• Is Solinas
  • near Sant'Anna Arresi, Province of Carbonia-Iglesias, South Sardinia, Italy.
  • parking, beach chairs, umbrellas, kitesurfing school.
  • surfing, kitesurfing.
  • 19:03
  • 1200 meters.

Spiaggia di Is Solinas

a picture of is solinas beach at sunset
La Spiaggia di Is Solinas at sunset.

About Spiaggia di Is Solinas

a picture of kitesurfers on is solinas beach in south sardinia
Kitesurfers at Is Solinas beach, in Carbonia-Iglesias, southern Sardinia.

You’ll find Is Solinas beach (La Spiaggia di Is Solinas) near the small Sardinian villages of Is Solinas and Is Murronis. The beach is located 8 kilometers north of Porto Pino beach which is widely considered to be one of the best beaches of south Sardinia. Is Solinas beach has a length of 1200 meters, and faces due west, overlooking the blue waters of the Golfo di Palmas and Sant’Antioco island. It is backed mostly by sand dunes covered with juniper trees, and by rather large ponds named Stagno di Porto Botte and Stagno Baiocca. Water is very shallow up to 80-120 meters from the shore, and in general there are no waves or sea currents. The strait between Sant Antioco island and the Sardinian mainlands influence wind conditions: statistically, this region is one of the windiest of Sardinia. The beach is a great place for kitesurfing, except for the months of June through September when kitesurfing here is prohibited. The kiteschool in Porto Pino is open from June 15th till September 15th.

Where to Stay near Spiaggia di Is Solinas

La Perla Hotel

a picture of la perla hotel near the beach of porto pino in south sardinia
Sea views at La Perla Hotel, a few kilometers from Spiaggia di Porto Pino.

Just a few kilometers east of Spiaggia di Is Solinas, a few good hotels are available in the small village of Sant’Anna Arresi. For example, here you’ll find the small three-star La Perla Hotel, featuring eleven air-conditioned rooms. The hotel was built using traditional ancient techniques of the area and stands on a promontory overlooking the bay where you can enjoy unforgettable vistas of the Gulf of Palmas and the southern Sardinian coastline. Double rooms have either sea views or a private balcony with sea views, and the superior triple rooms have a large terrace with spectacular ocean views. La Perla Hotel is suitable for travelers who’d love to spend their vacation to further explore the beautiful seaside resorts, numerous archeological sites and natural areas in this region including the enchanting caves of Is Zuddas near Santadi, the necropolis of Montessu in the municipality of Villaperuccio, and the Pantaleo natural reserve.

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Sardinian Beaches Near Spiaggia di Is Solinas

Spiaggia di Porto Tramatzu

  • Length: 350 meters.
  • Things to do: snorkelling, pedal boating, kayaking.
  • Facilities: parking, beach chairs, umbrellas, bar, restaurant, camping.
  • ✓This beach is suitable for families with children.
a picture of porto tramatzu beach near teulada in south sardinia

Porto Tramatzu is a favourite among the locals. The beach has a length of about 350 meters and faces south-east, featuring nice views of a little island named Isola Rossa that lies 1 kilometers off the coast. You’d almost think you’re on a Caribbean beach, but this is South Sardinia! Porto Tramatzu is a family-friendly beach where the sand is white and fine. The incredibly blue waters are shallow enough for children to play in, and the seabed has a gentle slope. The area is excellent for snorkeling. It is possible to rent a boat to go around the coast and enjoy the fantastic views of Isla Rossa and other beaches in the area. Kayaks and pedal boats are available for rent as well.

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Su Portu de su Trigu

  • Length: 30 meters.
  • Things to do: snorkelling.
  • Facilities: parking.
a picture of su portu de su trigu beach in sant'anna arresi sardinia

Spiaggia di Su Portu de su Trigu, also known as Cala Sa Barracca is one of the smallest beaches of south Sardinia. This fine little beach is located just a few kilometers south-west of Porto Pino, and 6 kilometers west of the community of Sant’Anna Arresi. The beautiful sandy beach has very thin and white sands. You’ll find some scattered rocks along the beach, making it an even more beautiful and charming environment. This beach faces due west overlooking the azure waters of Golfi di Palma. Su Portu de su Trigu has no facilities except for a car parking area, but this private and secluded gem should definitely be on your list of beaches to visit if you’re in South Sardinia. It is the perfect place for some relaxation and snorkeling. Highly recommended!

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