Cala Spinosa

a picture of two baots at spiaggia di cala spinosa in capo testa north sardinia
Two boats at anchor at Spiaggia di Cala Spinosa, in Capo Testa, north Sardinia. In the background, the white cliffs of the Strait of Bonifacio.

About Cala Spinosa

  • near Santa Teresa di Gallura, Province of Olbia-Tempio, North Sardinia, Italy.
  • None. You'll want to bring some amenities.
  • snorkelling.
  • 20:45 PM
  • 06:14 AM
  • 80 meters.

Nestled at the foot of the cliffs which dominate the Old and New Lighthouse on the northeast coast of Capo Testa, it’s easy to get lost in the beauty of Spiaggia di Cala Spinosa. This memorable destination consists of three of the most idyllic beaches in Capo Testa which are arranged from north to east. The first beach has white and fine sand, while the next two have golden bronze sand, respectively. Shimmering in the morning sun, the neighboring sea is a clear, emerald green which glistens as it fades into blue and cobalt blue above a naturally rocky bed. It is a popular attraction for those who enjoy snorkeling, while the white cliffs of the Strait of Bonifacio and Corsica are a photographers’ dream which adds to the enthralling beauty of the area. Spiaggia Cala Spinosa also shelters a cove that is home to many fascinating and colorful rocks which have taken shape throughout many years of erosion and other atmospheric influences. Intact and entirely nature, the beach is pristine in every way, but this also means it can be quite crowded during high season. That being said, the Spiaggia Cala Spinosa has a near perfect location, next to the village of Capo Testa and offers a memorable experience, regardless of the crowds of tourists eager to see it for themselves.

Places to Stay near Cala Spinosa

Colonna Grand Hotel Capo Testa

  • A 5 star Hotel 1.7 kilometers from Cala Spinosa
a picture of the private beach at the five-star colonna grand hotel in capo testa north sardinia
Blissful views and a private beach at the five-star Colonna Grand Hotel in Capo Testa, just minutes away from Santa Teresa di Gallura.

Few hotels are as luxurious and extravagant as the Colonna Grand Hotel. Located just a few minutes’ walk from the beach, this five-star hotel in Capo Testa is accompanied by majestic panoramas and arguably the most impressive swimming pool on this side of the Italian island. Indeed, the location is unrivaled, but the sense of privacy throughout the resort and along the beach is a unique aspect of the hotel. Although refurbished in recent times, the hotel has a long-standing reputation for providing an ultra-comfortable and luxurious escape while the five-star rating is also evidenced in the friendly staff and high standard of service. Featuring a modern blend of facades and intricate architecture, the Colonna Grand Hotel is covered in bright colors and pastels which give off a real sense of calm. Meanwhile, the stunning infinity pool is the perfect place to enjoy a morning swim, right next to the glistening ocean. As for the rooms, the Colonna Grand Hotel pulls out all the stops with ample space and unobstructed ocean views from the balcony. With air conditioning, TV, a minibar and more; these rooms are fully equipped but most importantly, they consist of a quality which is not often seen in this region of Sardinia. Finally, the sumptuous restaurants and vibrant bars are one of the genuine highlights of a stay, and while the resort comes with a price tag, there is more than enough value on offer to justify the cost of this summer escapade.

Residence Il Faro

  • A 4 star Apartment 0.8 kilometers from Cala Spinosa
a picture of the pristine outdoor pool at Residence Il Faro in Capo Testa north Sardinia Italy
The pristine outdoor pool at Residence Il Faro Capo Testa, in north Sardinia, Italy.

Residence Il Faro is quite a modest place to stay in Capo Testa with a variety of rooms to suit every occasion. This charming residence is a lot more private than most accommodations in the region which is often the reason why many visitors choose to stay here. There is still the option to get out and explore, for Residence Il Faro is ideally located close to the beach and bay area which has many shops, restaurants and coffee shops. Featuring a pristine pool and a well maintained outdoor terrace, this is also a great place to unwind away from the crowds. There is a barbecue and sun loungers on this terrace which makes for a fine place to spend an afternoon should you decide to enjoy a quiet lunch on your doorstep. In each apartment, you will find free Wi-Fi, television, air conditioning and a fantastic seating area. Families and those who like to cook will also be delighted with the fully equipped kitchenette. As for the décor, each room is designed with a slightly different theme, but in every instance, the rooms are comfortable, clean and wonderfully bright. Indeed, Residence Il Faro may be a far cry from the nearby four or five-star holiday resorts, but for everything it lacks in size, the apartments certainly make up for it with privacy. From the beautiful pool and outdoor terrace to the comfortable rooms and an ideal location; it is easy to see that this is not just an affordable option but also one of the more popular places to stay in Capo Testa.

Maison Sara

  • A 3 star Bed and Breakfast 0.6 kilometers from Cala Spinosa
a picture of a room at Maison Sara, a popular family-owned bed & breakfast in Capo Testa north Sardinia
Modern furnishings at Maison Sara, a family-owned bed & breakfast in Capo Testa.

Situated on a rocky peninsula next to the Strait of Bonifacio, Maison Sara is a trendy family-owned bed & breakfast in Capo Testa. Its location is perfect for escaping the crowds but also ideal for visiting some of Sardinia's beaches in the north and venturing into the cafés in town. While hotels are probably the most popular type of accommodation in Sardinia, Maison Sara is a bed and breakfast which goes ever so slightly against the grain. In this respect, the accommodation is very much focused on providing a more localized experience for the visiting tourist. The sea views are impressive, and the rooms are fully equipped for a comfortable stay. Featuring a small swimming pool and a lovely leafy garden in which to relax, the accommodation is rather quaint. However, the bright rooms and modern fixtures will ensure a comfortable stay at a much lower cost than the five-star hotels up the road. All considered Maison Sara is a wonderful place to escape the noise and relax in comfortable surroundings. If you wish to visit the surroundings, everything is nearby, and when it comes to hospitality, you can be sure that this family-owned B & B in Capo Testa will make its guests feel right at home.

Le Villette di Capo Testa

  • A 3 star Apartment 0.7 kilometers from Cala Spinosa
a picture of apartments at Le Villette di Capo Testa in north Sardinia Italy
The apartments at Le Villette di Capo Testa.

Le Villette di Capo Testa is unique in a sense that the property consists of a house with two floors and apartments with two bedrooms along with everything you might expect in a home of this size. While the town of Santa Teresa Gallura just a short distance away, the house is nicely situated to enjoy the local attractions. However, the standard of amenities is impressive with a full kitchenette, air conditioning, private bathrooms and private lounge areas. Meanwhile, out in the garden, you will find a terrace with deck chairs, tables, and a barbecue. While this area is admittedly small, each terrace is sectioned off for added privacy meaning it almost acts as a second balcony. Simply put, this apartment in Capo Testa is all you need regarding a home away from home. As for the bedrooms, they tie in beautifully with the rest of the house, for the bright and vibrant colors create a warm ambiance. Each room features a small yet charming balcony, and when it comes to furnishings, the style is modern and chic at the same time. Overall, Le Villette di Capo Testa has quite a rustic feel in spite of its modern design, and this immaculately clean house is perfect for any occasion. From family vacations in north Sardinia to romantic getaways, there is plenty of space in each apartment in which to appreciate some privacy and given its central location; this is one of the most enticing places to stay in Capo Testa.


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