Beaches of South East Sardinia

San Pietro Beach, Costa Rei, Cagliari, Sardinia.
San Pietro Beach, Costa Rei, Cagliari, Sardinia.

On this page you’ll find an overview of the beaches of south east Sardinia.

Beaches of South East Sardinia - Costa Rei

a panoramic picture of costa rei in cagliari south-east sardinia.

Costa Rei is located just 20 kilometers north-east of Villasimius, and about 70 kilometers from Cagliari. This popular beach resort area stretches for 9 kilometers between Capo Ferrato to the north, and Sant’elmo to the south. Costa Rei has long beaches with sand and water in colors that Sardinia is so famous for, with reefs, bays and small islands, where people come to snorkel, scuba dive, wind- and kitesurf.

Beaches Near Costa Rei

There are 12 beaches to choose from near Costa Rei. To learn more about each beach and how to get there, click on its name.

Cala Pira

a picture of cala pira near villasimius in cagliari south-east sardinia

Cala Pira beach (Spiaggia di Cala Pira) is located between the villages of Villasimius and Sant’elmo. This beach is one of the more popular spots in the Costa Rei area. Cala Pira beach is located in between two hills, and is sheltered from the wind. The beach is 500 meters long, offering panoramic views of Isola Serpentara, situated 5 kilometers off the coast, and the recently restored Torre di Cala Pira. Many sailboats come to this bay to lower the anchors and spend the day. Shallow blue waters make Cala Pira a good snorkelling or canoeing spot.

Cala Sinzias

a picture of cala sinzias near costa rei south east sardinia

You'll find Cala Sinzias beach (Spiaggia di Cala Sinzias) just north of Cala Pira, on the coastal line of Costa Rei, Cagliari. The beach has white sands with stray rocks, and waters clear like crystal. It is arguably one of the best beaches of Costa Rei. The beach is well equipped, and suitable for families, although the irregular surface beneath the water might make it unsuitable for small children. This spot popular amongst surfers, on quieter days it's a good snorkelling location. Part of this beach is privately operated by Hotel Garden Beach. The wooden walkways make this beach accessible for the disabled. Near the beach you’ll find Beach Club Is Fradis, a mix of a restaurant and lounge bar. It is a great location to spend your day and evening in a relaxed atmosphere. Summer season at the club usually starts in the beginning of May.

San Pietro Beach

a picture of spiaggia marina di san pietro in costa rei sardinia

San Pietro beach stretches south of the highlands of Monte Turnu, and is characterized by beautiful cliffs, amazingly colored waters and fine, golden sand. Part of San Pietro beach is privately operated by the Alma Resort. Beach services include beach towels, parasols and sun loungers. The private beach can be reached via a footpath of a few hundred meters.

Santa Giusta Beach

a picture of rocks at spiaggia di santa giusta in south-east sardinia

Drive a few hundred meters north from Sant'Elmo, and you'll discover Santa Giusta beach (Spiaggia di Santa Giusta). It faces east and has a length of about 1500 meters. On the north side is where you'll find the famous Peppino’s Rock. This picturesque rock is about 30 meters long, and shaped like a big whale. Around the rock you’ll spot some natural pools and small inlets. Spiaggia di Santa Giusta has thin sand, with the presence of small pebbles scattered along its sandy shore. Near the shore, its waters are shallow, making this a nice beach for families with children.

Scoglio di Peppino

a picture of the entrance to scoglio di peppino beach in cagliari south-east sardinia

The splendid little beach of Scoglio di Peppino (Spiaggia di Scoglio di Peppino) can be found 1.5 kilometers south of Costa Rei. It has a length of only 120 meters and faces south-east, featuring marvelous views of Scoglio di Peppino (Peppino's Rock), a natural extension of Punta Santa Giusta. Peppino's rock is the main attraction of this beach. It's about 30 meters long, and shaped like a big whale. It can easily be reached from the beach through shallow waters. The view from the rock is excellent, so if you can, bring your camera!

Cala Monte Turno

a picture of spiaggia di cala monte turno near costa rei in south-east sardinia

With a length of just under 300 meters, Cala Monte Turno (Spiaggia di Cala Monte Turno) is one of the smaller beaches in this area of Costa Rei. It faces south-east, offering views to the north of Monte Turno - which this beach was named after. The sea is very clear in this bay, and rich in marine life. A very nice spot for some snorkelling.

Spiaggia delle Ginestre

a picture of scoglio di peppino

Walk north for a few hundred meters along the beach from Scoglio di Peppino, and you'll reach Ginestre beach (Spiaggia delle Ginestre). This is the south section of Costa Rei's main beach. Spiaggia delle Ginestre has a length of over 2 kilometers, until it changes into the beach of Marina Rei (Spiaggia di Marina Rei). Waters are shallow here for the first few meters, it's a very suitable beach for families with children. It offers a full range of facilities, including several spots to park your car, and a beachfront camping. Several cafés and restaurants are scattered along the beach. Highly recommended!

Beaches of South East Sardinia - Tertenia

a picture of the village of Tertenia, in the Ogliastra area in south-east Sardinia, Italy.

Tertenia is a small hill town in Sardinia, set between the mountains and the sea along the south-eastern coast of the island. This charming town is known for its delightful setting, from the stunning beaches to some fascinating archaeological sites. The village is located in a high valley at the base of Mt. Arbu and Mt. Ferru, along the Rio Quirra River, known for its beautiful surrounding landscapes.

