San Teodoro

a picture of San Teodoro, Spiaggia La Cinta and Stagno di San Teodoro in north-east Sardinia, Italy
Sweeping views of San Teodoro, north-east Sardinia, Italy. In the background you can see Stagno di San Teodoro, Spiaggia La Cinta and the headlands of Capo Coda Cavallo.

About San Teodoro

a picture of sailing boats anchored at the port of San Teodoro Sardinia
Sailing boats anchored at the cozy port of San Teodoro, Olbia-Tempio, northeast Sardinia, Italy.

Welcome to San Teodoro, a municipality (comune) in the Province of Olbia-Tempio, located about 20 kilometers (12 miles) south-east of Olbia and 180 kilometers (110 miles) north-east of Cagliari. The San Teodoro area covers approximately 105 square kilometres (40.5 sq mi). Given its strategic geographic position within easy reach of Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport and the port, the historic and beautiful village has become one of the most popular Sardinian holiday resorts in the last few years. Fortunately, its growing popularity has left the village’s charm completely intact.

The village offers a large variety of natural environments, ranging from large wetlands near its beaches, to the great lagoon (Stagno di San Teodoro) rich in flora and fauna, but also vast mountainous regions such as the picturesque Monte Nieddu.

There are several beaches near San Teodoro to spend the perfect day. The best-known beach, Spiaggia La Cinta, happens to be one of the longest beaches in north-east Sardinia with a length of 3.2 kilometers and is a great spot for windsurfing. Many kitesurfing enthusiasts choose La Cinta as it is one of the best kitesurfing beaches of Sardinia.

Move a little further north, and you’ll find the family-friendly Lu Impostu beach that is backed by a pond in an area featuring interesting bird life. Travel further north in the direction of Capo Coda Cavallo and you’ll get to Cala Brandinchi beach, one of the best beaches of San Teodoro together with the aforementioned beach of La Cinta. It should come as no surprise that Cala Brandinchi beach is also known as ‘Little Tahiti’ because of the tropical-style colors of its waters. Those are just a few beaches north of San Teodoro, click on a beach name below to quickly find all the beaches that are near the village.

San Teodoro Map

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Where to Stay in San Teodoro - Our Top Picks

Due Lune Resort Golf and Spa

  • A 5 star Resort in San Teodoro, 4.8 kilometers from the center of town (about 3 miles.)
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The Due Lune Gold Resort & Spa is one of the best San Teodoro resorts.

The Due Lune Resort Golf and Spa is a luxurious accommodation in the village of Puntaldia, less than 5 kilometers north of San Teodoro town. It offers an ideal position near the sea and the most beautiful beaches including Spiaggia La Cinta. The hotel is so lovely that it mixes harmoniously with the beautiful environment of Puntaldia. The Due Lune Resort Golf and Spa is also just a few minutes away from the beach on the north-east coast of Sardinia and gives panoramic views of a picture-perfect coastline. Located just thirty kilometers from Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport, the hotel is nicely situated concerning the connecting ports to Genoa and Civitavecchia. The resort features panoramic views of the coastline, numerous water sports, and leisure facilities. Home to more than sixty comfortable rooms, decorated in the typical style of Mediterranean regions, this beautiful accommodation is well equipped to provide the most comfortable lodging overlooking the sea and fragrant gardens. Guests can choose from standard, classic seaside, and deluxe seaside room types. The finest restaurant services are available in regional dishes, international, and national recipes. Activities such as diving, sailing, swimming, and tennis are also enjoyable within the area.

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Terra Di Mare Resort & Spa

  • A 4 star Resort in San Teodoro, 0.6 kilometers from the center of town (about 0.4 miles.)
The outdoor pool at the Terra di Mare Resort & Spa in San Teodoro, north-east Sardinia.

