Spiaggia Marina di Orosei

The clear waters and yellow sands at the beach named Spiaggia Marina di Orosei in east Sardinia. In the background, the tall mountains of the Supramonte rise in the distance.
The clear waters and golden sands of Spiaggia Marina di Orosei. In the background, to the south, the Supramonte rises in the distance. The Supramonte is also home to several traditional Sardinian villages, adding cultural and historical richness to the natural beauty of the region.

About Spiaggia Marina di Orosei

  • near Marina di Orosei, Province of Nuoro, East Sardinia, Italy.
  • parking, beach chairs, umbrellas, restaurant.
  • snorkelling, walking, jogging, surfing.
  • 20:40 PM
  • 06:14 AM
  • 2500 meters.

Spiaggia Marina di Orosei is a stunning beach on Sardinia’s eastern coast, perfectly situated between the small seaside village of Santa Maria to the north and the Marina Orosei harbor. Located no more than 3 kilometers from the center of Orosei, this stretch of sand is a favorite among visitors to the Orosei and Dorgali region, offering a serene blend of natural beauty and tranquility.

The Marina di Orosei beach has a length of approximately 2.5 kilometers, making it perfect for long shoreline walks or early morning runs. Its ample space ensures it remains uncrowded, even during peak season. Facing southeast, Spiaggia Marina di Orosei offers spectacular mountain views that enhance the scenic beauty of the location. The north side of the beach is backed by the Cedrino River, with parts of the beach lined with shrubs and low trees that provide some shade during the hottest parts of the day.

The sand here is yellow and somewhat grainy, mixed with small stones, giving it a unique texture compared to other Sardinian beaches. The crystal-clear waters are inviting for swimming, though the sea becomes deep relatively quickly. There is usually a lifeguard on duty, and most swimming areas are clearly marked for safety. Due to the quickly deepening waters, getting in and out of the sea can be challenging. This beach is not particularly recommended for families with young children unless they are closely supervised.

Spiaggia Marina di Orosei is known for its serene atmosphere and is not overcrowded, even in peak season. Come here in August or September, and you’ll love its warm waters. A must-visit destination in the Orosei and Dorgali region!

Lunch at Spiaggia Marina di Orosei

Ristorante Lungomare

For lunch, we recommend Ristorante Lungomare, located on the south side of the beach near the marina. This spot offers a beautiful setting where the food is just as impressive as the view. Enjoy a delicious combination of seafood starters, amazing secondis, and a local sparkling wine, all while taking in the stunning sea view. The friendly staff adds to the wonderful experience!

Il Moletto Bistrot & Beach Bar

Head to the pier at Spiaggia Marina di Orosei, and near the harbor, you’ll find Il Moletto Bistrot & Beach Bar. It’s the perfect spot for a beachside meal at the Orosei pier. Whether you’re stopping by for an aperitif, lunch, or dinner, you’ll enjoy friendly and helpful staff, a clean environment, and convenient free parking. Reservations are preferred. Be sure to try the large portion of marinated mussels, mixed salad, and the homemade pasta with fish – they’re very tasty! It’s also a great spot for your morning coffee accompanied by one of their homemade pastry.

How To Get To Spiaggia Marina di Orosei

Via the SS 125, once you reach the center of Orosei, take the Via del Mare (SS 129) and you'll reach the parking lot after approximately 2 kilometers.


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