Beaches of North Sardinia

a picture of la licciola beach
La Licciola, Valle dell’Erica, Olbia-Tempio.

The beaches of north Sardinia are surprisingly diverse, and this part of the island offers a full range of possibilities for a perfect Sardinian holiday. Corsica is located just 16 kilometers to the north, and can be visited by ferry in less than an hour. With the Costa Smeralda nearby, you can have a taste of luxury whenever you feel like it. As some people say: “the only way to see Sardinia is by boat“: visiting the islands of the Maddalena Archipelago National Park should really be on your list of top priorities. And if your looking for a varied cultural heritage, the villages of Santa Teresa Gallura, Palau and Arzachena are within reach. Have you been planning to go kitesurfing in Sardinia? Look no further, Porto Pollo beach is a Mecca for kitesurfing enthusiasts and one of the best kitesurfing beaches of Sardinia. Or pick one of the beaches of Badesi on a 9 kilometer long stretch of coast for some kitesurfing, windsurfing or stand up paddling.

With so many things to do and see, you’d almost forget about just relaxing on the beach… Below you’ll find an overview of the beaches of north Sardinia, from the villages of Castelsardo to Costa Paradiso, Portobello to Rena Majore, and from Santa Teresa Gallura to Porto Pozzo.

Beaches of North Sardinia - Portobello

a picture of villa rooftops and lush green hills near Portobello, north Sardinia, Italy.

Portobello is a tourist village located on Sardinia’s northern coast in Olbia-Tempio. If you are looking for a beautiful location with sandy beaches and a quieter environment, then the North coast is ideal. Portobello is one of the best places to go in this area and is perfect for a chilled out holiday with a welcoming vibe. The area has excellent hiking trails along the coastline with its pink granite cliffs and in the forested areas nearby. There are water sports too, from swimming at the beaches, to windsurfing and snorkelling.

Beaches Near Portobello

There are 9 beaches to choose from near Portobello. To learn more about each beach and how to get there, click on its name.

Lu Litarroni

Lu Litarroni beach is a large stretch of fine sand, pebbles and rocks with views on the Monte Russu headland, with granitic red rocks emerging from the sea.

Monti Russu

a picture of monti russu beach

Monti Russu beach lies near Rena Majore, between the beaches of Cala Pischina and Lu Littaroni. It got its name from the colours of the rocks at sunset.


a picture of vignola beach

Vignola beach lies approximately 4 kilometers east of Portobello, and 4 kilometers west of the beach of Lu Littaroni in the municipality of Aglientu.

Portobello Beach

a picture of portobello beach

The beaches of Portobello are scattered along the coastline of Portobello di Gallura, one of Sardinia's most exclusive residential parks.

Beaches of North Sardinia - Castelsardo

a picture of castelsardo in north sardinia italy

Castelsardo is a picturesque town located just a short distance from Badesi on the northern coast of Sardinia. In many ways, this historic town is best known for an ancient castle, but there are also beautiful sandy beaches which make this a somewhat strategic location or stopover between western Sardinia and islands in the east. Founded by a Genovese family during the 12th century, Castelsardo is quite popular with tourists from around who are always impressed by the magnificent ancient architecture throughout the town. Castles and fortresses were built around the same time as the origin of the town while remnants of a number of watchtowers add further to the antiquated nature of Castelsardo. Featuring many pathways, this is a truly wonderful place to explore on foot while the castle, Castello dei Doria, is arguably the main highlight.

Beaches Near Castelsardo

There are 12 beaches to choose from near Castelsardo. To learn more about each beach and how to get there, click on its name.

Spiaggia di Lu Bagnu

a picture of the wooden pathway that leads to the beach named Spiaggia di Lu Bagnu, near Castelsardo, north Sardinia, Italy.

This idyllic beach may not be the largest in the region, but visitors seem to prefer the toned down nature and quiet ambiance in the area. At the same time, this is not to say the area is void of activity, for families and young couples are always quick to spend the day here. Featuring ample car parking and easy access, the beach is as popular with locals as it is with tourists.