The four-star Terra Di Mare Resort & Spa lies at the heart of beautiful north-east Sardinia and thrives in the quiet district of San Teodoro, which is amongst the most favorite spots on the northeastern coast of Sardinia. This San Teodoro resort is situated just fifteen miles from Olbia Costa Smeralda airport making it very accessible and reachable. Taking a 10-minute stroll will bring you to the La Cinta Beach. The area is within the best places that offer protected forest paradise, vast marine and lagoon areas, luscious mountain trails, and archaeological sites. Vast choices of classic and junior rooms, as well as private apartments with self-catering packages, lie at the lush countryside. The Terra Di Mare Resort & Spa is perfect for couples who prefer sunbathing poolside, cocktails, and exploration during nighttime. Also, families with children will also enjoy the fantastic beaches of north-east Sardinia with its crystal clear waters. There is a free shuttle going to the nearby beaches and an exclusive spa. The Terra Di Mare Resort & Spa is one of those fabulous San Teodoro resorts that will deliver a perfect Sardinian holiday experience in a spectacular setting and provides a tranquil sanctuary for people tired in body and soul.

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Hotel San Teodoro

  • A 4 star Boutique Hotel in San Teodoro, 1.7 kilometers from the center of town (about 1.1 miles.)
Fabulous nightlife on the new terrace of the four-star Hotel San Teodoro.

Located in the midst of the breathtaking coast of north-east Sardinia is Hotel San Teodoro. The proximity to the famous beach of La Cinta makes this accommodation fascinating. The hotel exudes elegance and a relaxing ambiance for your next holiday in north-east Sardinia. Hotel San Teodoro recently underwent a renovation to follow a new design concept with light colors and an architectural style to blend with the soothing environment, ultimately promoting wellness and harmony with nature. With the tranquility of the place, the four-star hotel provides the perfect spot for yoga enthusiasts. Hotel San Teodoro even offers a speedy check-in service as well as a free refill of the minibar for guests. Countless choices for room and lodgings are available and range from the most affordable Young, Elegant, Classic, to Family styles. A taste of San Teodoro nightlife is also just around the corner in the Mariposa Lounge. You can also find yourself enjoying the swimming pool and its picturesque views of the coast. Also, the private beach at La Cinta is something that you would not want to miss. You'll never get bored, as you can go diving, snorkeling, or just stroll around with the shuttle bus service.

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Il Viandante

  • A 3 star Bed and Breakfast in San Teodoro, 0.2 kilometers from the center of town (about 0.1 miles.)
The outdoor pool and sun terrace at the small Il Viandante hotel in San Teodoro, northeast Sardinia, Italy.

Known for its enchanting vibes, Il Viandante sits perfectly in the center of San Teodoro, just 23 kilometers south of Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport. Your stay will surely prove to be fun and enjoyable with retail shops, restaurants, pizzerias, and boutiques nearby. Go for a walk for about 800 meters, and you can visit the astonishing white sand beaches of La Cinta and Cala d’Ambra. Il Viandante provides a great stay for business, holiday, event, or a simple weekend break. The hotel guarantees high-quality service at the lowest price. There is a swimming pool that is heated during the low season, sun loungers, parasols, and showers. Each room comes with colorful furnishings and general equipment to ensure comfort and convenience. With its fine design and authentic Sardinian style, the accommodations take you closer to the general ambiance of the surroundings while the romantic atmosphere is also something you do not want to miss. With thirteen rooms available for guests, everyone can enjoy the panoramic view and visit the town center of San Teodoro with little effort.

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Hotel Bonsai

  • A 4 star Hotel in San Teodoro, 0.3 kilometers from the center of town (about 0.2 miles.)
a picture of the entrance and terrace of Hotel Bonsai, a four-star hotel in San Teodoro, Sardinia, Italy.
The entrance to Hotel Bonsai, on Via Golfo Aranci, in San Teodoro, Sardinia.

