a sweeping view of Villasimius, in south-east Sardinia, Italy.
Villasimius, south-east Sardinia, Italy.

About Villasimius

a picture of the old watchtower named Torre di Porto Giunco, in Villasimius, south-east Sardinia, Italy.
Torre di Porto Giunco, on the headlands near Capo Carbonara. In the background, Spiaggia di Porto Giunco and Stagno Notteri.

Villasimius is a community in the Province of Cagliari, about 35 kilometers east of Cagliari. Because of its strategically important site, Villasimius territory has been inhabited for thousands of years. During the Aragonese, giudicati, and Spanish reigns, the Villasimius territory suffered numerous raids from pirates, and these raids caused its inhabitants to flee, becoming increasingly depopulated. From the 13th century, the village was named Carbonara. Carbonara began to be repopulated in the early 19th century under the rule of Sardinia-Piedmont. The town became a commune in the year 1838. The economy of Villasimius was traditionally based on shepherding and agriculture, and from 1875, it became based on the extraction of granite. The Villasimius tourism industry started in the late 1960s, and this industry is now Villasimius’ primary economic activity. In the late 1990s, the park, known as Carbonara National Marine Park, was founded. It comprises all the rivers surrounding the eastern Gulf of Cagliari. The park starts from the western border of Villasimius with Solanas and to its northern border with Castiadas. Villasimius is blessed with great tourist attractions and a rich culture that attracts people worldwide. Many of the most sensational beaches in the beautiful city of Sardinia are in the vicinity of the traditional coastal village of Villasimius. One of the most beautiful beaches in Villasimius harbor is Spiaggia di Porto Giunco. This beach has crystal clear water and smooth white sand, making it a rare sight, even for an island filled with natural wonders. When moving towards Capo Carbonara, tourists can view another coastal jewel: the dunes and the saltwater lake of Timi Ama. With some luck, you may catch a glimpse of the island’s pink flamingos at this beautiful lake. Sometimes, leaping dolphins can also be seen from Capo Carbonara or offshore from a boat. Also, tourists can visit the swimming bay at Cala Pira, just outside the road to the town of Costa Rei and adjacent to the island of Serpentara. This island has an intoxicating mixture of glistening white strands and aromatic maquis – Sardinia’s 7,000 nuraghi watch over the bay and bear silent testimony to the olden days. The sea in Villasimius looks like a newly cleaned sheet of glass: it is only from a distance that you can catch a glimpse of this amazing azure. Spiaggia di Campulongu, west of the Capo Carbonara lighthouse, is the ideal place to look at the sun bidding adieu at the end of the day as the beach faces west. This magnanimously extended stretch of sand is a famous venue for people who love windsurfing, and though this place is well-stocked with sun worshipers during the summer, it never feels crowded.

Villasimius Map

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Where to Stay in Villasimius - Our Top Picks

Pullman Timi Ama Sardegna

  • A 5 star Hotel in Villasimius, 2.7 kilometers from the center of town (about 1.6 miles.)
a picture of the location of the Pullman Timi Ama Sardegna hotel in Villasimius
The superb location of the Pullman Timi Ama Sardegna hotel in Villasimius, Sardinia, Italy.

Nestled next to a stunning private beach and incredible ocean vistas, Pullman Timi Ama Sardegna is a five-star hotel in Villasimius which leaves little to the imagination. Featuring a spectacular array of luscious gardens and an enormous pool, this is also one of the most spacious properties in Sardinia and one that lives up to expectations. As you might expect, this is the perfect resort for lounging in the midst of relaxation and an excellent kids clubs ensures parents can also enjoy some quiet time. As for the other amenities, there is an impressive fitness center, sun terrace and a world-class restaurant on site. As for the sleeping quarters, the rooms are equipped with a fantastic view of the sea and all the modern conveniences you could hope for with a Pullman hotel. With a private bathroom, satellite television and air conditioning, the rooms are incredibly bright and available in a selection of sizes from double and single to king size rooms. At the same time, the exotic location in one of the real highlights, for the hotel is situated beautifully next to an eleven-hectare marine reserve. In fact, when you see photographs of this stunning resort next to the beach, you should understand why online feedback is often the subject of glowing recommendations and five-star reviews. Furthermore, a range of sports are also available, but the opportunity to relax at an award-winning spa treatment facility ensures this is one of the most luxurious hotels in Villasimius.