Spiaggia Baja Ostina

Spiaggia Baja Ostina is one of the most secluded beaches in north Sardinia and a beautiful sight as it sits quietly in a small bay beneath a steep red face headland. In many ways, this unique appearance is why the beach is best known, but the favorable conditions also make this beach popular for practical reasons. Featuring dark golden sands, the beach is only about sixty meters in length but surprisingly developed in spite of such a small size.

Beaches of North Sardinia - Palau

a panorama picture of Palau in north Sardinia Italy.

Established by shepherds in the late 1800’s and situated in the province of Olbia-Tempio, Palau is small seaside village which is best known for the nearby Capo d'Orso (Cape of the Bear) formation on the northern tip of Sardinia. With the majestic company of stunning Mediterranean seas, Palau proves to be more than just a port island, for this charming town with colorful boats is also perfectly located to explore the surroundings. The many quaint villages, religious remnants, and the valley of the moon make this a unique place to visit in Sardinia. Conveniently, Palau also serves as a gateway to the Maddalena archipelago.

Beaches Near Palau

There are 10 beaches to choose from near Palau. To learn more about each beach and how to get there, click on its name.

Spiaggia La Sciumara

a picture of Spiaggia La Sciumara in Palau north Sardinia Italy

Facing north, with a length of nearly 500 meters, Spiaggia La Sciumara is located between the colorful village of Palau and Porto Rafael, offering beautiful views of the Maddalena archipelago in the far distance. La Sciumara is accompanied by a low seabed which makes swimming ideal while the nearby islands are easily reached by boat. With such a strategic location and idyllic wind conditions, Spiaggia La Sciumara is perfect for families with children and also provides wheelchair access.

Spiaggia Dell Isolotto

a picture of some rocks at Spiaggia Dell Isolotto in Palau north Sardinia Italy

One of the most popular beaches on the mesmerizing Palau coastline is Spiaggia Dell Isolotto. Just a few meters from the port, the beauty of this beach is immediately obvious from the moment you set eyes on the white sands and crystal blue waters. Furthermore, the proximity of this beach to the bay makes it ideal for swimming and snorkeling in particular, such is the calm nature of the water.

Spiaggia di Porto Faro

a picture of small boats anchored at Spiaggia di Porto Faro, in Palau, north Sardinia, Italy.

With a length of 150 meters, strategically located within a peaceful and rejuvenating village, Spiaggia di Porto Faro captures the heart of every visitor with attractive white sands overlooking the famous archipelago of La Maddalena. In this sense, visitors can expect to be amazed by stunning views, and crystal blue waters as these features genuinely make it stand out among even the best beaches in Palau.

Beaches of North Sardinia - Capo Testa

a picture of a hiking trail to valle della luna in capo testa north sardinia

Featuring enchanting seascapes, rugged hiking trails and endless natural beauty, Capo Testa is one of the true highlights of a trip to Sardinia which will leave you wanting to explore even more of this stunning island. Atop this glorious holiday destination surrounded by clear and transparent water, Corsica can be recognized with the help of a suitably low shoreline and clear weather. ... It is a beautiful place to walk around, and thankfully, the absolute perfection of the most dramatic scenery of Sardinia remains all the way through spring and even winter time.

Beaches Near Capo Testa

There are 14 beaches to choose from near Capo Testa. To learn more about each beach and how to get there, click on its name.

La Colba – Rena di Ponente

a picture of Spiaggia Rena Di Ponente, a beach near Capo Testa, north Sardinia, Italy.

