• Spiaggia di Chia sa Colonia
  • near Domus de Maria, Province of Cagliari, South Sardinia, Italy.
  • parking, beach chairs, umbrellas.
  • snorkelling, scuba diving, windsurfing, kitesurfing, kayaking.
  • 20:50
  • 06:03
  • 750 meters.
  • suitable for families with children.

Spiaggia di Chia sa Colonia

a picture of chia beach near domus de maria in cagliari sardinia
Chia Beach, Chia, Domus de Maria, Cagliari, Sardinia.

About Spiaggia di Chia

a picture taken in the dunes behind chia beach in southern sardinia
A view from the dunes at Spiaggia di Chia.

Chia Beach (Spiaggia di Chia or Spiaggia della Baia di Chia) is located in one of the most pristine bays that the Costa del Sud area in the province of Cagliari has to offer. With its sands’ colours reminiscent of small peaches, dunes covered with juniper trees and turquoise waves gently rolling towards the coastline, it should come as absolutely no surprise that Chia beach is one of the best beaches of south Sardinia. Chia beach is 750 meters long and up to 90 meters wide, and lies 500 meters north-east of Su Giudeu, another beach in the area that is definitely worth a visit. The lagoon behind Chia beach is an important flamingo breeding ground, and if you’re very lucky, you might spot some dolphins swimming in the sea. Located at the foot of a promontory you’ll find the local place of interest named Torre di Chia, offering impressive views of the local surroundings and good opportunities to take some pictures. Torre di Chia can be reached on foot from the beach, from the car parking it will be about a 400 meter walk. During July and August the beaches in this area can get very crowded, but in the months of June and September you should be able to find more solitude. Chia beach is one of the best kitesurfing beaches of Sardinia, it is where the Chia Classic takes place, a windsurfing, kitesurfing and surfing event held each year between April and June.

Places to Stay near Spiaggia di Chia sa Colonia

Chia Laguna - Hotel Laguna

  • A 5 star Hotel near Spiaggia di Chia sa Colonia
A picture of Chia Laguna - Hotel Laguna in south Sardinia, Italy.
Stunning scenery at Chia Laguna - Hotel Laguna in south Sardinia.

You will find many quality hotels in Chia, but the truth is, few offer the same hospitality and local touch as Hotel Laguna. Situated on the doorstep of a stunning lagoon and featuring breathtaking views, this four-star hotel is one of the most sought-after places to stay in south Sardinia and home to an impressive lineup of rooms. The immediate surroundings are equally impressive with scintillating gardens and a pristine pool. Furthermore, the Chia Natural Spa is always open to guests while La Terrazza restaurant is the perfect place to unwind in the evening. Guests receive a complimentary visit to the spa during their stay, and the above-mentioned restaurant has one of the most exceptional reputations in town. Featuring a beautiful interior and a wide range of traditional Sardinian dishes along with international cuisine, expectations are most often surpassed in La Terrazza. As for the rooms, there are many options from which to choose and some of these will suit group bookings. For example, both the family and garden rooms are spacious and very accessible given that they are on the ground floor. On the other hand, the classic and superior rooms will suit couples and include great balcony views. As you might expect, for a five-star hotel, Hotel Laguna goes above and beyond at every turn in these rooms, from the bed sheets and modern furnishings to the immaculate cleanliness and luxurious bathrooms. Indeed, the décor is elegant, and with attention to detail in every way, something the staff is quick to replicate to guests. Car hire is available and so too is a free shuttle service to Le Dune Di Campana Beach. However, there is rarely any need to leave this fantastic resorts such is the comfort and excellent array of facilities.

Hotel Village

  • A 4 star Hotel near Spiaggia di Chia sa Colonia
a picture of a room at the Hotel Village in Chia south Sardinia, Italy.
Comfortable rooms at the four-star Hotel Village in Chia.

Hotel Village is one of the most popular hotels for families in Chia and a large resort with everything you could want on vacation in Sardinia. Take the location, for example, Hotel Village is situated right on the doorstep of a stunning beach with nature all around. At the same time, you will also find this nature within the grounds of the hotel, for they are extremely leafy and a luscious place to unwind. In this sense, you really could consider this a village rather than a hotel as evidenced in the sense of community throughout. With this in mind, Hotel Village is a great place for families to meet and spend time while the kids club never fails to delight the little ones. Although Bouganville is often attributed as being a good restaurant, there are many to choose from nearby, and each offers a slightly different take on the local cuisine. There is a spectacular beach nearby and a shuttle train to transport guests at regular intervals. Regarding the sleeping quarters, the rooms at Hotel Village more than live up to the expectations of a four-star hotel and you should find they are extremely luxurious. Featuring large beds, tiled floors, television, air conditioning and bright colors, they are both relaxing and well equipped while the generously sized windows ensure there is always natural light. All considered Hotel Village is one of the finest hotels in Chia and an alternative to those wanting to take advantage of nearby amenities without having to cover the slightly higher price of other nearby hotels.

Hotel Aquadulci

  • A 4 star Boutique Hotel near Spiaggia di Chia sa Colonia
a picture of palm trees and lush green gardens at Hotel Aquadulci in Chia south Sardinia
Palm trees surrounding the outdoor pool at Hotel Aquadulci, in Chia, south Sardinia.