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Falkensteiner Resort Capo Boi

  • A 5 star Boutique Hotel in Villasimius, 4.8 kilometers from the center of town (about 3 miles.)
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a picture of the Falkensteiner Resort Capo Boi in Villasimius south-east Sardinia
Lush greens and blue skies at the Falkensteiner Resort Capo Boi in Villasimius, south-east Sardinia, Italy.

As far as the scenery is concerned, the surroundings of Falkensteiner Resort Capo Boi are nothing short of breathtaking. Located in the middle of a pristine peninsula, this charming small luxury hotel in Villasimius is just a one minute walk from the beach and within each access of the local attractions. Arguably the stand out feature of this hotel is the sheer luxury you will find throughout the resort. After all, the hotel has an appearance fit for royalty and stunning gardens at every turn. Featuring tennis courts, bike rental, and a gym; this is also a place to get active during the chilly mornings before winding away the afternoon next to the pool. Furthermore, there is a kids club and outdoor movies which make this a particularly popular hotel in Villasimius for families. At the same time, the secluded nature of the Falkensteiner Resort also makes this an enticing getaway for couples. After all, the luxurious spa treatment rooms and excellent restaurant ensure there is rarely even a reason to leave the resort itself. And then there are the rooms, for each one is graced with an alluring balcony and stunning vistas, while the interior is just as impressive. Comfortable beds are accompanied with brightly decorated furnishings, and every modern convenience is always to hand including satellite television, air conditioning, toiletries and room service. However, you may not want to use this room service, for the restaurant offers a beautiful setting and some of the best seafood in this enchanting pocket of Sardinia. Renowned as a “piece of paradise,” the hotel location is genuinely unrivaled with a beautiful sandy bay offering a peaceful place to relax and unwind during the day. Moreover, the surrounding area is also a conservation area so you can be sure of fresh air and natural elements during your stay.

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Hotel Simius Playa

  • A 4 star Boutique Hotel in Villasimius, 2.2 kilometers from the center of town (about 1.3 miles.)
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a picture of Hotel Simius Playa in Villasimius Sardinia Italy
The private beach at Hotel Simius Playa.

Hotel Simius is quite a bit smaller compared with some of the neighboring hotels in Villasimius, but the charm and elegance shine through. In fact, as with several of the most popular resorts in this part of Sardinia, there are a stunning private beach and ocean vistas which never fail to delight visitors. Featuring courteous staff and a warm atmosphere, the hotel is a favorite amongst couples which is partly due to the excellent restaurant and some flawless online reviews. In many ways, this is one of the more affordable options in the region, but the value is never in question. From sublime food and decadent décor to the seasonal pool and sun terrace; this all-round resort leaves no stone unturned. As for the sleeping quarters, guests should find some very inviting rooms with all the frills you might expect in a four-star hotel. Air conditioning, satellite television, and private bathroom all feature but the balcony is possibly the highlight in this regard. At the same time, unless you have visited the incredibly large resorts nearby, our description of “small” may seem like an exaggeration because the smaller size is certainly not a disadvantage and mostly unnoticed by guests. As already mentioned, the hotel restaurant provides guest with very little reason to venture outside the resort at night, but even if they did, this is an excellent place to enjoy a pre-dinner drink. Situated next to the beach, the location is also more than desirable and with free sun loungers, complimentary beach towels and friendly staff; the same can be said about almost every aspect of this charming hotel in Villasimius.

