Cala Goloritze

Cala Goloritze, 9 kilometers north of Baunei, Ogliastra, east Sardinia, Italy.
Cala Goloritze, 9 kilometers north of Baunei, Ogliastra, east Sardinia, Italy.

About Cala Goloritze

  • near Baunei, Province of Ogliastra, East Sardinia, Italy.
  • None. You'll want to bring some amenities.
  • snorkelling, hiking, climbing, birdwatching.
  • 20:40 PM
  • 06:15 AM
  • 200 meters.

Cala Goloritze, a tiny but stunning beach at the base of a deep and pleasant ravine, is located just south of Cala Biriola, in the Ogliastra area, 9 kilometers north of Baunei.

Cala Goloritze beach is one of the most photogenic of its kind. It is only reachable on foot or by boat. Boat trips usually start at 60,- Euros, see here.

If you’re planning on coming on foot, the hike to Cala Goloritze takes more than one hour, and the return trip will probably take you twice as long.

Do bring your snorkeling goggles, ease into the water and take a swim, spot some fish – the water features unbelievable shades of blue and green! Cala Goloritze is just another example of what Sardinian paradise looks like, and little compares with the uniqueness of this spot.

It should be no wonder that Cala Goloritze was elected a UNESCO site in 1995 and definitely is one of the best snorkeling beaches of Sardinia.

Places to Stay near Cala Goloritze

Hotel Villa Gustui Maris

  • A 4 star Hotel 20.5 kilometers from Cala Goloritze
a picture of hotel villa gustui maris in cala gonone
Hotel Villa Gustui Maris in Cala Gonone, with marvelous views of the Gulf of Orosei and the Supramonte mountain range.

Hotel Villa Gustui Maris is one of the top picks in Cala Gonone. Located near the slopes of the Supramonte mountain range, at the foot of Mount Irveri, the four-star family-friendly hotel is strategically located north of the center of the seaside village, from where you can explore the famous Sardinian beaches and hidden coves such as Cala Mariolu, Cala Goloritzé, Cala Luna, Cala Fuili and Cala Cartoe. From the hotel's porch and balconies, you'll enjoy the swoon-worthy panoramic views of the Gulf of Orosei and the Tyrrhenian Sea. The hotel's restaurant serves traditional Sardinian dishes and Mediterranean cuisine. In the morning, an Italian continental breakfast buffet is available and can be enjoyed while looking over the bay of Cala Gonone. The staff at Villa Gustui Maris are very friendly and will gladly provide you with any information you may need to explore the region. Trekking excursions through the Supramonte’s long canyons, narrow gorges and valleys, and boat trips to Cala Mariolu and other hard to reach coves can also be arranged at the hotel's concierge desk.

Highly recommended!

Hotel Cala Luna

  • A 3 star Boutique Hotel 19.8 kilometers from Cala Goloritze
a picture of the sun terrace at hotel cala luna in cala gonone east sardinia
The sundeck with views of the Gulf of Orosei at boutique Hotel Cala Luna in Cala Gonone.

The beachfront Cala Luna Hotel is a modern three-star boutique hotel located along the cozy promenade of Cala Gonone. It's a family-run business with 27 unique rooms, most of them feature grand views of the bay of Cala Gonone and the Tyrrhenian Sea. Traditional Sardinian dishes and excellent local Italian wines are available in three à la carte dining venues: Inside the hotel, you'll find an air-conditioned dining room, outside the hotel, there are restaurants with a veranda and a romantic oceanfront terrace. Excursions and boat trips to Cala Mariolu can be arranged by the hotel's professional and English-speaking staff. Another option to discover the most beautiful beaches of the Gulf of Orosei is to organize boat trips to Cala Luna, Cala Golorizé, Cala Sisine and the Bue Marino caves at the local harbor in Cala Gonone, which is located within walking distance of the hotel. A mountain bike rental service is free for hotel guests if you'd like to explore the seaside village or the mountain biking trails that run through the hills of the jagged Supramonte mountain range.

How To Get To Cala Goloritze

By Boat from Santa Maria Navarrese

To avoid the crowds, you can book a boat trip to Cala Goloritze at getyourguide. The boat tour is with a small boat which will take you along the spectacular coast of Baunei, and stops at the coves of Cala Goloritzè, Cala Mariolu, Cala Biriala, and Cala Gabbiani. It will also stop at the so-called "Piscine di Venere", where you can swim and snorkel in the turquoise water. "Piscine di Venere" ("Venus Pools") are those green spots that you can see in the water, where the sea is so clear, you can easily sea the sandy bottom. The boat trip takes about 7 hours, with 6 hours to spend at some of the best coves of east Sardinia. You'll get to stay on the beach of Cala Goloritze for 2 hours. If you're very lucky, you'll spot dolphins and can even swim with them. The tour guide speaks English, Spanish, French and Italian.

By Car

From Baunei, you can get to Cala Goloritze by following the road signs for "Golgo" and Cooperativa Goloritze. Getting to the Golgo Plateau will take you about 30 minutes, depending on traffic. Once you spot the sign that points towards Cala Goloritze, continue on the dirt road that leads to the parking area. Leave your car, and head towards Bar Su Porcheddu. This is the last place where you can buy drinks and sandwiches, and where the hiking trail to Cala Goloritze begins. The hike to the cove will take about an hour and a half, so bring a backpack with plenty of water (2 liters is advisable) and proper footwear. You may want to bring flip flops as well to wear on the beach. Remember that you'll also have to go back up the trail, so leave a bit before or during sunset. The sun will start descending behind the rocks at approximately 4 PM.


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