Spiaggia dello Strangolato

summer scenery of clear waters and granite rocks at Spiaggia dello Strangolato on Isola Maddalena, Sardinia.
A summer to remember at Spiaggia dello Strangolato, on the northern tip of Isola Maddalena. Snorkelling and swimming is good here.

About Spiaggia dello Strangolato

  • near , Province of Sassari, North-East Sardinia, Italy.
  • parking, restaurant.
  • snorkelling, walking.
  • 20:44 PM
  • 06:13 AM
  • 80 meters.
  • suitable for families with children.

To experience one of the northernmost beaches of Sardinia, head to Spiaggia dello Strangolato. The small beach is located in the north of Isola Maddalena, on the headlands of Punta Abbatoggia, just a few kilometers north of Maddalena town. What makes Strangolato Beach unique is that you can enter the sea on both sides of the beach. Snorkeling comes to mind here, especially on the east side, where the rocks are. When the wind blows from the west, the water will be mostly flat. You will spot a few rocky patches where fish like to swim around. Don’t be surprised if you see octopuses, starfish, and perhaps a few snails. They like to hang out here! The pinkish sand is inviting. Spend a few hours on Spiaggia dello Strangolato with or without kids, and admire the scenery (Corsica, Isola Santa Maria, and Isola Spargi). You can walk around and explore the granite rocks on the headlands a bit. You’ll spot more coves as you explore the area. Note that reaching Spiaggia dello Strangolato takes a bit of effort. Come here by car, and the last part of the journey will be on a dirt road, which can be dusty in summer and bumpy after rainfall. Parking near the beach will cost a few Euros. Alternatively, park your car near Camping Village Abbatoggia, a campsite just south of the beach. Continue north on foot for a few hundred meters while passing another cove named Spiaggia di Abatoggia which is also worth exploring!

Grab a Bite to Eat at Lo Strangolato

Carpaccio di Wagyu at Lo Strangolato on the island of Maddalena, Sardinia.
Antipasti at Lo Strangolato: Carpaccio di Wagyu

Lo Strangolato Restaurant is situated in the middle of Spiaggia dello Strangolato. This charming eatery boasts a welcoming ambiance and an impressive selection of seafood dishes. The restaurant has preserved a traditional or rustic feel within an ancient structure, while still ensuring a high level of comfort. Although the interior is tastefully decorated, the outdoor terrace is undoubtedly the main attraction. It is located right by the water’s edge and offers breathtaking views of the ocean. Lo Strangolato Restaurant is a family-run establishment, which adds to its local flavor. The friendly staff and menu reflect the family’s Sardinian heritage. The menu offers a delightful blend of Sardinian cuisine, seafood, and vegan and gluten-free options. The seafood selection is particularly noteworthy, featuring various fish types, octopus, shrimp, and a special seafood pasta known as bottarga. The colorful menu caters to everyone, especially seafood enthusiasts. Lo Strangolato Restaurant ticks all the boxes in terms of character, personality, and cultural appeal, and its impressive lineup is sure to impress.

How To Get To Spiaggia dello Strangolato

To get to Spiaggia dello Strangolato by car from the center of La Maddalena, head north by taking Via Guardia Gellone. This road will lead you out of the village. Eventually, you will pass a cemetery (Cimitero Isola Maddalena.) From there, keep heading north. The last part of your drive will be on Via Abbatoggia. The trip shouldn't take you longer than 10 minutes or so.


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