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Cormoran Hotel

  • A 4 star Hotel in Villasimius, 2.9 kilometers from the center of town (about 1.8 miles.)
a picture of the four-star Cormoran Hotel in Villasimius south-east Sardinia
Summer time at the beachfront Cormoran Hotel

Located right next to the ocean, the Cormoran is a beautifully simple yet elegant hotel which is often the recipient of five-star reviews. Featuring a particularly large open area, the resort grounds offer a beautiful setting to enjoy an early morning or evening stroll while the nearby beach is the perfect hideaway in a wonderfully secluded area. At the same time, this hotel in Villasimius is overflowing with things to do, for guests are invited to participate in diving, trekking, tennis, and volleyball while horse riding is also possible. However, if you choose to stay on site, the swimming pool is pristine in every way and surrounded with parasols and deck chairs, both of which are also available at the beach. In fact, the Cormoran is one of the most popular places for families with nightly entertainment and various children’s clubs being an attractive prospect for busy parents. Meanwhile, the rooms are nicely decorated, but this is certainly quite a functional hotel in Villasimius as opposed to anything overly luxurious or extravagant. With air conditioning, satellite television and minibar, the rooms are more than adequate while the large apartments feature a kitchenette which is often a popular choice for families or groups. As for the food, the Cormoran restaurant offers a variety of local dishes and much more with an international twist. In some cases, this will be somewhat exotic but then also simplistic, for the hotel is family friendly and conscious about the taste of young children. Overall, the Cormoran is one of the more conservative or down to earth hotels in Villasimius but in the nicest possible way. Indeed, with friendly staff, excellent food, comfortable rooms and a pleasant setting, there are few four-star hotels which offer such incredible value, at a reasonably affordable rate.

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Hotel Cala Caterina

  • A 4 star Boutique Hotel in Villasimius, 4.2 kilometers from the center of town (about 2.6 miles.)
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a picture of the outdoor swimming pool at boutique hotel catarina in Villasimius, in south-east Sardinia, Italy.
The outdoor pool and garden with palm trees.

Cala Caterina is a stylish boutique hotel in Sardinia situated in one of Sardinia’s most beautiful corners. The hotel is only a few minutes away from Villasimius, a popular holiday resort in Sardinia, and only 2 kilometers away from the tourist marina. Built in a traditional Mediterranean style and surrounded with long shady colonnades, Cala Caterina blends perfectly well with the surrounding nature views. With a spacious hall and an elegantly decorated restaurant and bar that overlooks the hotel’s surrounding gardens, staying at the Cala Caterina will make your holiday in Sardinia even more special. There are five different rooms; the Classic, Comfort, Junior Suite, Prestige, and Suite Sea View. The rooms are located on either the ground floor or the first floor with. Rooms in the ground floor have their own patios while rooms at the first floor are equipped with a charming terrace. All are tastefully decorated in the soothing shades of pastel and furnished with the most elegant wooden furniture, as well as marble-topped tables. Each room is equipped with modern facilities, such as a Wi-Fi, satellite TV, air conditioning system, a safety box and a minibar. The private bathrooms are also equipped with a hairdryer, hot & cold shower, as well as some toiletries. Indeed, Cala Catarina is an incredibly stylish boutique hotel in Sardinia and one with impressive features to accompany the pristine surroundings.

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Things to Do in Villasimius

Visit Fortezza Vecchia

a picture of Fortezza Vecchia, and old fortress on a promontory on the eastern side of the Gulf of Cagliari.
Fortezza Vecchia, on a promontory on the eastern side of the Gulf of Cagliari.

Although stepping inside the Old Fortress is one of the most exciting things to do in Villasimius, the surrounding view is often the most surprising aspect of the structure. The glistening ocean looks so appealing from a great height, and sweeping vistas offer the most enchanting backdrop to this famous attraction. In terms of the Fortress itself, the architecture is symbolic of the long history of Villasimius and the education that waits inside. From ancient documents and iconic images, a brief presentation offers much-needed insight into this past and reasons as to why the structure was first constructed. Standing on a promontory on the eastern side of the Gulf of Cagliari, the fort was built during the fourteenth century as a means of defense which would eventually be tested with the arrival of the Spanish Armada. Around this same time, King Philip II had organized a long line of fortified towers on the coastline which was intended to protect against any marauding invaders including the Turkish-barbarians. At the same time, this is one of the activities in Villasimius which is both inexpensive and educational. Visitors are free to visit at any time and even marvel at the tower without having to venture inside. That being said, the interior offers an intriguing insight to the past and one which provides a very different perspective of the nearby town.