The beach of La Colba – Rena di Ponente (Spiaggia Rena Di Ponente) is approximately 400 meters long and faces south-west, featuring beautiful vistas of the rugged coastline of Capo Testa and the deep-blue waters of Baia La Colba. This strip of land connects the coast of the mainlands of Sardinia with the promontory of Capo Testa. The area is uniquely characterized by dunes that extend all the way to the south-eastern end of the isthmus. Depending on weather and sea conditions of the Strait of Bonifacio, the beaches in this area of Sardinia are extremely dynamic and subject to very typical seasonal changes. Occasionally, at dawn or dusk, you can see dolphins playing in the waters nearby. It’s one of the best beaches of north Sardinia to visit if you happen to be in this part of the island.

Rena Di Levante

a picture of spiaggia rena di ponente near capo testa in sardinia

Spiaggia Rena di Levante is located on the opposite side of Rena di Ponente, 2 kilometers south-west of Santa Teresa Gallura. It is 500 meters long. The area surrounding this beach is full of little coves to explore. There's a possibility to rent beach umbrellas and sun beds, but also pedal boats and canoes. Windsurfing and kitesurfing equipment can also be rented. Averagely busy during the summer season.

Spiaggia Zia Culumba

a picture of rocky shores in capo testa in the province of olbia tempio in north sardinia

Just steps in front of the small village of Capo Testa you'll find Zia Culumba (Spiaggia Zia Culumba). An almost supernatural appearance accompanies this beautiful beach which is also known as Tibula Beach. Named after the Roman colony which settled in the area for granite extraction, it’s amazing to think this stretch of shoreline was also the origin of the material used to construct the Pantheon in Rome. For a similar reason, Tibula is also called Beach of Granite after the beautiful granite formations that surround the beach. Spiaggia Zia Culumba is one of the finest beaches in Capo Testa and next to the village in Santa Reparata Bay to the north of Sardinia.

Cala di l’Ea

a picture of a hiking trail to valle della luna in capo testa north sardinia

Cala di l’Ea served as a popular destination for hippies all over Europe way back in the sixties when very few people had even heard of the island of Sardinia itself. Cala di L’Ea is also characterized by the enormous white granite rocks which make up the surrounding landscape, and these are best known for their unusual shapes. For it is here, you can find the “Rock of Dinosaur” and many more strange names which derive from the form of each rock. The beach is connected to Ea bay which allows for an eye-popping delight next to the cliffs with colors of clear turquoise and green waters.

Cala Spinosa

a picture of two baots at spiaggia di cala spinosa in capo testa north sardinia

It’s easy to get lost in the beauty of Spiaggia di Cala Spinosa. This memorable destination consists of three of the most idyllic beaches in Capo Testa which are arranged from north to east. The first beach has white and fine sand, while the next two have golden bronze sand, respectively. Shimmering in the morning sun, the neighboring sea is a clear, emerald green which glistens as it fades into blue and cobalt blue above a naturally rocky bed. It is a popular attraction for those who enjoy snorkeling, while the white cliffs of the Strait of Bonifacio and Corsica are a photographers’ dream which adds to the enthralling beauty of the area.

Beaches of North Sardinia - Costa Paradiso

a picture of a stairway along the coastline of Costa Paradiso in north Sardinia, Italy.

They call Costa Paradiso heaven on earth and its coastline and scenery is worth a journey to experience. In this part of the Sardinian coastline you’ll find sandy beaches, a sea that glistens in the sun, and some wonderfully secluded places to relax. Sardinia is a beautiful island but head to the Costa Paradiso and you’ll be in heaven. The Costa Paradiso is located on the North Coast of Sardinia and is perfect for a chilled out break in the sun. This area stretches from Santa Teresa di Gallura to the small town of Castelsardo. The sea is a big attraction with beautiful beaches and spectacular granite rocks shaped by the sands. Off shore the deep waters are a big draw for scuba divers with many interesting and scenic dives from Santa Teresa di Gallura.

Beaches Near Costa Paradiso

There are 9 beaches to choose from near Costa Paradiso. To learn more about each beach and how to get there, click on its name.

Cala Faa

a picture of cala faa beach in northern sardinia

Cala Faa (Spiaggia di Cala Faa) is a small cove approximately 4 kilometers south-west of Portobello beach, along the Costa Paradiso in north Sardinia.

