San Pietro

a picture of spiaggia di san pietro near valledoria sardinia
San Pietro beach, Valledoria, Olbia-Tempio.

About San Pietro

Where the mouth of the river Coghinas reaches the sea, right at the border of the provinces of Sassari and Olbia-Tempio, the beach of San Pietro (Spiaggia di San Pietro) begins. It is located 1.7 kilometers west of the village named Valledoria, and 7 kilometers south-west of Badesi. San Pietro beach faces north-west, looking out over the deep blue waters of the Golfo dell’ Asinara, while offering nice views of the hills behind La Ciaccia to the west. The beach is 1400 meters long, and up to 130 meters wide near the mouth of the river. It is a popular spot among kitesurfers and windsurfers, as this beach is the only place where the sports can be experienced both on the sea and the river! The scenery is just fabulous here. San Pietro is an absolute must-see beach if you happen to be in northern Sardinia.

Where To Stay near San Pietro Beach

Club Hotel Residence Baiaverde

a picture of the private beach at club hotel residence baiaverde in san pietro a mare
The private beach at Baiaverde.

The area around Spiaggia di San Pietro offers several accommodations to choose from. Just 120 meters from the beach, you’ll find Club Hotel Residence Baiaverde, a family-friendly beach proberty that offers 50 apartments and suites. The apartments feature a kitchenette and a patio or balcony, and the suites offer air conditioning and a minibar. The property has two swimming pools as well, one of the pools is exclusively for children to play in. Pizzas can be enjoyed at the on-site pizzeria. The hotel has its own private beach with beach loungers and umbrellas for guests.

Village & Camping La Foce

Village & Camping La Foce

Right at the Coghinas river you’ll find Village & Camping La Foce. This property offers a camping experience right by the beach. It offers air-conditioned and self-catering bungalows and mobile homes with simple furnishings. Accommodations feature a kitchenette and a fridge. There’s an outdoor pool that’s open all summer, and if you’d like to go to the beach, a free boat service will take you across the river! Activities at the site include, fishing, table tennis, windsurfing, canoeing, and cycling.

Directions to San Pietro

From Badesi, San Pietro beach can be reached by taking the SP90 and Corso Europa in the direction of Valledoria. It shouldn’t be more than a 15-minute drive.

Sardinian Beaches Near San Pietro

Poltu Biancu

  • Length: 1500 meters.
  • Things to do: windsurfing, surfing, kitesurfing.
a picture of poltu biancu beach in badesi sardinia

Poltu Biancu beach is the westernmost beach of Olbia-Tempio, and the first beach you'll find on the stretch of coast that's home to the beaches of Badesi.

Li Feruli

  • Length: 500 meters.
  • Things to do: windsurfing, surfing, kitesurfing, stand up paddling.
a picture of li feruli beach near badesi sardinia

Li Feruli is a long stretch of splendid coastline with beautiful views of The Gulf of Asinara and Castelsardo. The beach is an extension of a long beach of over 9 kilometers long located just a few kilometers north-west of the village of Badesi and Trinità d’Agultu e Vignola, and near the historical village of Isola Rossa. Backed by typical Mediterranean vegetation and sand dunes, Li Feruli is one of the least crowded beaches in the Badesi area. You won’t find many tourists here. The beach is especially suitable for those who would like to enjoy a clean and pristine environment, surrounded by the Mediterranean. Li Feruli beach and the other beaches of Badesi (Poltu Biancu, Pirotto Li Frati, Li Mindi and Li Junchi) are fantastic spots for kitesurfing, windsurfing and stand up paddling. They also have a prominent place on our list of Best Kitesurfing Beaches of Sardinia.

Li Mindi

  • Length: 500 meters.
  • Things to do: windsurfing, surfing, kitesurfing, stand up paddling.
a picture of li mindi beach in badesi sardinia

Li Mindi beach is situated between Pirotto Li Frati beach and Li Junchi beach, 2.5 kilometers west of the village of Badesi, in Olbia-Tempio, Sardinia.

Li Junchi

  • Length: 500 meters.
  • Things to do: windsurfing, surfing, kitesurfing, stand up paddling.
a picture of li junchi beach in badesi sardinia

Li Junchi beach is considered to be the main beach of the Badesi area, in Olbia-Tempio. The beach is located in front of the small village of Li Junchi.

Baia delle Mimose

  • Length: 3000 meters.
  • Things to do: windsurfing, surfing, kitesurfing, stand up paddling.
a picture of pirotto li frati beach in northern sardinia

Pirotto Li Frati beach is located 5 kilometers south-west of the village of Badesi, along of the northern coast of Olbia-Tempio, Sardinia.