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Visit Museo Archeologico di Villasimius

visitors at the archeological museum of Villasimius, in south Sardinia, Italy.
Archaeological excavation activities on the Cuccureddus site, which between 2017 and 2019 allowed to collect new data on the chronological and cultural articulation of the human population between the late Phoenician age and the Roman imperial period.

Villasimius is a very charming town and a place which attracts tourists with fine accommodation, excellent food, and some particularly luscious surroundings. From majestic coastlines, rolling landscapes and luscious flora; there is every reason to understand why visitors would want to come here to relax. However, the history and culture of Villasimius are surprisingly complex and very colorful to those who take time to look beneath the surface. In this sense, the Museo Archeologico di Villasimius is a fascinating attraction which highlights many studies and excavations which were carried out in the area. Illustrating the evolution of both, the environment and local culture, the museum features a wide array of exhibits and remnants which help visitors reconstruct how Villasimius might have looked in ancient times. Featuring four different rooms, Museo Archeologico di Villasimius is divided into sections which account for various historical aspects including 6th Century trade, Roman influence the Phoenician period, and interestingly, the famous Spanish shipwreck which lies just off the coastline of Cape Carbonara. Although this is now primarily a tourist attraction, the museum is visited by archaeologists, students, and history enthusiasts. Guided tours are also available, but in truth, this is undoubtedly a place where visitors can explore the intriguing past of Villasimius at their own pace.

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Go Diving with SubAquaDive Service

Sardinia is a paradise for scuba diving enthusiasts.
Sardinia is a paradise for scuba diving enthusiasts.

When it comes to natural attractions in Sardinia, few locations offer the same sense of vibrancy as the coast of Cape Carbonara. After all, this region is a designated reserve and a protected area which provides some of the most vibrant and colorful marine life in the world. From enchanting shipwrecks to breathtaking coral reefs, the options for diving are especially inviting. Given the incredible history of these attractions, encountering one of the shipwrecks mentioned above is arguably one of the unique diving experiences anywhere in the world. Sunk during World War II, these wrecks are steeped in history and still shrouded in a very distinct sense of mystery. For this reason, this tiny pocket in Sardinia is fast becoming one of the most sought-after diving destinations in Europe. You can opt to visit one of four locations on a dive including the pristinely beautiful Isola dei Cavoli and Damiano while online reviews are quick to point out the professionalism and friendliness of the diving instructors at SubAquaDive. Either way, diving is one of the most popular things to do in Villasimius and the most exciting way to witness the splendor of colorful and sheer vibrancy in this protected marine reserve.

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Play Golf at the The Tanka Golf Club

The Tanka Golf Club is one of the best golf courses of Italy.
The Tanka Golf Club is one of the best golf courses of Italy.

The Tanka Golf club, designed by the famous Luigi Rota Caremoli in 2006, is one of the best golf courses in Italy, according to "The World of Golf" Magazine. Players can practice year-round in 12 covered (plus 15 uncovered) stations driving range and a beautiful putting green, on a total area of 40 acres. The par 70 golf course, where the smell of salty air mingles with the scents of Mediterranean scrub, overlooks the Marine Protected Area of Capo Carbonara. The views here are stunning, and many tees have spectacular views of the sea. All fairways and greens are always in excellent condition. After playing a round of golf, players can take the opportunity of relaxing in the Spa of the adjacent Tanka Village or participate in the many recreational and sports activities that the Resort has to offer. Booking in advance is essential, and a valid handicap certificate or card is required. The 18-hole course has a handicap limit of 54. The Tanka Golf Club is located just an hour's drive from Cagliari airport and is reachable via the scenic secondary road No. 17, or by taking the new Strada Statale No. 125.