Located about 900 meters south of Spiaggia La Cinta, Hotel Bonsai is a charming four-star hotel in San Teodoro which combines luxury and relaxation with a truly magnificent location. You will find a wide variety of amenities on site to make the most of your holiday in San Teodoro. At the same time, the hotel is nicely located close to beautiful mountains and a range of day excursions should you choose to explore the region. The exterior of the hotel blends seamlessly with the rather luscious surroundings, and this unusual design extends to the interior of the rooms. In this sense, the rooms are incredibly bright and spacious with different colors in each room. Featuring a minibar, television, safe, and air conditioning, the general standard of amenities is more than above average whichever the facilities are equally impressive. Indeed, when it comes to the amenities mentioned above, you will find conference facilities next to a fitness room and then an excellent sauna with massage beds and even Turkish baths. The terrace at Hotel Bonsai offers unrivaled views of both the ocean and mountains which make this the perfect place to unwind after a day of exploration in the area. Finally, the friendly staff is one of the highlights of this hotel in San Teodoro, and when it comes to finding the ideal mix of relaxation and active pursuits, there are few accommodation options in this part of Sardinia which can live up to the lofty expectations of Hotel Bonsai.

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Paradise Resort and Spa

  • A 5 star Resort in San Teodoro, 5.5 kilometers from the center of town (about 3.4 miles.)
a picture taken from the private beach of the five-star Paradise Resort Sardegna, near San Teodoro, north-east Sardinia.
Dazzling views from the private beach at the Paradise Resort & Spa, just north of San Teodoro, north-east Sardinia.

When it comes to idyllic hideaways in the region, the Paradise Resort and Spa is a splendid luxury resort for couples in San Teodoro. Featuring sublime food, incredible ocean vistas, a private beach, and a very secluded experience; this stunning location never fails to delight couples who arrive here in search of a romantic getaway. Situated in the Tavolara Marine Reserve, the five-star resort is home to spectacular beach views and a rugged coastline which makes this feel like a very secluded spot. The resort has everything you might need for a romantic stay, with a Spa treatment center being the focus for many guests. From sauna to massage rooms, the Spa is equipped with all the modern facilities you might expect while the resort's restaurant is equally impressive. Although there are western dishes and international surprises on the menu, the food experience is mostly local with a wide variety of authentic options on offer to excited guests. The Paradise Resort and Spa is located close to Spiaggia di Lu Impostu which enables guests to get outdoors without having to venture far. At the same time, there is really no need to leave this beautiful getaway, the resort is indeed a great base from which to feel rejuvenated and one of the best resorts in Sardinia.

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Things to Do in San Teodoro

Horseback Riding at Maneggio La Cinta

Horseback riding on the beach of La Cinta, in San Teodoro, Sardinia, Italy.

Located in San Teodoro since 1984, Maneggio La Cinta offers visitors the opportunity to explore a genuinely stunning region on horseback. Yes, this equestrian experience is situated amidst a mesmerizing setting in San Teodoro with incredible flora and fauna. It is also one of the most sought after activities in the region, and the organization is often complimented for their efforts with breeding and training the horses. This attention to detail and love for the animals has helped create a solid foundation for the horseback tours which is one of the more popular things to do in San Teodoro. Unsurprisingly, the owner of Maneggio La Cinta is very much devoted to training and breeding racing horses. Such commitment is just another factor which makes horseback riding one of the best things to do in San Teodoro, and this certainly makes a difference as the horses, like the staff, are incredibly friendly. While this activity can take one to two hours, the memories from this particular adventure should last long in the mind of those who come for the experience.

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Play golf in Puntaldia

a picture of the golf course in Puntaldia near San Teodoro in north-east Sardinia Italy.
The Pebble Beach of Europe: the Puntaldia Golf Course, near San Teodoro, north-east Sardinia, Italy.

Perhaps every holiday in Sardinia should include a round of golf, and this is certainly one of the most relaxing things to do in San Teodoro. Overlooking picturesque landscapes, the golf courses in Puntaldia are among the best in the world, and the Puntaldia Golf Club, in particular, offers nine precision-demanding holes which are nothing short of superb. With a strategic location next to the sea, it is also a natural paradise to unwind, and the golf course showcases the unspoiled beauty of Puntaldia with small inlets and bays creating a very colorful landscape. Furthermore, the Puntaldia Golf Club caters for every aspect of golfing from training to competitions or even tournaments. There is also an impressive driving range and comfortable clubhouse which is also home to a well-equipped pro shop, equipment room, and bar. Together with an immaculate golf course and stunning views, Puntaldia has a spa, swimming pool, restaurants, tennis courts, and just about every other reason to play golf in this unforgettable paradise.

