fuili

You'll find the beautiful cove of Cala Fuili three kilometers south of the center of the seaside village named Cala ...
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South-East Sardinia

Near Costa Rei, just an hour’s drive away from Cagliari: Cala Sinzias and the beach of Scoglio di Peppino. Not to mention Cala Pira and Spiaggia delle Ginestre.

Costa Rei
a picture of cala sinzias near costa rei south east sardinia

Cala Sinzias

You'll find Cala Sinzias beach (Spiaggia di Cala Sinzias) just north of Cala Pira, on the coastal line of Costa ...
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a picture of the entrance to scoglio di peppino beach in cagliari south-east sardinia

Scoglio di Peppino

The splendid little beach of Scoglio di Peppino (Spiaggia di Scoglio di Peppino) can be found 1.5 kilometers south of ...
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stunning scenery at spiaggia di cala pira in southeast sardinia

Spiaggia di Cala Pira

Spiaggia di Cala Pira is located between the villages of Villasimius and Sant’elmo. This beach is one of the more ...
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Costa Rei
a picture of scoglio di peppino

Spiaggia delle Ginestre

Walk north for a few hundred meters along the beach from Scoglio di Peppino, and you'll reach Ginestre beach (Spiaggia ...
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South Sardinia

Southern Comfort

Caribbean-colored waters, and gorgeous beaches stretching for miles and miles. Sugar-fine sands and grandstand views over the Mediterranean Sea. Majestic dunes, masterpieces of nature, forever whipped by the warm winds of the southern Sardinian summer. Lagoons with flamingos, searching for a summer home. Dolphins graciously swimming in the exquisite celestial-blue waters. Spending your summer vacation on some of the beaches in south Sardinia isn’t about season or climate. It’s about dimension.

a picture of spiaggia di campana dune in chia south sardinia

Spiaggia di Campana Dune

1 kilometer south-east of Setti Ballas, you'll discover the beach of Campana Dune (Spiaggia di Campana Dune). This is the ...
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Sant'Anna Arresi
a picture of spiaggia di porto pino in south sardinia

Spiaggia di Porto Pino

Porto Pino beach is one of the best beaches of south Sardinia. It is located between the provinces of Cagliari ...
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a picture of spiaggia del poetto di cagliari in south sardinia

Spiaggia del Poetto

Poetto Beach (Spiaggia del Poetto di Cagliari) is located in between Comune di Quartu Sant Elena and Comune di Cagliari, ...
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Domus de Maria
a picture of chia beach near domus de maria in cagliari sardinia

Spiaggia di Chia sa Colonia

Chia Beach, with sands colored like peaches and turquoise waves rolling towards the coastline, is one of the best beaches ...
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South-West Sardinia

On the southwest side of Sardinia, you’ll find the quiet coastal stretches of the Costa Verde. With their wild natural beauty and ever-restless seas, Costa Verde beaches are some of the most unspoiled beaches of Sardinia.

a picture of Cala Domestica near Buggerru in south-west Sardinia, Italy.

Cala Domestica

Situated in what used to be a mining area, Cala Domestica is located on the south-western coast of Sardinia. Cala ...
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a picture of Spiaggia di Portixeddu near Buggeru in south-west Sardinia, Italy.

Spiaggia di Portixeddu

Portixeddu beach, in south-west Sardinia, is 2.5 kilometers long and perfect for long walks along the shore and jogging. This ...
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West Sardinia

Get to know the rougher side of Sardinia.

a picture of s'archittu beach in oristano, west sardinia, italy.

Spiaggia S’Archittu

S'Archittu beach got its name from a rock arch which is one of the largest natural bridges of Sardinia. The ...
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Putzu Idu
a picture of the beach at putzu idu in west sardinia

Spiaggia di Putzu Idu

Putzu Idu beach is located in the west of Sardinia, between Porto Mandriola and Putzu Idu, and is surrounded by ...
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North-West Sardinia

In the northwest, three Sardinian beaches to remember near Alghero: Le Bombarde, Maria Pia, and La Speranza. In Stintino, lest we forget, La Spiaggia della Pelosa, one of the best known beaches in Sardinia.

gorgeous transparent waters and blue skies at Spiaggia La Pelosa, in Stintino north-west Sardinia, Italy.

Spiaggia La Pelosa

Spiaggia della Pelosa, with its shallow turquoise waters and white sands, is a must-see Sardinian oasis ...
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A view of Spiaggia delle Bombarde on a quiet summer's day, near Alghero, northwest Sardinia, Italy.

Spiaggia delle Bombarde

Located less than a kilometer east of Lazzaretto beach, Le Bombarde beach is another popular beach of the Alghero area ...
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a beautiful vista looking out over the sea from the pine forest behind Spiaggia di Maria Pia near Alghero in Sardinia

Spiaggia di Maria Pia

Spiaggia di Maria Pia is one of the best beaches near Alghero. It is 1200 meters long and is backed ...
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a picture of the sunset at la speranza beach near alghero in north west sardinia

Spiaggia della Speranza

La Speranza beach is located in north-west Sardinia, 8 kilometers south of Alghero. La Speranza beach is one of the ...
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Sardinia Beaches Fun Facts

  • Spiaggia Ira is the only beach in Sardinia named after a person. It got its name from European actress Ira von Fürstenberg.
  • Given its exotic qualities and astonishingly blue waters, the beach of Cala Brandinchi in San Teodoro is dubbed “Little Tahiti”.
  • One of the most popular and famous beaches in Sardinia is Spiaggia del Principe. It’s also the favorite beach of Aga Khan, who carved out the stretch of paradise known as the Costa Smeralda for his close friends in 1962.
  • The smallest beach we’ve discovered in Sardinia is Cala Greca, with a length of only 15 meters.
  • Sardinia’s widest beach is Spiaggia di Piscinas, near Guspini, in the southwest. Its sands trace up to 2 kilometers into the mainland.
  • One of the largest natural bridges of Sardinia can be found at Spiaggia S’Archittu, in Oristano, west Sardinia. The arch is 15 meters tall and a very popular diving spot.
  • Over 40 Sardinia beaches are less than 200 meters long.
  • Over 20 Sardinia beaches have a length of more than 2 kilometers.
  • Compared to 2016, Sardinia comes in fifth in the FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) rankings, with an additional nine Blue Flag beaches in 2017.
  • Seven Blue Flag beaches can be found in the northeast of the island of Sardinia, in the region known as Gallura.
  • In 2017, Santa Teresa Gallura is a clear winner with three Blue Flag beaches. They are Rena Bianca, Rena di Ponente, and Rena Levante near the headlands of Capo Testa. is your free travel guide to the best beaches of Sardinia. The perfect gateway to your beach holiday in Sardinia! This website offers a comprehensive and easy-to-browse list of the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia, the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. The island of Sardinia proudly offers over 200 beaches and coves ranging from shores with silky white sand to picture-perfect pebbly beaches with stray rocks spread along the coastline. When it comes to natural beauty, Sardinia beaches effortlessly compete with those on the coasts of Ibiza, the French Riviera, and even with top Caribbean beaches.

With so many beaches to visit, Sardinia is a destination you’ll happily come back to.