• Frutti d'Oro
  • near La Maddalena, Province of Cagliari, South Sardinia, Italy.
  • parking.
  • windsurfing.
  • 19:01
  • 280 meters.
  • suitable for families with children.

Frutti d’Oro

a picture of the beach of frutti d'oro in la maddalena cagliari sardinia
Frutti d’Oro, La Maddalena, Cagliari.

About Frutti d’Oro

From Cagliari, drive south-west for about 13 kilometers, and you’ll find the small beach of Frutti d’Oro (Spiaggia di Frutti d’Oro). This is one of the smallest beaches you’ll find in the vicinity of Cagliari. Frutti d’Oro is often visited by windsurfing enthousiasts, and not too many people come here to enjoy the sun and spend the day here, so this beach never gets too busy. The beach faces east, and has a length of nearly 300 meters. The residential area behind the beach offers several spots to park you car. Other than that, Frutti d’Oro has no facilities, but several bars and restaurants are to be found in the village of La Maddalena nearby.

How To Get To Frutti d’Oro

To get to Frutti d'Oro from Cagliari, take the Strada Statale 195 to Via al Mare in Capoterra.

Sardinian Beaches Near Frutti d’Oro

La Maddalena

  • Length: 1200 meters.
  • Things to do: kitesurfing, pedal boating.
  • Facilities: parking, beach chairs, umbrellas, bar, restaurant.
  • ✓This beach is suitable for families with children.
a picture taken on la maddalena spiaggia in cagliari sardinia

15 kilometers south-west of Poetto beach, you’ll find La Maddalena beach (La Maddalena Spiaggia). The largest part of this beach lies in front of a village with the same name. It has a total length of nearly 1200 meters, and faces south-east, overlooking the Golfo degli Angeli – or the Bay of Angels. This beach is a favorite spot among kitesurfing enthousiasts, as wind conditions at this beach are exceptional from May to September.

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Poetto Beach

  • Length: 8000 meters.
  • Things to do: windsurfing, kitesurfing.
  • Facilities: parking, beach chairs, umbrellas, bar, restaurant.
  • ✓This beach is suitable for families with children.
a picture of spiaggia del poetto di cagliari in south sardinia

Poetto Beach (Spiaggia del Poetto di Cagliari) is located in between Comune di Quartu Sant Elena and Comune di Cagliari, in south Sardinia. It is the main beach of Cagliari, the capital of the island of Sardinia. The beach has a length of 8 kilometers and faces south-east, offering views over the deep blue waters of the Golfo di Quartu. The beach is marked by beautiful views of the hills of the Sella del Diavolo to the south. Poetto beach is backed by two ponds: the Stagno di Molentargius and Stagno di Quartu where the well-known pink flamingos can be spotted. The beach has a full range of facilities: you’ll find kiosks, bars with beach beds, restaurants, discos, plenty of water sports facilities, a marina, and a fair. Poetto is one of the windiest spots on the island. For this reason it is a one of the best beaches of South Sardinia for kitesurfing, windsurfing and sailing enthusiasts.

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