Trinità D’Agultu

About Trinità D’Agultu

Trinità d’Agultu e Vignola is a small village in the province of Olbia-Tempio, located approximately 50 kilometres west of Olbia.

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Beaches Near Trinità D’Agultu

There are several sardinian beaches to explore near Trinità D’Agultu. Just click on a link below to find out more!

Tinnari Beach

  • Length: 260 meters.
  • Things to do: snorkelling.
a picture of tinnari beach near Trinità D'Agultu in north sardinia

Tinnari beach a beautiful and quite secluded cove located on the pristine and solitary stretch of coast between the village of Costa Paradiso and Cala Canneddi in the area of Isola Rossa, in the municipality of Trinità d’Agultu. Facing north with a length of 260 meters, this beautiful beach is mostly made up of small pebbles carried by the Riu Pirastru river, and can only be reached by boat or via a walk of about 30 minutes that descends along the slopes of Mount Tinnari. Cala Tinnari beach is immersed in the typical scents and colors of the Costa Paradiso, and it is an ideal destination for those looking for tranquility and peace during their holiday in northern Sardinia. Tinnari is a spectacular beach to visit, it’s a true Sardinian work of art, and therefore on top of our list of Best Beaches of North Sardinia.

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La Marinedda Beach

  • Length: 600 meters.
  • Things to do: kayaking, kitesurfing, pedal boating, snorkelling, surfing, windsurfing.
  • ✓ This beach is suitable for families with children.
a picture of la marinedda beach in olbia-tempio sardinia

La Marinedda beach (Spiaggia la Marinedda) is located 1.2 kilometers north-east of Isola Rossa, in Comune di Trinità D’Agultu e Vignola, Olbia-Tempio. This beach faces north-west, and has a length of 600 meters. This is an excellent place for swimming and snorkelling as the bay is quite calm and the water is beautifully clean. This beach is recommended for families with young children, as the water at La Marinedda beach remains shallow for quite a distance. Many locals consider this beach to be one of the most beautiful beaches between Santa Teresa di Galluta and Castelsardo. La Marinedda is a surfer’s paradise, every year in August La Marinedda hosts the Frozen Open Surf Contest attracting surf enthousiasts from around the world.

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Cala Canneddi

  • Length: 280 meters.
  • Things to do: pedal boating, snorkelling.
a picture of cala canneddi in Trinità d'Agultu e Vignola

Situated in an area with bright sand and pink rocks, Cala Canneddi is located 500 meters north-west of Canneddi, in the municipality of Trinità D’Agultu.

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