a picture of the church of san simplicio in olbia sardinia
The Church of San Simplicio in Olbia, Sardinia.

About Olbia

Despite its popularity of mostly serving as a northeastern port and airport town for passers-by heading to and from the Italian island of Sardinia, Olbia indeed has quite a bit to offer its traveling visitors. With an extremely long and rich history, inexpensive but tasteful restaurants, and interesting museums scattered throughout, it is in fact quite a gem of Sardinia well worth the visit.


It is believed that the Phoenicians were most likely the first to settle in Olbia until later conquered by Rome only to be attacked later by the Vandals around 450AD. This small region of Sardinia saw many years of back and forth power until finally it returned to its original Greek name of Olbia and its re-christening by Italy fascists to make it what it is today; a beautiful and enriched town with much to offer.

Corso Umberto

Whether you have a few hours or opt to spend a day or two in Olbia, you’ll find there is plenty to see, do, and discover while there. Be sure to check out the town’s two churches and its archaeological museum for historical enrichment before making your way to the town’s most popular hub, Corso Umberto. Here, you can wander about its vibrant and lively shop-lined street that leads up to the beautiful waterfront boasting a fantastic sea view. As you continue on, you’ll soon find yourself in the more laid back Piazza Margherita where charming old stone buildings can be seen and explored.


You will find that although many areas like that of Corso Umberto as mentioned above attract the most tourists, the true charm to be discovered lies within an exploration of the more hidden piazzas. On a clear and sunny summer day, not much is better than taking a leisurely stroll through some of its many back alleyways only to find hidden trinkets and treasures along the way. If you do decide to pay a visit to Olbia, you’ll surely find it to be a trip worth remembering.

Below you’ll find an overview of the beaches in the area of Olbia, Sardinia.

Sardinian Beaches Near Olbia

There are several sardinian beaches to explore near Olbia. Just click on a link below to find out more!

Le Vecchie Saline

  • Length: 1400 meters.
  • Things to do: kitesurfing, windsurfing.
a picture of le vecchie saline

Le Vecchie Saline beach is located near the city of Olbia, just 5 kilometers east of the Costa Smeralda airport and a few kilometers from Maria Murta.

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Cala Banana

  • Length: 500 meters.
  • Things to do: kayaking, snorkelling.
a picture of cala banana beach

Cala Banana beach is 500 meters long, and its sands vary from pure white to gray. It is one of the most picturesque beaches between Golfo Aranci and Olbia.

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Pittulongu Beach

  • Length: 1300 meters.
  • Things to do: scuba diving, snorkelling, surfing.

Just 8 kilometers away from Olbia lies the Pittulongu beach area containing 4 beaches: La Playa, Squalo, Pellicano and Mare e Rocce.

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Bados Beach

  • Length: 270 meters.
  • Things to do: kitesurfing, scuba diving, snorkelling.

10 kilometers away from Olbia, lies Bados beach. This small beach displays the classic Costa Smeralda features: sugary white sands and a palette of gorgeous water colors.

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