a picture of the seaside village of Buggerru in south-west Sardinia, Italy.
The old mining village of Buggerru, in south-west Sardinia, Italy. On the left side in the far distance, the headlands of Capo Pecora in the territory of Arbus.

About Buggerru

a picture of Spiaggia di Portixeddu near Buggeru in south-west Sardinia, Italy.
A pristine arc of white sand at Spiaggia di Portixeddu, one of the longest beaches of south-west Sardinia.

Stretching nicely along the beaches of a mining village on the coast of southwest Sardinia, Buggerru is genuinely an exciting and idyllic place to visit on the Italian island. The seaside town lies hidden deep between a mountainous area and a beach known for shallow water and a sandy seabed. Since the last mines closed down in 1980, Buggerru has become a popular tourist destination with some surviving miners acting as tourist guides throughout the region. A descending winding road surrounded with breathtaking mountainous scenery welcomes you to Buggerru and at the center of the village is a lovely port overlooking the Galleria Henry, one of the most visited mines in the area, where a steam train used to travel carrying the minerals that were extracted from the mines. Tourists visiting the tunnel will be led into its entrance, and some former miners will introduce the area and share some fascinating history of the place. The village is pretty small and will give you a first impression of being mundane, but once you reach the mining area and get a peek into the enormous cliffs of Buggerru that are splendidly surrounded by the bright blue sea, you’ll understand why this place is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination in south Sardinia. As for the coastline, the beach of Buggerru is one of the reasons why tourists would flock to this place. It’s close to the mining village, so all the main tourist services are at your disposal. The coastline is long and reaches as far as Capo Pecora, which is a southernmost locality of the Costa Verde. Nearby, you’ll find the stunning inlet of Cala Domestica. This beautiful small cove is known for its lovely blue waters and lovely white sand. There’s also a smaller cove at the right that can be reached through a path that goes into the rocks. Furthermore, in the north, check out the towering dunes of San Nicolao. Behind it is an impressive area of pines reforestation, an ideal place for bike excursions. Further up, there’s Portixeddu, another lovely beach in the area known for its pristine white sand and crystal clear waters. Indeed, Buggerru is the best destination for tourists who wanted to explore a distinguished territory that’s rich in history and filled with adventure and beautiful scenery.

Buggerru Map

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Where to Stay in Buggerru - Our Top Picks

Rifugio sotto le stelle Portixeddu

  • A 4 star Villa in Buggerru, 6.2 kilometers from the center of town (about 3.8 miles.)
a picture of the authentic interior at Rifugio sotto le stelle Portixeddu, a holiday villa in south-west Sardinia, Italy.
In the area of Piscina Suigas near Buggerru you'll find Rifugio sotto le stelle Portixeddu, an authentic Italian holiday home.

Rifugio sotto le stelle ("refuge under the stars") is an authentic villa in Buggerru located in a beautiful place that’s sheltered among the junipers of Portixeddu. Surrounded by the lovely views of nature, this villa is definitely the perfect place to stay for a relaxing holiday in South-west Sardinia. An architect who has a fondness for the countryside was the brain behind the beautiful villa. It comprises of two double bedrooms, and one room has a loft in it. Thus, the entire villa is capable of accommodating up to 5 guests. Aside from the two bedrooms, the air-conditioned house also comes with a living room and a fully equipped kitchen. The villa has one spacious bathroom, which comes with a bathtub. Furthermore, the home offers access to a beautiful veranda that’s facing the sea, and with a few deck chairs arranged in it, you can enjoy the Perseid meteor shower that will burst into light in August, while you enjoy a glass of wine. There’s also an indoor fireplace to keep the place warm and cozy in winter. The charming villa is set in a one-hectare land area, and you have everything available on site for a relaxing holiday experience. The holiday home is 58 kilometers away from Cagliari Elmas Airport, in the locality of Piscina Suigas, and there is free parking available on site, perfect for those who are taking their car for their vacation in south-west Sardinia.

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La Rosa Dei Venti

  • A 4 star Hotel in Buggerru, 1.1 kilometers from the center of town (about 0.7 miles.)
a picture of the colorful interior design of a room at Hotel La Rosa Dei Venti, in Buggerru, south-west Sardinia, Italy.
Bright rooms with an authentic Sardinian interior design at Hotel La Rosa Dei Venti, a four-star hotel in Buggerru, south-west Sardinia.

La Rosa Dei Venti is a 4-star hotel in Buggerru located just across the harbor and only a few minutes walk away from the beach. Its strategic location makes it an ideal starting point for your holiday in southwest Sardinia. As for the rooms at Hotel La Rosa Dei Venti, they open up to the gulf and to some of the scenic views of the mining town of Buggerru. From the balcony of your room, you can admire the splendid panorama of the sea and soak up the enchanting Mediterranean views. All rooms are furnished with utmost attention to detail. They are decorated in a traditional Sardinian style and furnished with elegant wooden furniture and fixtures. The rooms are equipped with modern amenities such as air conditioning system and Wi-Fi, and offer comfort and relaxation for all guests. Each private bathroom is equipped with free toiletries and a hairdryer. A sweet and a savory breakfast buffet is served on the spacious terrace on the third floor of the hotel, which opens to the panoramic view of the Gulf of Buggerru. Guests can also choose to enjoy their meals on the balcony of their room. La Rosa Dei Venti has its own in-house restaurant serving traditional Mediterranean cuisine in a setting that’s surrounded by the striking scenery of the former mining village.