Beaches Near Tertenia

There are 9 beaches to choose from near Tertenia. To learn more about each beach and how to get there, click on its name.

Feraxi Beach

Feraxi beach, in Muravera, faces north-east, and is 2.5 kilometers long, Often quite windy, Feraxi beach is a good spot for surfing and kitesurfing.


a picture of cardedu beach

Cardedu beach is conveniently located near Cardedu village, just a few kilometers south of Bari Sardo beach. It has several hotels and resorts in the area.

Su Sirboni

a picture of su sarboni beach

Su Sirboni beach is located 3 kilometers south of Cardedu, has a length of 200 meters, and is one of the most beloved beaches in this part of Ogliastra.

Foxi Manna

a picture of foxi manna beach

Foxi Manna beach, shaped like a half moon with a length of 800 meters, is the largest beach in the area of Tertenia, Ogliastra. The beach faces due east.

Beaches of South East Sardinia - Villasimius

a picture of a beach in villasimius in south-east sardinia

Villasimius or Crabonaxa as it is called in Sardinian language, is a community in the Province of Cagliari, about 35 kilometers east of Cagliari.

Beaches Near Villasimius

There are 12 beaches to choose from near Villasimius. To learn more about each beach and how to get there, click on its name.

Campus Beach

Campus beach, in the area of Villasimius, is one of the larger beaches of the south-east, ideal for long walks or jogging in the early hours of the day.

Campulongu Beach

Campulongu beach lies 1.5 km from Campus beach and is one of the larger beaches of the Villasimius area, with hotels, restaurants and a golf club nearby.

Simius Beach

Simius beach, located east of Campulongu, offers vistas of both the Torre di Porto Giunco standing on the peninsula, and the Isola dei Cavoli lighthouse.

Punta Molentis

Punta Molentis could very well be the southern Sardinian beach that completely renders travelling to the Caribbean obsolete - for Europeans at least.

Beaches of South East Sardinia - Torre Delle Stelle

a picture of the beach at torre delle stelle in south sardinia italy

Pure, crystalline blue seas, white sand, and delightful green surroundings perfectly illustrate Torre Delle Stelle in south Sardinia. Surrounding the Saracen Tower Torre de Su Fenugu, this is one of the very few villages of Sardinia with two beaches, Cann’e Sissa and Genn’e Mari. Both are similarly beautiful and ensure this charming seaside village is a favorite vacation destination southeast from Cagliari. Torre Selle Stelle is also a part of the breathtaking Sinnai and Maracalagonis coastal regions and has a striking appearance as it sits quietly, nestled into the hillside. It offers countless activities for guests to enjoy and the beaches are safe and particularly suitable for children and families. And then there are the other local amenities, for there are several pizzerias, shops, boutiques, scuba diving schools and recreation areas in the region.

Beaches Near Torre Delle Stelle

There are 8 beaches to choose from near Torre Delle Stelle. To learn more about each beach and how to get there, click on its name.

Spiaggia di Genn’e Mari

a picture of the beach at torre delle stelle in south sardinia italy

Spiaggia di Genn’e Mari is one of the two beaches which surround the picturesque cape of Cagliari and Villasimius. It is a five hundred-meter-long beach located to the east of Torre delle Stelle, on the South coast of Sardinia. Scenic and blessed with turquoise blue water, it provides the perfect bay in which to enjoy a vacation. The beach is covered in light, golden, and fine-grained white sand that glistens under the sun. This is especially impressive during the spring season while a vibrant emerald green hue of nearby vegetation reflects the beauty of the region. The waters are also very shallow with a sandy bottom which also makes it pleasant and ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and diving.

Spiaggia di Cann’e Sisa

a picture of Spiaggia di Cann’e Sissa in the province of Cagliari in south Sardinia Italy

Located on the south coast of Sardinia, Spiaggia di Cann’e Sisa is set amidst the beautiful coastline of Cagliari and features a four hundred meters of fine white sand. This treasure trove is ideal for family holidays and is also situate next to a Mediterranean pine forest. It has cream-colored sand which is very distinct among the beaches and spectacular clear blue to turquoise-colored waters. As with some of the nearby beaches, this also has a shallow and sandy bottom, which is great for swimming, diving, and snorkeling. The breathtaking backdrop of this beach is particularly impressive and compels visitors from all corners of the world to visit Sardinia. Aside from the beautiful flora, it also has a plethora of underwater life which includes giant lobsters, mostelle, crayfish, and king of mullets.

Spiaggia di Kal’e Moru

a picture of Spiaggia di Kal'e Moru in the province of Cagliari in south Sardinia Italy.

Spiaggia di Kal’e Moru is one of the most stunning beaches in South Sardinia near Torrel Delle Stelle in the province of Cagliari. It is a 1400 meter-long beach that connects Spiaggia di Marongiu and Spiaggia del Rio Geremeas. Spiaggia di Kal’e Moru is a stunning beach with soft, fine sand which is somewhere between white and golden. The waters are also enthralling with its crystal mirror reflecting an emerald green and turquoise up into the sky. As a travel destination in Sardinia, this region is perfect for families and at the end of the beach is a western end with rich Mediterranean promontory. Spiaggia di Kal’e Moru has many facilities that allow for engaging activities. There is also a rich marine life which is even visible from the shore, and the incredibly clear water allows for a pleasant wonder that surprises every visitor.