View over the mountains in Baunei, province of Ogliastra, east Sardinia, Italy.
Baunei, province of Ogliastra, east Sardinia, Italy. The area offers numerous hiking trails that wind through the mountains, allowing you to discover hidden caves, stunning viewpoints, and unique flora and fauna.

About Baunei

a picture of scattered rocks on the sandy beach of Cala dei Gabbiani, near Baunei, east Sardinia, Italy.
Scattered rocks across the beach of Cala dei Gabbiani, a superb snorkeling paradise near Baunei, east Sardinia, Italy.

Baunei is a small mountain village in the Province of Ogliastra on the Italian island of Sardinia, Italy. The village finds itself high in the mountains at 480 meters above sea level and faces south-west with a location approximately just north of Cagliari and about 11 kilometers north of Tortoli. Home to the popular seaside resort Santa Maria Navarrese, Baunei borders Dorgali, Lotzorai, Talana, Triei and Urzulei municipalities while the town itself has all the necessary facilities including shops, restaurants, banks, and pharmacies. Tortoli is also close by where you can find a much larger shopping center. When driving through the town, make sure you watch out for the Il Golgo sign as this is the road that leads you high up into the mountains and to get truly great views. There are many places to eat real traditional Sardinian foods in the uplands of the Golgo. Other interesting places include the Grotta de Su Meraculu caves where you will find information about the guided tours available in town. The oldest evidence of human presence in this territory date back to the Neolithic and have been traced in the cave Cala Elune. According to the records, the first time the name Baunei appeared was documented back to 1313. Its name apparently derives from “Baun” which was the name of the castle that was built by the Dorias back in the sixth century. Later on, Baunei again reappears in 1358. This document registers a weak economy in a modest demographic reality. The town grew with the incorporation of the territories of the villages of Osono and Eltili. The county passed to be the Marquis in 1603 (Centelles family and then Osorio). In 1806 it was incorporated into the province of Baunei. It was then suppressed in 1857 when Environment Lanusei was created until 1927. That year it was established the province of di Nuoro. Baunei was part of the establishment of the Province of Ogliastra. It has been operational since 2005. It was then abolished in 2016 and merged again in the province of Nuoro. Among its cultural traditions, Baunei numbers the pletare a ritual that takes place on the night before a wedding. Here, the procession goes from the groom’s house to the future bride’s house carrying a stick and holding a lighted candle.

Baunei Map

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Where to Stay in Baunei - Our Top Picks

Hotel Bia Maore 

  • A 3 star Hotel in Baunei, 0.6 kilometers from the center of town (about 0.3 miles.)
a picture of the outdoor terrace at Bia Maore, a three-star hotel in Baunei, east Sardinia, Italy.
Hotel Bia Maore is an ideal starting point to explore the Golgo Plateau in Baunei, east Sardinia.

Hotel Bia Maore is a charming three-star hotel at the heart of the Gennargentu National Park, near the main square of Baunei. It is the ideal starting point for a vacation in east Sardinia and the perfect base from which to explore the famous beaches and coves on the Gulf of Orosei. Decorated with vibrant furnishings in a true Sardinian style, the rooms at Hotel Bia Maore are cozy and comfortable. There are eleven rooms; each one is decorated with elegant handmade furniture. Some rooms come with a small balcony and a panoramic terrace that opens up to the majestic views of either the Ogliastra Mountains or the Arbatax Bay. Furnished with modern amenities, the rooms at Hotel Bia Maore are further equipped with a private bathroom with shower, air conditioning and heating system, minibar, safe, and a free Wi-Fi. As for the food, every morning, a breakfast buffet is served for guests to enjoy and this consists of a wide assortment of local and international dishes, including delicious croissants and cappuccino. For guests traveling by car, private parking is available at no extra charge, and the hotel offers valet service for guests. Regarding activities in Baunei, the nearest beach is just a 10-minute drive away from the hotel, and there are outdoor activities that guests can take part in nearby, such as trekking, paragliding and mountain biking. The Arbatax harbor, which offers ferry connections to Genova, Fiumicino, and Civitavecchia, is only 22 kilometers away from the property.

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Villa Janas

  • A 3 star Apartment in Baunei, 1.2 kilometers from the center of town (about 0.7 miles.)
a picture of a room at the Villa Janas apartments in Baunei, east Sardinia, Italy.
Comfortable rooms at the Villa Janas apartments in Baunei.