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Things to Do in Buggerru

Explore Museo del Minatore

Museo Civico e Multimediale del Minatore Buggerru Sardinia Italy
Established in 2004, on the occasion of the centenary of the Buggerru massacre, the mining museum is located in the premises that served as mine workshops.

Located in a beautiful pocket of southwest Sardinia, the Miners Museum is one of the most popular things to do in Buggerru for tourists. Featuring two floors in an ex-carpentry workshop, the building has been fully restored and yet retains all the same characteristics of the ancient structure. But what is the Miners Museum exactly? During a workers revolt in 1904, the army was requested by the director of operations at the Malfinado mine. The miners were protesting their working conditions and this became the first official strike in the history of Italy. But upon arrival, the army engaged aggressively and opened fire on the miners - leading to a bloody massacre. As for the Miners Museum itself, the workers used this building as a base and it now symbolizes their iconic protest despite the large presence of military that showed up. For this reason, the building is steeped in both cultural and historical importance and the extent of tools, machinery, and memorabilia is impressive. The story is also documented throughout the museum through photography and old text on didactic panels. You will also find minerals and fossils in glass cases and the exhibition, in general, provides incredible insight for Buggerru.

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Explore Miniera di Malfidano

Bird's eye view of the mining site Malfidano in Bugerru, Sardinia
Bird's eye view of the mining site Malfidano in Bugerru, Sardinia

The Malfinado Mines were an area of interest for the Romans in their search for silver but that’s just the beginning in terms of the remarkable history behind the caves. Surrounded by dense forests, the mines are located not far from the village of Buggerru and it would appear this was a hiding place for brigands and bandits in the old days. However, it’s the mining history in these caves that make it one of the most interesting things to do in Buggerru. Back in 1864, a french engineer received authorization to search for lead and zinc in the caves and this gave birth to the Malfinado mining company. The emergence of this company led to the construction of Buggerru village and hence the historical importance of these mines for locals and visitors alike. At one time, washrooms were installed for the miners and a drainage tunnel was dug with the use of pneumatic drill rigs. It was an immense operation and the success of the mine helped the local economy and provided a living for people in this area. During a workers revolt in 1904, three miners were shot by the army and this tragedy led to much pain and controversy. The mines continued to operate until an economic crisis in the 1920s and the once-powerful mines were eventually closed down in 1955. Although once a hive of activity, the Malfinado mine is now a quiet and rather strange encounter. That is to say, gone is the hustle and bustle as nature continues to reclaim yet another pocket of the earth. If you are looking for things to do in Buggerru, these mines should be on your radar not just to see these caves but also to potentially feel the deep and cultural relevance that these mines hold for the local area. 

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Visit Galleria Henry

Old mine carts in the Planu Sartu mine tunnel Galleria Henry near the mining village of Buggerru, Sardinia Italy
Old mine carts in the Planu Sartu mine tunnel Galleria Henry near the mining village of Buggerru, Sardinia Italy

Galleria Henry is a labyrinth of tunnels that can be reached on foot from the village of Buggerru. Just so you know, most visitors park their vehicle next to the main square and proceed to the ticket office just beyond a pizzeria called "La Baia - da Tore". The main tunnel is situated fifty meters above sea level and lasts for approximately one kilometer. You can expect stunning ocean views and a magical experience as you walk through this iconic tunnel. But why is such an impressive tunnel here in the first place and why is Galleria Henry one of the best things to do in Buggerru? In 1892, a tunnel was created for a steam locomotive train that would initiate a futuristic network of the railway. This was to be a replacement for pack animals and mule-driven transport. Along the tunnel, there are small walkways and galleries carved into the rock which allow for the views and this is also home to one of the most productive mines in Buggerru - the Pranu Sartu mine, located on the calcareous plateau west of the old mining village. As mentioned, the size of the tunnel is due to the use of a steam locomotive that transported raw materials to the marina. While this magnificent tunnel was constructed way back in the late 1800s, it’s a remarkable feat of engineering and one that never fails to delight tourists that come to experience one of the most exciting things to do in Buggerru.

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Explore Pan di Zucchero

The high cliffs of
Pan di Zucchero, a rock stack near Spiaggia di Masua, on the southwest coast of Sardinia, Italy. You can get to the 130 meter top by taking the short and easy "via dei Minatori".