Cala Sarraina

a picture of cala sarraina beach sardinia

Cala Sarraina beach is located 4 kilometers north-east of Costa Paradiso, and 2.4 kilometers south-west of Cala Faa. It features a bar and a restaurant.

Li Cossi Beach

a picture of li cossi beach in costa paradiso north sardinia

Li Cossi beach (Spiaggia di Li Cossi) is a must-see cove located 2 kilometers south-west of Costa Paradiso, in the province of Olbia-Tempio. It is named after the river that runs behind it. Tucked away in a natural amphitheater of granite rocks and sheltered from the winds, its shallow waters and gentle sea allow children to swim and play freely. It's a popular spot among snorkelling and scuba diving enthousiasts.

Porto La Cruzitta

a picture of porto la cruzitta near costa paradiso sardinia

Porto La Cruzitta beach is located within a secluded and picturesque cove that is situated between Li Cossi beach and Cala Sarraina, in Trinità D’Agultu.

Beaches of North Sardinia - Badesi

a small boat rests on the sands of a beach near Badesi, north Sardinia, Italy.

Badesi is a small municipality in the province of Olbia-Tempio in Sardinia, located about 200 kilometres north of Cagliari and about 51 kilometers west of Olbia. Besides its splendid beaches, Badesi's surroundings are very attractive and quite varied, with hills covered with lush vegetation and low sandy flat lands where vines grow and from which the renowned Vermentino di Gallura wine is produced.

Beaches Near Badesi

There are 14 beaches to choose from near Badesi. To learn more about each beach and how to get there, click on its name.

Baia delle Mimose

a picture of pirotto li frati beach in northern sardinia

Pirotto Li Frati beach is located 5 kilometers south-west of the village of Badesi, along of the northern coast of Olbia-Tempio, Sardinia.

Spiaggia Li Junchi

a picture of a lifebuoy on the beach of Li Junchi, in Badesi, north Sardinia, Italy.

Li Junchi beach is considered to be the main beach of the Badesi area, in Olbia-Tempio. The beach is located in front of the small village of Li Junchi. This beach faces north-west, overlooking the azure waters of the Golfo dell'Asinara. Li Junchi beach is approximately 500 meters long, and can get up to 50 meters wide. Note however, that Li Junchi is part of a very long beach that has a length of over 9 kilometers!

Spiaggia Li Mindi

a picture of li mindi beach in badesi sardinia

Li Mindi beach is situated between Pirotto Li Frati beach and Li Junchi beach, 2.5 kilometers west of the village of Badesi, in Olbia-Tempio, Sardinia.

Spiaggia Li Feruli

a picture of the dunes behind the beach of Badesi, in north Sardinia, Italy.

Li Feruli is a long stretch of splendid coastline with beautiful views of The Gulf of Asinara and Castelsardo. The beach is an extension of a long beach of over 9 kilometers long located just a few kilometers north-west of the village of Badesi and Trinità d’Agultu e Vignola, and near the historical village of Isola Rossa. Backed by typical Mediterranean vegetation and sand dunes, Li Feruli is one of the least crowded beaches in the Badesi area. You won’t find many tourists here. The beach is especially suitable for those who would like to enjoy a clean and pristine environment, surrounded by the Mediterranean. Li Feruli beach and the other beaches of Badesi (Poltu Biancu, Pirotto Li Frati, Li Mindi and Li Junchi) are fantastic spots for kitesurfing, windsurfing and stand up paddling. They also have a prominent place on our list of Best Kitesurfing Beaches of Sardinia.

Poltu Biancu

a picture of a lifebuoy on the beach of Li Junchi, in Badesi, north Sardinia, Italy.

Poltu Biancu beach is the westernmost beach of Olbia-Tempio, and the first beach you'll find on the stretch of coast that's home to the beaches of Badesi.