Villa Janas is a three-bedroom apartment ideal for couples and families heading for a vacation in east Sardinia. Recently renovated in a typical Sardinian style, Villa Janas is the perfect base for a relaxing holiday while immersing yourself in the impressive atmosphere of Baunei. Regarding layout, the apartment has two bedrooms. One room has a queen bed and another bed for toddlers, while bedroom 2 has three single beds. These rooms are cleaned and sanitized before and after each stay to make your stay even more comfortable; the apartment is fitted with modern amenities, such as air conditioning and heating system, fan, dryer, hot water, iron, washer and Wi-Fi access. Each apartment is also equipped with a kitchenette and cooking facilities. Finally, there is also a veranda that opens to the beautiful views, and a perfect place to enjoy breakfast with the family. Meanwhile, for those who need to work while on holiday, there’s a laptop-friendly workspace available within the apartment. The apartments are set within the Gennargentu National Park, making it a perfect base for your vacation in Baunei. It’s only a 10-min drive from the nearest beach, and there’s also a path that leads to beautiful Cala Goloritze Beach. The property is also just a few steps away from some of the most beautiful tourist sites in east Sardinia. Several shops and restaurants are only about 300 meters away from the apartment. 

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Things to Do in Baunei

Explore the Grotta del Fico

a picture taken inside Grotta del Fico, in Baunei, east Sardinia, Italy.
Inside Grotta del Fico, hidden among the beaches of the Gulf of Orosei.

The Grotta del Fico is an enchanting cave that should feature on top your list of things to do in Baunei. Upon reaching the cave, visitors are enshrouded with darkness as a tour guide takes them back 800 thousand years to the initial formation of the cave. Stalagmites, stalactites, and columns of unusual shapes, colors, and sizes enclose every corner of the cave. Within the cave, there is also a system of tunnels and footbridges which visitors can navigate to discover more of the cave. Interestingly, this winding route leads to majestic cliffs overlooking the Gulf of Orosei. Furthermore, there are also many charming coves in the area which can be reached via nearby hiking trails. You can explore the Grotta del Fico with an expert guide who can explain the history and significance of the cave and this is undoubtedly one of the unique things to do in Baunei. Note, you can also Explore Grotta del Fico by boat, together with Cala Mariolu, Cala Luna, and Cala Gabbiani!

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Hiking to Pedra Longa

a picture of Pedra Long, a pinnacle 120 meters high in Baunei, east Sardinia, Italy.
Hiking from Santa Maria Navarrese to Pedra Longa is a popular activity in east Sardinia.

Hiking to Pedra Longa is one of the most exciting activities in Baunei. As you may know, the name means “tall stone” and this natural monument is known for a rocky seashore, where the color of the water changes as a result of the light reflecting from the sun. In fact, this is also the perfect place for swimming or snorkeling as the water is calm and incredibly clear. Towering 130 meters above sea level, Pedra Longa is a remarkable sight. The rock face is said to be a prominent point among sailors as it can be seen from several kilometers away. You can access Pedra Longa by car, and it is located at the exit to the Sardinian Eastern highway at km 153, in the south of Baunei. At this point, there is be a small road that will lead to a short uphill stretch and will soon take you to the foot of the peak of Pedra Longa in only a few minutes. For those who are adventurous enough and would prefer to hike, you can even reach Pedra Longa on foot from Santa Maria via a footpath near the Bellavista Hotel. Although this is one of the most iconic things to do in Baunei, Pedra Longa is also a very cultural experience where the history behind this attraction is just as impressive as the actual monument.

Explore the Area with the Trenino Supramonte

a picture of the Trenino Supramonte riding on the Plateau of Golgo in Baunei, east Sardinia, Italy.
All aboard the Supramonte Train - exploring the Plateau of Golgo, one of the main attractions of Baunei.

The province of Ogliastra is dominated by mountains, and “Golgo” refers to a plateau in the Baunei Hinterland which is often the subject of interest for visitors. Starting at the Piazza Independence in Baunei, the Trenino Supramonte is a road train which offers spectacular views as it travels up to the peak of this plateau. As you might expect, riding this charming train is one of the most popular things to do in Baunei for families with children and provides unrivaled views of the landscape as well as the Gulf of Arbatax. Traveling on the BiaMaore, the train is often engulfed by beautiful Mediterranean vegetation and Olm oak trees. Furthermore, visitors can stop to encounter basalt pools and an iconic three hundred meter pit known as Su Sterru. Later, the tour guide also takes guests inside a famous church to uncover some beautiful architecture and local history. Finally, there are charming huts to visit which mark the home of the shepherds who have inhabited the region for hundreds of years. The “Rock Mask” is usually the highlight of the tour as this mysterious rock face features an ancient ladder and some of the most breathtaking views in the region. Without a doubt, hopping on the Trenino Supramonte is one of the best things to do in Baunei.

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Explore Tomba dei Giganti Ă“sono

Tomba dei Giganti Ă“sono, near Triei and Baunei, east Sardinia, Italy.
"Tomba dei Giganti" date back to the Bronze Age and were built by the Nuragic civilization, the prehistoric inhabitants of Sardinia.

