• Scivu
  • near Bau, Province of Medio Campidano, South-West Sardinia, Italy.
  • parking.
  • kitesurfing, hiking.
  • 20:53
  • 06:03
  • 3000 meters.

Spiaggia di Scivu

Scivu beach, Bau, Medio-Campidano
Scivu beach, Bau, Medio-Campidano

About Spiaggia di Scivu

Scivu beach (Spiaggia di Scivu), between Piscinas beach and Portixeddu beach on the beautiful coastline of Costa Verde, is a strip of golden sand in an environment that has remained completely untouched. Scivu beach is approximately 3 kilometers long, and is divided by a small reef. Its waters are usually wild and its dunes can reach up to 70 meters. Even in August, few people are to be found on Scivu beach, and most of the facilities mentioned above are only available in summer. As you will be exposed to the sun and wind, make sure you bring something for shade.

How To Get To Spiaggia di Scivu

The drive to Scivu beach is very scenic, and can bring you to heights of up to 400 meters above sea level. There are no gas stations in the vicinity, so watch your fuel! From Arbus via the SS 126, after 13 kilometers, you'll see a sign. Take the road that leads to the mountains. After 5 kilometers, follow the signpost and head left, then enter the parking area. If you're coming from the south-west via the SS 126, take the exit to Gennamari.


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