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Explore Monte Nieddu

a picture of a sunset in the mountains of Sardinia, Italy.
Unforgettable sunsets in the Sardinian mountains, near San Teodoro, north-east Sardinia, Italy.

Sardinia is indeed renowned for unparalleled natural beauty which is, of course, the reason why many tourists arrive. Accordingly, one of the highest ranking activities in San Teodoro lies in the magnificent foothills of Monte Nieddu. With the 970-meter peak of Punta Magghjori, this mysterious mountain is perfect for trekking, mountain biking, and leisure hiking to uncover its wondrous appeal to everyone. At the same time, this is not just an opportunity to get acquainted with the land because there are also breathtaking views of the Mediterranean from Monte Nieddu. Amidst dense scrubs and rich fauna such as wild cats, Imperial ravens, parishioners, falcon pilgrims, real eagle, and even wild boars; this is a genuinely stunning place to uncover. However, there is also an option to travel the dirt roads on a bike and one of the easier routes to take in this regard is the old Carbonis Road. Featuring granite stone trails which were once used for transporting wagons, these trails also have a history which is just as rich as the trail. With so much incredible beauty and spectacular views to match, it is easy to see why Monte Nieddu is under protection from the Region of Sardinia.

Sea Excursion to Isola Tavolara and Isola Molara

an aerial picture of a few beaches on the coast of Isola Tavolara in north-east Sardinia, Italy.
An aerial view of Spiaggia Spalmatore di Terra and Spiaggia Cala Tramontana on Isola Tavolara.

The beautiful Italian coast of San Teodoro features two of the loveliest islands in the sea: Isola Tavolara and Isola Molara. They are located in a protected marine area, where the water is crystal-clear, and the wildlife is plentiful. The best way to experience this incredible area is to visit by boat with a local tour guide. If you want the ultimate island excursion, come aboard a dinghy with Zulu Beach! This tour can bring you to the best places around the islands and provide you with everything you need to enjoy the sea, sunshine, and white-sand beaches. This boat tour involves a 10-kilometer ride from San Teodoro to the islands by rubber dinghy. Your experienced local skipper will take you to Isola Tavolara and Isola Molara. On the way, you will have the chance to enjoy powdery beaches of La Cinta and Lu Impostu and stunning cave systems. Once you arrive at the islands, you will be immersed in the untouchable beauty that only the Sardinian coast can offer. Revel in the beauty of the coastline, and take in the unspoiled wonder of the beaches of Cala Spagnola and Cala Chiesa. You can disembark and take some time to swim, sunbathe, and explore at your leisure. If you love to escape the crowds and find a new adventure, you can’t miss this tour; this island excursion is sure to be the highlight of your holiday in Sardinia!

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More Places to Visit Near San Teodoro

A view of Isola Maddalena and Palau, in northeast Sardinia. Several ferries bring tourists to the popular archipelago.

Isola Maddalena

Isola Maddalena is overflowing with natural beauty, making it one of northeast Sardinia's most popular tourist hotspots ...
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An aerial view of Pittulongu and Spiaggia la Playa, Spiaggia dello Squalo, Spiaggia del Pellicano, and Spiaggia Mare e Rocce.


Pittulongu is a small seaside town in the province of Olbia-Tempio in north-east Sardinia, Italy. Located just a short drive away from the center of ...
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a picture of cloud-covered Isola Tavolara, seen from a beach at Murta Maria, a seaside village in north-east Sardinia, Italy.

Murta Maria

Located in north-east Sardinia, just a few kilometers south-east of Olbia, Murta Maria is a quiet, peaceful village that’s known for its beautiful views as ...
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a picture of Porto Ottiolu, a small seaside village in north-east Sardinia, Italy.

