Cala Sarraina

a picture of cala sarraina beach sardinia
Cala Sarraina beach, Trinità D’Agultu, Olbia-Tempio, Sardinia.

Cala Sarraina

Cala Sarraina beach (Spiaggia Cala Sarraina) is located 4 kilometers north-east of Costa Paradiso, and 2.4 kilometers south-west of Cala Faa. This beach is 110 meters long and faces west, offering views over the waters of the Golfo di li Moli and granite rocks that change color once the sun starts setting. The colors of the sea are incredible, and the water transparency enhances the superb beauty of the seabed while snorkelling. Wearing slippers is recommended on this beach, as the sand contains some pebbles. There are several trails through which you can explore the nearby coves on foot. Cala Sarraina has a convenient and comfortable beach bar and you’ll find the La Cala restaurant about one hundred meters down the road. Do not miss the beautiful sunsets at Cala Sarraina, when the sea is silenced and the rocks become inflamed in shades ranging from pink to orange to red.

Directions to Cala Sarraina

The beach can be reached by taking the SP 90 that runs between Castelsardo and Santa Teresa Gallura. Coming from Castelsardo, once you've passed Costa Paradiso, turn left at the Lu Beccu snack bar and enter the paved road. Keep heading west for another 3 kilometers until you've reached the parking area.

Sardinian Beaches Near Cala Sarraina

Porto La Cruzitta

  • Length: 20 meters.
  • Things to do: snorkelling, scuba diving.
a picture of porto la cruzitta near costa paradiso sardinia

Porto La Cruzitta beach is located within a secluded and picturesque cove that is situated between Li Cossi beach and Cala Sarraina, in Trinità D’Agultu.

Li Cossi Beach

  • Length: 80 meters.
  • Things to do: snorkelling, scuba diving.
  • ✓ This beach is suitable for families with children.
a picture of li cossi beach in costa paradiso north sardinia

Li Cossi beach (Spiaggia di Li Cossi) is a must-see cove located 2 kilometers south-west of Costa Paradiso, in the province of Olbia-Tempio. It is named after the river that runs behind it. Tucked away in a natural amphitheater of granite rocks and sheltered from the winds, its shallow waters and gentle sea allow children to swim and play freely. It's a popular spot among snorkelling and scuba diving enthousiasts.

Cala Faa

  • Length: 50 meters.
  • Things to do: snorkelling.
a picture of cala faa beach in northern sardinia

Cala Faa (Spiaggia di Cala Faa) is a small cove approximately 4 kilometers south-west of Portobello beach, along the Costa Paradiso in north Sardinia.