San Pietro

a picture of spiaggia di san pietro near valledoria sardinia

At the border of the provinces of Sassari and Olbia-Tempio, (Spiaggia di San Pietro) begins. It is located 1.7 kilometers west of Valledoria, and 7 kilometers south-west of Badesi. San Pietro beach faces north-west, looking out over the deep blue waters of the Golfo dell' Asinara, while offering nice views of the hills behind La Ciaccia to the west. The beach is 1400 meters long, and up to 130 meters wide near the mouth of the river Coghinas. It is a good spot for kitesurfing and windsurfing. An absolute must-see beach if you happen to be in northern Sardinia!

Beaches of North Sardinia - Trinità d’Agultu e Vignola

a picture of the hills and sea views near Trinità d’Agultu e Vignola, in north Sardinia, Italy.

Trinità d'Agultu e Vignola is a small village in the province of Olbia-Tempio, located approximately 50 kilometres west of Olbia. It is an idyllic village high up on a hill along the northern Sardinian coastline. The jagged shore and the wind-sculpted red rocks of Costa Paradiso make this region a paradise for sun seekers and water sports enthusiasts. Renowned beaches are just around the corner, they are widely regarded as one of the top things to do in northern Sardinia. While the sea may convince most sun-seekers to make Trinità d'Agultu e Vignola their next holiday destination, the town offers activities for outdoor enthusiasts as well. The hills are the perfect playground for biking, hiking and horse riding.

Beaches Near Trinità d’Agultu e Vignola

There are 6 beaches to choose from near Trinità d’Agultu e Vignola. To learn more about each beach and how to get there, click on its name.

Cala Canneddi

a picture of cala canneddi in Trinità d'Agultu e Vignola

Situated in an area with bright sand and pink rocks, Cala Canneddi is located 500 meters north-west of Canneddi, in the municipality of Trinità D'Agultu.

Tinnari Beach

a picture of tinnari beach near Trinità D'Agultu in north sardinia

Tinnari beach a beautiful and quite secluded cove located on the pristine and solitary stretch of coast between the village of Costa Paradiso and Cala Canneddi in the area of Isola Rossa, in the municipality of Trinità d’Agultu. Facing north with a length of 260 meters, this beautiful beach is mostly made up of small pebbles carried by the Riu Pirastru river, and can only be reached by boat or via a walk of about 30 minutes that descends along the slopes of Mount Tinnari. Cala Tinnari beach is immersed in the typical scents and colors of the Costa Paradiso, and it is an ideal destination for those looking for tranquility and peace during their holiday in northern Sardinia. Tinnari is a spectacular beach to visit, it’s a true Sardinian work of art, and therefore on top of our list of Best Beaches of North Sardinia.

Beaches of North Sardinia - Porto Pozzo

a picture of porto pozzo in olbia tempio sardinia

Drive 35 kilometers north-west from Olbia and you'll reach Porto Pozzo, a small seaside village in Olbia-Tempio, north Sardinia. Porto Pozzo has its own little port, where rubber boats can be rented to explore the bays and coves in the area. The village has a few shops, a fresh ice cream shop, a supermarket and several restaurants.

Beaches Near Porto Pozzo

There are 7 beaches to choose from near Porto Pozzo. To learn more about each beach and how to get there, click on its name.

Porto Pollo Beach

a picture of porto pollo beach near palau in olbia tempio north sardinia

Porto Pollo beach (Spiaggia Porto Pollo) is located about 1 kilometer from Porto Pollo village, in Palau, Olbia-Tempio. This beach is the epicentre of kitesurfing in Sardinia, as this spot has some of the best wind conditions in Europe. Porto Pollo beach is also very suitable for windsurfing, sailing and even for diving, canoeing and mountain biking.

Cala Trana

a picture of cala trana beach Palau, Olbia-Tempio

Cala Trana beach (Spiaggia di Cala Trana) is a secluded beach that's mostly unknown to the average tourist. It is located 3 kilometers north-east of Porto Pollo beach and faces north in the direction of the beautiful Archipelago of La Maddalena.