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Wine Tasting at Colline del Vento

an old man at work at the Colline del Vento vineyard in Villasimius, Sardinia, Italy.
At the Colline del Vento vineyard, the soil offers the ideal substrate for the cultivation of Vermentino and Cannonau, two Sardinian wines known for exceptional perfumes and body.

Colline del Vento is a beautiful winery and one of the most interesting things to do in Villasimius. Founded in 2006, the surrounding vineyard has belonged to the family for more than a century, and wine-making was common here all throughout this time. In fact, Colline del Vento features five acres of organic grapes and the ocean view is nothing less than breath-taking. A father and son duo takes care of the grapevines here to ensure the wind, sun, and scent of the earth shines through in every glass. The family has worked hard to perfect this ancient tradition and produce two different wines - Entu and Brennas. According to the owner, the wind and sea have a large part to do with the blend of wine at Colline del Vento. After all, the family has always respected the principles of their ancestors and how their founders once cultivated the same land. These conditions also make this the perfect place to relax and this winery one of the best cultural things to do in Villasimius.

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Boat Trip to Isola dei Cavoli

a panorama of Isola dei Cavoli, an island off the coast of Villasimius, in south-east Sardinia, Italy.
Isola dei Cavoli has rich flora and fauna, and is less than one kilometer away from Capo Carbonara. You can reach the island by private boat or with excursions organised from the Villasimius harbour.

Isola dei Cavoli is a small island in southeast Sardinia where some of the wildest and most wonderful scenery attract visitors from all over the island. In fact, the island is located at the heart of a marine protected area which means that flora and fauna can prosper throughout the 43 hectares. What’s more, you will find magical coves at every turn with white sands and remarkable azure waters. As if that’s not enough, Isola dei Cavoli is only reachable by a private tour and you can take a pleasant boat trip to the island from Capo Carbonara. If you’re lucky, there is often the opportunity to spot dolphins along the way, and beneath the surface, barracuda, , and gilt-head breams are sometimes visible. It’s a genuinely beautiful excursion and one of the best things to do in Villasimius, while the trip itself can be booked at the Villasimius harbor. Meanwhile, seagulls, falcons, and shearwaters glide above the island, scanning the rugged landscape for their next meal. With a beautiful lighthouse at one end, Isola dei Cavoli also has quite an enchanting feel about the place, and with a boat trip included, a visit to this gem in Sardinia is more than worthwhile.

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More Places to Visit Near Villasimius

A group of rocks scattered on the beach of Cala Monte Turno, near Sant'Elmo, southeast Sardinia, Italy.


It's easy to see why the area surrounding Sant'Elmo can effortlessly captivate visitors for a week or more ...
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a picture of the beach at torre delle stelle in south sardinia italy

Torre Delle Stelle

Pure, crystalline blue seas, white sand, and delightful green surroundings perfectly illustrate Torre Delle Stelle in south Sardinia. Surrounding the Saracen Tower Torre de Su ...
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a picture of the village of Tertenia, in the Ogliastra area in south-east Sardinia, Italy.


Tertenia is a small hill town in Sardinia, set between the mountains and the sea along the south-eastern coast of the island. This charming town ...
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Villasimius Restaurants - Where to Eat

Le Grill (Seafood, Traditional Sardinian Food)

🏠 15, Viale Matteotti, Sardegna, 09049, Italy.
📱 Telephone: +39 070 792001
a picture of Culurgiones, a typical Sardinian ravioli filled with boiled potatoes, olive oil, pecorino cheese, garlic, and mint.
On the menu: Culurgiones, a traditional ravioli dish of Ogliastra, filled with boiled potatoes, olive oil, pecorino cheese, and mint.