A perfectly situated boutique hotel in Chia is Hotel Aquadulci which is widely regarded as one of the finest places to stay in the area. Featuring elegant rooms, friendly staff, and excellent amenities, there is more than enough here to write home about, but instead, guests often write this in their online reviews. In many ways, the overall character and décor of the hotel are a reflection of the surrounding area, for they are both natural and unobtrusive. You can see this in the rooms, for they consist of bright hues and wooden furnishings while the walls are covered in a stunning collection of art. Furthermore, you will find such caring for detail in the fabrics of the bed linen, the spacious bathroom and the gentle approach by the staff. Food at Hotel Aquadulci is another art which guests are quick to compliment. While some of the international dishes are sumptuous, the local cuisine is particularly wholesome which makes it a clear highlight and the atmosphere in the dining areas is both warm and inviting. Whether you decide to spend time lounging in the beautiful pool area or take a stroll on the beach, this is an ideal getaway for people yearning for a quiet stay in south Sardinia. That being said, you will also find a range of things to do in the area with many coves to explore and horse riding should you feel a little more active. With an intimate atmosphere, excellent food, impressive rooms, and a beachfront location; Hotel Aquadulci is a safe bet when it comes to choosing a hotel in Chia.

Forte Village Resort - Bouganville

  • A 4 star Resort near Spiaggia di Chia sa Colonia
an aerial picture of the oceanfront Forte Village Resort - Bouganville near Chia south Sardinia
An aerial view of the beachfront Forte Village Resort - Bouganville, near Chia, south Sardinia.

The Forte Village Resort is arguably one of the most enticing beachfront resorts near Chia and for some very good reasons. After all, you will not find many hotel grounds as lush and tropical with endless arrangements of plants and flowers. This is a particularly favorable beach resort for families in Chia with a stunning private swimming pool and excellent sports facilities. In fact, when it comes to entertainment, Forte Village Resort also has a kids club and an academy to keep everyone entertained. Guests can also avail of the many restaurants in the Forte Village Resort, for there are more than twenty to choose from in high season and most of these receive nothing but five-star reviews. As for the rooms, each one is bright and clean with a large patio and all the modern conveniences you might expect in a resort of this standard. Indeed, every room is equipped with air conditioning, LCD television, and minibar, not to mention the spacious bathroom. Guests can venture out of the many other restaurants in the resort, but breakfast at the Forte Village Resort is served on a wonderful terrace, and this is included in many of the hotel packages. Although Forte Village Resort consists of many top hotels, Bougainville is a reliable choice where the children can find endless entertainment while the parents can relax and unwind.

How To Get To Spiaggia di Chia sa Colonia

Coming From Cagliari

To reach Chia beach from Cagliari by car, take the SS 195 in the direction of Chia. It will be a 50 kilometer drive. Once you've reached Chia, turn left on Viale del Porto in the direction of "Campeggio Torre Chia" (a camping). The beach parking will be on your right after 500 meters.


  • Use the Google and Booking map below to explore the area.
  • Fill in your holiday dates to get an accurate view of available accommodations near Spiaggia di Chia sa Colonia.

Beaches Near Spiaggia di Chia sa Colonia

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Monte Cogoni Beach

Monte Cogoni Beach (Spiaggia di Monte Cogoni), located in Chia, Domus de Maria, belongs to the best beaches of South Sardinia. It has a length of approximately 200 meters. The beach faces southwest, offering beautiful views over the deep blue ...
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a picture of spiaggia di campana dune in chia south sardinia

Spiaggia di Campana Dune

1 kilometer south-east of Setti Ballas, you'll discover the beach of Campana Dune (Spiaggia di Campana Dune). This is the northernmost part of a 1.7 kilometer long stretch of sand that extends all the way to the beach of Su ...
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a picture of su portu beach in chia sardinia

Su Portu

Su Portu beach is located just a few hundred meters north-east of Chia Beach. It offers wonderful views of Torre di Chia and Isola Su Cardolinu. This beach is a favorite spot among the windsurfing crowd and water sports enthousiasts ...
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a picture of capo malfatano

Spiaggia di Malfatano

Malfatano beach (Spiaggia di Malfatano) can be found inside the bay of Capo Malfatano, in Teulada, Cagliari. You'll find it a few kilometers west of the well known and busier beach of Tuerredda. Its waters are usually very calm, making ...
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an aerial picture of perda longa beach near chia in south sardinia, italy.

Perda Longa

Perda Longa beach is a delightful little cove with a narrow strip of fine sand. It is located 800 meters north of Cala Ferraglione, and is 160 meters long ...
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Cala Ferraglione

Cala Ferraglione beach is a small and secluded cove featuring a golden sand beach and granite rocks, giving the landscape a rugged character ...
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Cala Cipolla

Cala Cipolla (Spiaggia di Cala Cipolla) is one of the pearls that the Chia Bay is famous for, and is another favorite spot among off-season surfers. The beach is tucked away in a narrow bay and only spans 150 meters, ...
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