Porto Ottiolu

Porto Ottiolu is famous for its beautiful beaches. There are plenty of beach establishments within the village, and the seashore is half a kilometer long ...
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San Teodoro Restaurants - Where to Eat

Agriturismo Li Mori (Traditional Sardinian Food)

🏠 Li Mori, Sardegna, 08020, Italy.
📱 Telephone: +39 0784 851000
The gateway to authentic Sardinian food, at Agriturismo Li Mori, a popular restaurant in San Teodoro, Sardinia, Italy.

Creatively designed, and housed in an old sheep barn, Agriturismo Li Mori is an unforgettable place to dine. This classic-looking restaurant serves food that is out of this world, and the menu is set to impress. Serving dishes that are typically eaten and enjoyed in this part of Sardinia, this unique restaurant has an authentic atmosphere that will add something special to your time away. Book in advance, so you’re not disappointed, and arrive at a table that has been set out specifically for you and your party. Enjoy food that has been prepared using old recipes, to help you get a real taste of Sardinia. If you’re dining with a few other people, you will all be offered the same food from the menu. The meals are hearty, and the portions are reasonably sized, so you won’t leave feeling hungry. If you’re looking for a restaurant in San Teodoro that offers a truly unique dining experience, Agriturismo Li Mori is the place to be.

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La Taverna degli Artisti (Seafood, Italian Food, Pizza)

🏠 84, Via del Tirreno, San Teodoro, Sardegna, 08020, Italy.
📱 Telephone: +39 0784 866060
Pizza from a wood-fired oven.
Pizza from a wood-fired oven.

With good food, and a good sized menu to choose from, La Taverna degli Artisti is worth a visit. Book ahead if you want to eat in the evenings, as it can get quite busy. With typical Mediterranean décor, and the chance to enjoy your meal outside, this restaurant offers something for everyone. Nicely priced, and with a good range of pasta dishes and seafood available, if you arrive in the height of summer, enjoy the gentle breeze that makes its way through the open doors, and into the dining area. The meals are prepared with care and style and are set to impress. The children’s play area may be a lifesaver if you’re visiting with a young family, and if your little ones love nothing more than a freshly baked pizza, they will not be disappointed. Prepared in house, and made with love, tasting the pizzas is a must. If you have room for a dessert, you can choose from the small but sophisticated dessert menu that includes some beautiful dishes.

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Bal Harbour (Seafood, Traditional Sardinian Food)

🏠 Via Stintino, San Teodoro, Sardegna, 08020, Italy.
📱 Telephone: +39 0784 851052
a picture of a plate with Spaghetti, Cozze, Vongole E Datterini (Pasta with mussels and seafood)
A delicious Spaghetti, Cozze, Vongole E Datterini (Pasta with mussels and seafood).

Featuring an outdoor pool and a cocktail bar, Bal Harbour is a delightful restaurant in San Teodoro which serves Brazilian and Mediterranean cuisine. Thought to be the most exclusive place to dine, this restaurant serves food fresh from the grill, sushi dishes that are elegantly displayed, and traditional Mediterranean dishes that are set to delight. If you are looking to dine in a restaurant that will impress and amaze you, visit Bal Harbour. Elegantly decorated, and with a real Mediterranean feel, the palm trees that are dotted around outside will remind you that you’re somewhere unique. Serving seasonal and locally sourced meals over lunch and dinner, you can enjoy a glass of wine or two with your fish dish, followed by a creatively prepared dessert that will not disappoint. Sit inside, outside, or in the special area that’s found in the middle of the adjacent swimming pool, and choose from a large menu that is reasonably priced. Thought to be one of the best restaurants in San Teodoro, you can expect freshly prepared meals and a unique ambiance in Bal Harbour.

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San Teodoro Nightlife

Ambra Night

Ambra Night is synonymous with Sardinian nightlife, and this fantastic nightclub in San Teodoro is situated right next to the beach. It’s true, Spiaggia Cala d'Ambra is just twenty meters from the front door of the club, which is undoubtedly one of the oldest of its’ kind on the island. Ambra Night opened back in 1969 and has been an icon for fashion, trends, and culture in the area. At the same time, this is also a Mecca for music, and the incredible garden forms an amphitheater which is the backbone of the club. As you can imagine, this makes for a unique experience, and a gazebo is always a hive of activity and the most recognizable fixture in the club. The beach location of Ambra Night is a huge draw, but the actual setting and vibrant atmosphere ensure that this is one nightclub in San Teodoro that you really should not miss.