Le Grill is one of the most pleasant and inviting atmospheres you are likely to find among the many excellent restaurants in Villasimius. Situated in the midst of beautiful palm trees and right next to a pristine pool, the setting is perfect for a romantic meal and the Michelin Star rated food only adds to the many reasons for making a reservation. As Le Grill is, in fact, part of the three-star Boutique Hotel Su Sergenti, you can expect an exceptionally friendly yet formal service at this beautifully decorated establishment. Service is pretty formal but friendly enough, and the food is very good with, not surprisingly, an emphasis on fresh seafood and fish. At the same time, the cuisine is most certainly the main attraction with an excellent selection of typical Sardinian flavor blending seamlessly with other aspects of Mediterranean cuisine. In fact, the owners have made a point of growing most of the vegetables in the surrounding gardens and sourcing the remaining ingredients from locally owned businesses. From simple grilled dishes and fine cheese to flavor-filled oysters and more; the fresh nature of these ingredients is obvious at every turn. Although this may not be the most inexpensive restaurant in Villasimius, the prices at Le Grill are worthy of the experience, not the least of which is the sublime setting and suitably quiet ambiance.

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Sa Tankitta (Seafood, Italian Food, Pizza)

🏠 240, Via Umberto I, Villasimius, Sardegna, 09049, Italy.
📱 Telephone: +39 070 791338
a picture of a plate with Spaghetti, Cozze, Vongole E Datterini (Pasta with mussels and seafood)
A delicious Spaghetti, Cozze, Vongole E Datterini (Pasta with mussels and seafood).

When you consider the vast array of cuisine and the sometimes simplistic nature of these dishes, Sa Tankitta is an obvious favorite for families and groups. Featuring an exceptional yet modest interior, this restaurant in Villasimius has a beautiful ambiance which is primarily attributed to the friendly staff and service. That being said, the food and general value at Tankitta is the star attraction. After all, this eatery is a lot more affordable than many nearby establishments and offers the very same standard of food. From delicious mussels and octopus to succulent steak and seafood linguine; there are many options on the menu which offer a distinct mix of Sardinian cuisine with a Mediterranean flair. Furthermore, the colorful ham, olive, and carciofi pizza are just one of many options which never fail to delight the children. Sa Tankitta is also quite a charming place to enjoy a meal, and this is especially true about the outside patio. With particular mentions of generous portions and tasty red wine, the online reviews are consistent and complimentary while the busy nature of Sa Tankitta is a testament to its high reputation. Finally, if you would like to dine in the company of locals and away from the more touristic restaurants in Villasimius, this is arguably the best place to enjoy such an experience.

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Ristorante Le Anfore (Seafood, Italian Food)

🏠 16, Via Pallaresus, Villasimius, Sardegna, 09049, Italy.
📱 Telephone: +39 070 792032
Ristorante Le Anfore in Villasimius, where the fish is fresh and the menu extensive.
Ristorante Le Anfore, where the fish is fresh and the menu extensive.

Local seafood and traditional Sardinian dishes are common staples in Hotel Ristorante Le Anfore, one of the finest and most highly respected restaurants in Villasimius. Featuring a long line of mouthwatering dishes with only the freshest ingredients, the food is by far the main highlight of a visit, but then the location is also particularly enticing. As the restaurant is part of the three-star Hotel Le Anfore, the staff is both formal and friendly while the service is most often above standard. Attractive and simplistic, the interior design provides a comfortable setting, and the dining room is accompanied by air conditioning for the warm summer months. At the same time, one of the best things about this restaurant in Villasimius is the outdoor dining area, where a grand veranda overlooks a very luscious and well-maintained garden. However, as already mentioned, the food is undoubtedly the highlight with an endless line of seafood, pasta, bread and Sardinian meats providing a particularly impressive variety of local dishes. In fact, when it comes to choosing the best restaurant in Villasimius, Hotel Ristorante Le Anfore is a worthy contender with what seems to be the perfect mix of location, cuisine, service, and overall value.

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Villasimius Nightlife

Lo Sciabecco Summer Club

all night clubbing at lo sciabecco in Villasimius south Sardinia
Lights, music and good summer vibes at the Lo Sciabecco club in Villasimius, the only place in southeast Sardinia where you can dance until dawn.

