Barca Bruciata

a picture of barca bruciata beach in sardinia
Barca Bruciata Beach, Tanca Manna, Olbia-Tempio, Sardinia.

About Barca Bruciata

Barca Bruciata Beach (Spiaggia di Barca Bruciata) is located 6 kilometers south-east of Palau, in the Gulf of Arzachena. The beach faces north-east, offering a spectacular view of the islands. Shaped like a half moon and with a length of 800 meters, Barca Bruciata beach is suitable for long walks along the shore. The trails up and down the cliffs lead to breathtaking 360 degree views. If you love snorkelling, you’ve found a great spot! Barca Bruciata is visited by locals, especially during the week. The beach can get quite busy during high season. This beach has a bar, and umbrellas or sunbeds are available for rent. The Barca Bruciata and Mannena beaches are located approximately 3 km from the Cala di Falco resort and the resort provides a daily shuttle service to reach the beaches.

Directions to Barca Bruciata

From Palau, take the road to Capo d’Orso until you reach the junction for Cannigione. After approximately 5 kilometers you will arrive at a large parking area. Continue on foot for about 100 meters to get to Barca Bruciata beach.

Sardinian Beaches Near Barca Bruciata

La Mannena

  • Length: 300 meters.
  • Things to do: snorkelling.
a picture of la mannena near cannigione arzachena sardinia

You'll find Spiaggia di La Mannena north of Barca Bruciata. It is located 4.5 kilometers north of the small village of Cannigione, Arzachena. Bellissima spiaggia e bellissimo mare!

La Conia

  • Length: 240 meters.
  • Things to do: snorkelling.
a picture of laconia beach

South of Tanca Manna beach, La Conia beach is located in the Golfo d'Arzachena, just under 2 kilometers north of the popular Cannigione holiday resort.


  • Length: 350 meters.
  • Things to do: windsurfing.
a picture of tanca manna beach in sardinia

The beach at Tanca Manna (Spiaggia dell'Uticeddu) is located just 3 kilometers from Cannigione. This beach is quite wide, and very suitable for beach games. To the north, there are a few smaller beaches to be discovered.