Porto Pozzo Beach

a picture of porto pozzo beach

Porto Pozzo beach, in the municipality of Santa Teresa di Gallura, lies in front of a small village and is located 4 kilometers south of La Licciola.

Beaches of North Sardinia - Santa Teresa Gallura

a picture of a square in santa teresa gallura sardinia

Santa Teresa Gallura is a seaside village located 45 kilometers north-west of Olbia, on the northern tip of Sardinia in the province of Olbia-Tempio. It is a characteristic village with its own marina and ferry terminal, the Piazza Vittorio Emanuele lined with bars and souvenir shops, and easy access to several renowned Sardinian beaches.

Beaches Near Santa Teresa Gallura

There are 17 beaches to choose from near Santa Teresa Gallura. To learn more about each beach and how to get there, click on its name.

Spiaggia La Marmorata

a picture of a boardwalk on the north side of La Marmorata, a beach near Santa Teresa di Gallura, north Sardinia, Italy.

You'll find La Marmorata beach 4 kilometers east of Santa Teresa di Gallura. It is one of the northernmost beaches of north Sardinia. It has a length of 350 meters, and faces north-east, offering views of Punta Falcone and the small islet Isola Marmorata. Located near the rocky headlands of Capo Falcone, La Marmorata beach is accompanied by a smaller beach - Spiaggia La Laurina. This beach is a well equipped and offers a large car parking area, a bar, and several restaurants in the vicinity. Paddle boats and canoes are usually available for rent.

Cala Sambuco

a picture of cala sambuco beach

Cala Sambuco is a small but picturesque beach located just 1 kilometer south-east of La Marmorata beach, near Santa Teresa di Gallura, in Northern Sardinia.

Cala Balcaccia

a picture of cala balcaccia beach

Cala Balcaccia is located 7 kilometers east of Santa Teresa Gallura, in northern Sardinia. It spans 200 meters, offering views of Corsica in the distance.

La Licciola

a picture of la licciola beach

La Licciola beach (Spiaggia della Licciola) is situated 1 kilometer south-east of La Balcaccia, in the area of Valle dell'Erica, in northern Sardinia.

Spiaggia Porto Quadro

a picture of spiaggia porto quadro sardinia

Drive east from Santa Teresa Gallura for about 10 or 15 minutes, and you'll discover Porto Quadro beach. This beach is nicely settled between the small villages of Porto Quadro to the west, and Villaggio La Marmoratina to the east. It faces north-west, looking out over the Strait of Bonifacio and the white cliffs of Corsica in the distance. Its waters are shallow and mostly calm, as Porto Quadro is sheltered from the winds by the rocky shores of Punta Falcone and Punta Marmorata, two scenic spots in the area that may be worth exploring.

Spiaggia Rena Bianca

a picture of spiaggia rena bianca in santa teresa gallura north sardinia

Currently on top of our list of The Best Beaches of North Sardinia is Rena Bianca beach (Spiaggia Rena Bianca). This is the main beach of Santa Teresa Gallura. It is situated just a few hundred meters north of the center of the ancient village. It has a length of about 200 meters and faces north, offering views of the tiny Isola Municca to the north-west, the white cliffs on the coast of Corsica to the north, and la Torre di Longonsardo to the east. Spiaggia Rena Bianca is a ‘blue flag’ beach, which means it’s always clean, well maintained, and family-friendly. You’ll find some good snorkelling spots around the rocks, and for some great holiday pictures, climb the hill of la Torre di Longonsardo and admire the stunning views and the colors of the sea, they are simply splendid! As Santa Teresa is such a popular destination, Rena Bianca can get quite busy, especially in August when the Italians are on vacation.

Santa Reparata

a picture of the beach of Santa Reparata, near Santa Teresa Gallura in north Sardinia, Italy.