Regarding nightlife in Villasimius, the adult-only Lo Sciabecco Summer Club is the place to be and has been for over 25 years. This dance club, open from May to September, boasts three separate dance floors that are large enough to attract deejays of international fame to south Sardinia. The nightlife venue offers a healthy blend of themed nights out, such as the June Opening Party, Club Philosophy, Village Wednesday, and the Latin-themed Friday Caliente, all summer long. Lights, special effects, a fine garden, and a large poolside bar add to the continuous mix of the latest grooves and tunes. If you're near Villasimius in June, make sure not to miss the opening party to kickstart your summer holiday. The closing party in September is not to be missed either if you want to close off the summer season in style. Lo Sciabecco offers a shuttle service to pick you up from the hotel - make a phone call to check availability.

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Baccusardus Wine Bar

a wine bar with outside terrace in villasimius south sardinia
The cozy terrace at Baccasardus, where tradition is served in bulk.

What would a tremendous wine-tasting terroir be without great wine bars? Villasimius nightlife wouldn't be a good night out without them. One of the best wine bars you'll find is Baccasardus, where wine, music, and words flow like a Sardinian river into the vast open sea. Whether you'd like to enjoy the lawn or sit on comfortable straw chairs, its furnishings are entirely in Sardinian style. Baccusardus organizes themed evenings with typical regional products every week from June to October. While you taste Sardinian wines, try some wild boar, Sardinian sausage, guttiau, goat cheese, pecorino, and much more. Time isn't really of the essence, as tastings can be any time of day and evening, before and after lunch or dinner, all year round. After a day of discovering the sights of Villasimius, let Baccasardus take care of the tastes - while a deejay takes care of a fine selection of sounds. Highly recommended! Baccasardus is usually open from seven to ten in the evening.

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How To Get To Villasimius

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The nearest airport to Villasimius is Cagliari International Airport in south Sardinia. Getting to Villasimius by car will take you about one hour, and you basically have two routes to choose from: the first by taking the Strada Statale 125 which will guide you along the inland area. The second and more scenic option is to take the coastal route along the Strada Provinciale 17, which will guide you along the coastal villages of Capitana, Terra Mala, Torre delle Stelle, Solanas, and Porto Sa Ruxi.

Beaches Near Villasimius

the small cove of spiaggia di porto luna near villasimius

Spiaggia di Porto Luna

The beautiful sight of the moonlight dancing on the surface of the sea always makes Spiaggia di Porto Luna live up to its name ...
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spiaggia solanas near villasimius, in south sardinia, italy.

Spiaggia Solanas

The most natural and arguably the prettiest part of the beach is to the east in the direction of Porto Sa Ruxi ...
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beautiful views at spiaggia porto sa ruxi near villasimius south sardinia italy

Spiaggia Porto Sa Ruxi

Spiaggia Porto Sa Ruxi is a series of three coves and one of the best beaches of Villasimius. Highly recommended! ...
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Spiaggia di Is Traias offers good snorkeling spots on both sides of the beach

Spiaggia di Is Traias

The shallow water makes Is Traias suitable for families with kids. Near the beach entrance, you’ll spot a bar selling drinks and snacks ...
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a splendid view of Faro Dell'Isola Dei Cavoli, seen from Spiaggia Cala Burroni in south Sardinia, Italy.

Spiaggia Cala Burroni

If you were trying to conjure up the picture-perfect image of a quaint Sardinian cove setting, you could do worse than looking at Spiaggia Cala ...
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The sandy shores of Spiaggia Is Piscadeddus on a quiet day, near Villasimius, south Sardinia, Italy.

Spiaggia Is Piscadeddus

At Piscadeddus, Sardinian beach life is good for everyone, including families with kids: a decent length of 170 meters, a mix of rocky and sandy ...
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Cala Porto Giunco Villasimius Sardinia

Cala Porto Giunco

A small dazzling cove that neighbors the far larger beaches of Spiaggia di Capo Carbonara and Spiaggia di Porto Giunco ...
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spiaggia di carbonara in southeast sardinia italy

Spiaggia di Capo Carbonara

Come to Spiaggia di Capo Carbonara early, around sunrise, and the beach will be practically yours. The views are spectacular ...
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