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Luna Glam Club

Luna Glam Club certainly lives up to the name with a glamorous interior and a particular setting that makes one dress to impress. The establishment won ‘Best Summer Club’ at the Dance Music Awards Milan back in 2015 and still provides the very same experience to this day. Located on a hilltop to the south of the town, Luna Glam is arguably the premier nightclub in San Teodoro, and this is undoubtedly true for the over-thirty crowd. Featuring comfortable sofas around a spacious dance floor, the design is also just as trendy as those who frequent the club on weekends. In spite of first impressions, this is not an expensive place for nightlife in San Teodoro, and even the entry is free before 1.30am. As for the music, Luna Glam Club pumps out a range of house and pop, while reggaeton also features from time to time.

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Bal Harbour Cocktail Bar

Bal Harbour is home to some of the best cocktails and nightlight in San Teodoro. It’s true, the cocktails are sublime, and the environment is perfect for enjoying these marvelous concoctions. With an immense swimming pool and plenty of outdoor places, this is possibly the best bar in which to relax in San Teodoro. This also extends to the atmosphere which is suitably chilled and ideal for a quiet drink with friends. You will also find a buffet nearby, but the granitas offer a much more enticing option for those looking to let their hair down. The Bal Harbour Cocktail Bar also has a nice variety of non-alcoholic drinks with milkshakes and smoothies throughout the menu. As for the highlight? Well, there are few places in Sardinia in which you can relax by the pool or sunbathe on the terrace with a cocktail of this standard. Indeed, Bal Harbour Cocktail Bar is not just a place to enjoy cocktails but also somewhere to unwind and swim with the bonus of having a professional bartender on hand.

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How To Get To San Teodoro

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The nearest airport to San Teodoro is Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport. To get to San Teodoro by car, head in a south-east direction by following the Strada Statale 131. After about 30 kilometers, take the Strada Provinciale 1 in the direction of San Teodoro for the last few kilometers of your trip. Getting there shouldn't take more than half an hour.

Beaches Near San Teodoro

a picture of spiaggia di puntaldia near san teodoro in north-east sardinia

Spiaggia di Puntaldia

Puntaldia beach, one of the smallest beaches in the area of San Teodoro, faces north-east offering marvelous views of Capo Coda Cavallo and Isola Tavolara ...
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Friendly skies over Spiaggia di Lu Impostu, the third longest beach of San Teodoro.

Spiaggia di Lu Impostu

A few hundred meters south of Cala Brandinchi you'll find Lu Impostu beach, the third largest beach of the San Teodoro area with a length ...
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a picture of spiaggia di budoni in north east sardinia

Cala di Budoni

Cala di Budoni lies in front of the village of Budoni, 8 kilometers south of San Teodoro. It is one of the last beaches you'll ...
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a picture of la isuledda beach near san teodoro in olbia tempio sardinia

Spiaggia dell’Isuledda

Just a few hundred meters south-west of Cala d'Ambra you will find La Isuledda beach. This is the southernmost beach in the vicinity of San ...
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a picture of cala d'ambra near san teodoro in north-east sardinia, italy.

Cala d’Ambra

Close to the village of San Teodoro you will find the beach of Cala d'Ambra. It is located a little under 2 kilometers south of ...
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A splendid view of Isola Tavolara, seen from Spiaggia La Cinta, San Teodoro, Sardinia, Italy.

Spiaggia La Cinta

La Cinta Beach (Spiaggia La Cinta), near San Teodoro, is one of the longest beaches (3.2 kilometers) in north-east Sardinia ...
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Cala Brandinchi beach, also known as ‘Little Tahiti’, in San Teodoro, Olbia-Tempio, Sardinia.

Cala Brandinchi

Cala Brandinchi beach (Spiaggia Cala Brandinchi) is one of the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia. Also known as 'Little Tahiti' because of its tropical looks ...
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