There are “Tomba dei Giganti" (Giants' Tombs) scattered throughout Sardinia, which are ancient megalithic tombs dating back to the Bronze Age. One such tomb, the Tomba dei Giganti Ósono, can be found near Triei, about 3 kilometers west of Baunei. Surrounded by a lush tapestry of holm oaks, carob trees, olive trees, and cork oaks, it’s a lovely historic place set in a picturesque site, offering a magnificent view that's truly awe-inspiring. This destination comes highly recommended for those seeking a captivating experience in this pocket of Sardinia. The well-preserved giants' tomb, features an entrance in excellent condition and a truly impressive exedra. There are no entrance fees or formal explanations to worry about. You're free to explore at your own pace! While you're there, take note of the nearby well. Although its drinkability hasn't been confirmed, it certainly adds to the overall charm of the place. Accessing Tomba dei Giganti Ósono is easy, just follow the road and keep an eye out for the signage. The last 400 meters may be unpaved, but it's still a smooth drive. Parking is available right next to the site. The view from the tomb is simply breathtaking, offering a sweeping vista of the valley that stretches all the way to Arbatax. Bring a camera.

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Baunei Restaurants - Where to Eat

Trattoria Pedra Longa (Seafood, Pizza)

🏠 Pedra Longa, Sardegna, 08040, Italy.
📱 Telephone: +39 347 126 9818

Located just a short distance from town, this restaurant in Baunei is an excellent example of an eatery which makes the most of both local specialties and seafood delicacies. You will find an excellent selection of wines, attentive staff and a truly relaxing atmosphere to enjoy either lunch or dinner. The sublime view is the stand out feature of Trattoria Pedra Longa where ocean vistas are accompanied by friendly staff and excellent cuisine. The surrounding mountains are just as striking, and guests are most often left in awe of the location alone. As for the immediate surroundings, the luscious confines makes for a relaxing experience and the perfect oasis for hungry hikers who choose to explore the nearby hiking trails. Regarding cost, this may not be the cheapest of restaurants in Sardinia, but it is by no means ultra expensive and a genuine reflection of the overall experience. Whether you opt for the grilled fish, calamari fritti or mussels, the result is most often an experience with fresh ingredients and wholesome food. With this in mind, Trattoria Pedra Longa has a reputation for being one of the most impressive restaurants in Baunei.

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Punto di Ristoro Uttolo (Traditional Sardinian Food)

🏠 Sardinia, 08040, Italy.
📱 Telephone: +39 327 5941464

Many guests refer to Punto di Ristoro Uttolo as a very authentic restaurant in Baunei with a particular focus on local meats and produce. Whether you decide to sample the goat's cheese or honey sebadas, the menu seems to cater to all tastes with clams, mussels, and several fish-based items also accounting for an impressive selection of seafood. Featuring a large outdoor terrace, this is indeed a restaurant which knows how to please guests as this welcoming and spacious ambiance is typical of the setting which the locals seem to enjoy. Although the restaurant is also popular with group celebrations and banquets, this is a rather quiet environment for the most part, and the staff is always welcoming in spite of the lack of English you might find. In the case that you might be passing through Baunei, Punto di Ristoro Uttolo is still a safe bet for sampling some local delicacies, and with fair prices and so much space to drink in the surroundings, you can understand why tourists are always quick to leave glowing online feedback and reviews. When it comes to authenticity, price, and taste, Punto di Ristoro Uttolo lives up to expectations at every turn and leaves a feeling you will not be forgetting anytime soon.

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How To Get To Baunei

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The nearest airport to Baunei is Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport, located about 106 kilometers south of the village. To get to Baunei via the fastest route by car, just head south on the Strada Statale 131 and Strada Statale 125 after you’ve exited the airport area. You’ll pass the larger villages of San Teodoro and Budoni. Once you’re near Siniscola, keep following the scenic road along the mountains. After 68 kilometers, take the Strada Provinciale 38, then continue on the SS 125 near Dorgali, which will guide you all the way to Baunei. With the usual traffic, the drive shouldn’t be longer than two hours.

Beaches Near Baunei

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The hiking trail to Cala di Pedra Longa, near Baunei, east Sardinia, Italy.

Cala di Pedra Longa

Cala di Pedra Longa has a rocky seashore, making it unsuitable for a relaxing day at the beach, but perfectly fine for hiking, scuba fishing, ...
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a picture of scattered rocks on the sandy beach of Cala dei Gabbiani, near Baunei, east Sardinia, Italy.

Cala dei Gabbiani

Cala dei Gabbiani (Seagull Cove) is a marvelous cove located in east Sardinia, about 18 kilometers south-east of Cala Gonone, and 12 kilometers north-east of ...
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Cala Goloritze, 9 kilometers north of Baunei, Ogliastra, east Sardinia, Italy.

Cala Goloritze

Cala Goloritze is one of the most photogenic Sardinian beaches of its kind. Elected a UNESCO site in 1995, this is what paradise looks like ...
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A gorgeous from the beach at Cala Mariolu, in east Sardinia, Italy.

Cala Mariolu

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a cove named Cala Biriola near Baunei, east Sardinia, Italy.

Cala Biriala

This Sardinian beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the East Coast. Cala Biriola Beach is a good place for scuba diving, snorkelling, ...
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a picture of the beach named Spiaggia di Cala Sisine, in east Sardinia, Italy.

Cala Sisine

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