For many visitors to the region, this majestic rock on the ocean is one of the most spectacular sights in Sardina and a visit is one of the best things to do in Buggerru. Pan di Zucchero is a natural attraction and essentially a sea stack separated from the coast due to centuries of erosion. It’s named after a similar feature off the coast of Rio in Brazil (Pao de Acucar) and can be reached by boat from the bay of Masua. This bay is very close to Buggerru and for those who don’t quite fancy a boat trip, it’s possible to view this spectacular outcrop from the coastline of Iglesias. After a short climb to the top of the highest cliffs in the Mediterranean, visitors can glimpse the “little brothers” to one side and the white color of the cliffs is a stunning sight next to the hue of the ocean. This rock face consists of Cambrian limestone which is made up of an entirely pure chemical - the result of marine erosion. From this vantage point to the Scoglio Pan di Zucchero is a 300-meter stretch of ocean and the immense sea stack is an awe-inspiring sight on the horizon. The landmass itself has a rounded shape and tunnel-shaped caves that lead down into the ocean 25-meters below. Pan di Zucchero is an iconic symbol for the Iglesias coast and this stretch of coastline is home to some beautiful bays and beaches. You can also visit nearby villages and mines but the truth is, nothing can compare to a glimpse of this iconic natural attraction and this is especially true at either sunrise or sunset.

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More Places to Visit Near Buggerru

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Buggerru Restaurants - Where to Eat

La Baia da Torre (Seafood)

🏠 68, Via Roma, Buggerru, Sardegna, 09010, Italy.
📱 Telephone: +39 0781 54205
a picture of a plate of Sardinian Fregula with seafood.
A mouth-watering Sardinian Fregula (small balls made of pasta) with seafood.

La Baia da Torre is one of the few restaurants in Buggerru and certainly one that stands out with a mouthwatering lineup of seafood dishes. Whether you opt for succulent seabass, grilled calamari, or fregola with vongole, online reviews attest to the high quality that you can expect from every item on the menu. The many locals who frequent this Buggerru restaurant help create another appealing feature as the venue are often busy and the atmosphere is always friendly. La Baia da Torre is a fantastic eatery that gives visitors a real taste of Sardinia and the local area. As for the interior, this local restaurant keeps things clean and simple, while allowing for ample space between groups and tables. In terms of service, the bar also remains high and the staff are not only attentive but also friendly, helpful, and knowing when it comes to explaining the menu.

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Galleria 13 Bistrot (Seafood, Pizza)

🏠 38, Via Diaz, Buggerru, Sardegna, 09010, Italy.
📱 Telephone: +39 347 982 7871
a picture of a plate with Spaghetti, Cozze, Vongole E Datterini (Pasta with mussels and seafood)
A delicious Spaghetti, Cozze, Vongole E Datterini (Pasta with mussels and seafood).

Galleria 13 Bistrot is a restaurant in Buggerru that specializes in seafood and pizza but that’s just part of the story because guests can expect a range of traditional cuisine and also vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options on the menu. It’s not often you can find this range of options in Sardinia but this shows how Galleria 13 Bistrot has kept up with the times. This is also a family-owned restaurant and the kind of place that tourists can mix with the many locals that frequent the eatery. The atmosphere might be described as more lively than noisy on weekends and pleasant during the week. Meanwhile, the interior feels fresh and vibrant and this helps facilitate an atmosphere that resembles the laid-back nature of Buggerru. But what about the food? You will find everything from carbonara pasta and seabass to mini seafood kebabs with prawns, calamari, and swordfish on the menu. Guests are also quick to compliment the desserts and you will find several local beers and wines from which to choose. With this fine selection and comfortable surroundings, guests can also expect a warm welcome from staff and a vibrant experience that will leave them wanting more.

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Ristorante Pizzeria La Privilegiata (Seafood, Pizza)

🏠 98, Via Roma, Buggerru, Sardegna, 09010, Italy.
📱 Telephone: +39 0781 548030
Pizza from a wood-fired oven.
Pizza from a wood-fired oven.

Ristorante Pizzeria La Privilegiata offers a lot more than pizza as this place to eat in Buggerru also focuses on a range of seafood and European dishes. This restaurant is beautifully furnished with paintings and lamps on the walls and then simply yet attractive tables everywhere in between. Simply put, this decor helps create a homely vibe and local feel which goes on to resemble the food experience. It’s true, the home-cooked food in this eatery is evident in every meal. While pizza is an obvious choice for some guests, many dishes receive five-star reviews online such as the spaghetti vongole or the calamari. And then there is the immaculate affogato dessert and the delectable tiramisu. As for refreshments, La Privilegiata offers a glass of sublime house wine and then also fino sherry or cordial. With such fine food and reasonable prices, locals are just as eager as tourists to frequent this place to eat in Buggerru. It’s located in a convenient location and the staff is as friendly and helpful as they are knowledgeable about the items on the menu. If you are looking for a real experience that offers a little bit of everything, the combination of fine food, friendly staff, and attractive decor makes this an obvious choice among the restaurants in Buggerru.

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Beaches Near Buggerru

a picture of the seaside village of Buggerru in south-west Sardinia, Italy.

Spiaggia di Buggerru

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a picture of Cala Domestica near Buggerru in south-west Sardinia, Italy.

Cala Domestica

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a picture of Spiaggia di Portixeddu near Buggeru in south-west Sardinia, Italy.

Spiaggia di Portixeddu

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