Santa Reparata beach, marked by white sand with rocky coves, is a 160 meters long beach in north Sardinia, and is located near Santa Teresa Gallura. The beach faces west, with nice views over the waters of the Baia La Colba, and the rugged coastline of the Capo Testa promontory. Its surrounding cliffs make Santa Reparata beach a favorite place for divers and snorkelling enthousiasts.

Beaches of North Sardinia - Rena Majore

a picture of rena majore beach in north sardinia italy

Rena Majore is a beautiful seaside village on the Northern coast of Sardinia, Italy. While one of the more popular tourist destinations, you’ll find that there are many secluded locations nested between the vast coastline and enchanting pine forest. You’ll find the short distance from the town to the beach to be quite convenient, though spacious enough to allow you the feeling of blissful isolation from the rest of the world. Rena Majore may be small, but it boasts some excellent locations. Start the day off by grabbing a treat from the best pastry shop in town. After a relaxing day on the beach, you’ll be able to end the day in one of their excellent restaurants or bars. The village also offers two football pitches, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, and a lovely selection of tennis courts for those who enjoy recreational activities.

Beaches Near Rena Majore

There are 8 beaches to choose from near Rena Majore. To learn more about each beach and how to get there, click on its name.

Rena Majore Beach

a picture of rena majore beach in north sardinia italy

9 kilometers from Santa Teresa Gallura lies Rena Majore beach, with golden sands, rocky patches, and blue waters with stray rocks reaching above surface.

Rena di Matteu

a picture of rena di matteu beach

The beach of Rena di Matteu is the first beach you'll find a little over a kilometer south-west of Rena Majore, near the small village of Rena Majore.

Cala Pischina

a picture of cala pischina beach

Cala Pischina beach lies near the SP90 to Santa Teresa Gallura, conveniently within walking distance of the beaches of Rena di Matteu and Rena Majore.

Beaches of North Sardinia - Isola Rossa

a picture of the coastline of Isola Rossa in north Sardinia, Italy. In the background it features the ancient watchtower named Torre Aragonese.

Named after the long granite rock that sits 500 meters off the coast, Isola Rossa is a charming seaside town with a modern marina situated on the Costa Rossa. The village offers magnificent views of the Gulf of Asinara, which is located between Asinara Island, Capo Falcone and the historic town of Castelsardo. The stunning beaches and sleepy nature of the village make it one of the most beautiful places to visit in north Sardinia. If you yearn to encounter a sleepy Italian town with a laidback feel, Isola Rossa is the perfect destination.

Beaches Near Isola Rossa

There are 6 beaches to choose from near Isola Rossa. To learn more about each beach and how to get there, click on its name.

La Marinedda

a picture of la marinedda beach in olbia-tempio sardinia

La Marinedda beach (Spiaggia la Marinedda) is located 1.2 kilometers north-east of Isola Rossa, in Comune di Trinità D’Agultu e Vignola, Olbia-Tempio. This beach faces north-west, and has a length of 600 meters. This is an excellent place for swimming and snorkelling as the bay is quite calm and the water is beautifully clean. This beach is recommended for families with young children, as the water at La Marinedda beach remains shallow for quite a distance. Many locals consider this beach to be one of the most beautiful beaches between Santa Teresa di Gallura and Castelsardo. La Marinedda is a surfer's paradise, every year in August this beach is host to the Frozen Open Surf Contest attracting surf enthousiasts from around the world.

Spiaggia Longa

a picture of the main beach of isola rossa near Trinità D’Agultu northern sardinia

Spiaggia Lunga Isola Rossa is the main beach of a small seaside village with the same name. The village is situated on a small promontory - characterized by red rocks - that stretches in a northwesterly direction between Costa Paradiso and Castelsardo. The beach offers views of the small marina north of the beach, and Isola Rossa, a small island that lies a few hundred meters off the coast. It's a well-equipped beach that's suitable for families with children. At the nearby diving center, you can rent pedal boats, canoes and inflatables. The center also offers a taxi service to the other beaches and coves in this area.