an aerial view of chia beach in cagliari south sardinia
Aerial view of Chia beach, Cagliari, south Sardinia.

About Chia

Sardinia’s southern coastline is a marvelous place to spend a summer vacation. Known for its beautiful scenery and pristine beaches, this is a top destination for those who’d like to enjoy a relaxing holiday in a very special place. Read on for some of the tempting reasons to make Chia your favourite destination this year.

Chia’s Beaches

a picture taken in the dunes behind chia beach in southern sardinia
A view from the dunes at Chia.

Chia Beach is one of the best places to go in the province of Cagliari. The turquoise sea and peach coloured sand is famous around here and a big reason to visit. There are sand dunes too, dotted with juniper trees. Chia Beach is also famed for its wildlife spotting opportunities, is perfect for families with children. Behind the beach, you’ll find a picturesque lagoon where pink flamingos come to breed. Sometimes, dolphins head to Chia Beach and can be seen swimming out to sea. And there’s more. The Torre di Chia is a fabulous viewpoint worth the walk, and ideal for some souvenir photos. You can also walk out to the island at Su Giudeu from this bay and enjoy the beach. Or why not spend time at the Baia Chia restaurant right on this beach? Campana Dune is another popular beach near Chia, and is famed for its 20 meters high sand dunes. Just east of Chia Beach you’ll discover Su Portu, which is popular with families and wind surfers. Families with children will also enjoy Malfatano Beach near Cagliari. There are many sandy places to choose from all along this beautiful coastline.

Things To Do in Chia

If you like the outdoors, then Chia is the perfect destination. You’ll find all kinds of water sports in this area and the Chia Classic attracts visitors each year for the kitesurfing competition. As well as kitesurfing you’ll find kayaking, snorkelling and sailing in and around Chia Beach. Other activities include windsurfing at Su Portu, paddle boating, and surfing. Su Giudeu is one of the best beaches around for water sports including surfing, scuba diving and snorkelling. You’ll find horse riding in this area too, and there are some fantastic rides close to the resorts and in the neighbouring countryside. Walkers will discover some wonderful trails in and around Chia with spectacular views. Bike rental is available too and is a good way to get around the area. There are several golf courses to be found around Chia which are very popular with visitors to the area.

Chia Culture and History – Cagliari

a picture of the skyline of cagliari in sardinia
The skyline of Cagliari, in South Sardinia.

Chia is far enough away from Cagliari to be a peaceful place for a vacation but near enough for a day visit. This is a historic city famed for its ancient amphitheatre and the Cittadella dei Musei. There are old piazzas and a beautiful Duomo too. Find a restaurant by the waterfront, or just wander through the narrow streets marvelling at the architecture. It is easy to get to and is perfect for a day away from the beach. The airport is just outside Cagliari, making it an easy destination to travel to when visiting Sardinia. In Chia you’ll find art and craft shops and galleries which are a delight to browse after a day on the beach.

Amazing Hotels and Resorts

Chia has a variety of places to stay and something to suit most budgets. There are hotels with superb facilities including pools, restaurants and entertainment. The Chia Laguna Resort is an exclusive compound with a private beach that is popular with visitors to this part of Sardinia. There are guest houses too as well as lovely villas. Many of the villas have exquisitely laid out grounds which are just the place to relax on a hot day. With a local market in nearby Cagliari, and opportunities to buy fish locally, you’ll have fun self-catering and tasting local specialties. But the restaurants are also superb with many Sardinian specialties and making the most of the local seafood. Whatever you do, you’ll have a lot of choice when booking a holiday in Chia. The village is a popular place to spend a Sardinian summer vacation and yet manages to be peaceful with lots of quiet spots. The area offers a range of activities and is ideal for a relaxing vacation in the sunshine.

Chia Map

Sardinian Beaches Near Chia

There are several sardinian beaches to explore near Chia. Just click on a link below to find out more!

Monte Cogoni Beach

  • Length: 240 meters.
  • Things to do: birdwatching, scuba diving, surfing.
  • ✓ This beach is suitable for families with children.
a picture of monte Cogoni beach in chia south sardinia

Monte Cogoni Beach (Spiaggia di Monte Cogoni), located in Chia, Domus de Maria, belongs to the best beaches of South Sardinia. It has a length of approximately 200 meters. The beach faces southwest, offering beautiful views over the deep blue waters of Chia Bay. La Torre di Chia, a sixteenth-century watchtower, compliments the scenery on the north side of the beach. The beach is backed by a few low dunes and a pond where flamingos can be spotted in summer. Shallow waters make Monte Cogoni Beach suitable for families with children. Wind conditions at this beach are ideal for surfing, and it’s also a favorite spot in Chia for scuba diving.

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Campana Dune

  • Length: 440 meters.
  • Things to do: snorkelling.
  • ✓ This beach is suitable for families with children.
a picture of spiaggia di campana dune in chia south sardinia

1 kilometer south-east of Setti Ballas, you’ll discover the beach of Campana Dune (Spiaggia di Campana Dune). This is the northernmost part of a 1.7 kilometer long stretch of sand that extends all the way to the beach of Su Giudeu. The beach is backed by pretty dunes that can reach up to 20 meters high, and features marvelous vistas of the Torre di Chia to the north-east, and Isola su Giudeu to the south. Beach activities include beach tennis, kayaking, paddle boating, windsurfing, and kitesurfing. Overall, this part of south Sardinia is very nice for hiking and walking as well.

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Su Portu

  • Length: 250 meters.
  • Things to do: snorkelling, windsurfing.
  • ✓ This beach is suitable for families with children.
a picture of su portu beach in chia sardinia

Su Portu beach is located just a few hundred meters north-east of Chia Beach. It offers wonderful views of Torre di Chia and Isola Su Cardolinu. This beach is a favorite spot among the windsurfing crowd and water sports enthousiasts. Very suitable for a seaside family vacation.

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  • Length: 350 meters.
  • Things to do: pedal boating, snorkelling.
  • ✓ This beach is suitable for families with children.
a picture of capo malfatano

Malfatano beach (Spiaggia di Malfatano) can be found inside the bay of Capo Malfatano, in Teulada, Cagliari. You’ll find it a few kilometers west of the well known and busier beach of Tuerredda. Its waters are usually very calm, making it a nice and peaceful place for families with children to come and spend the day. You can rent a pedal boat, and the beach features a bar and restaurant that serves long drinks and a variety of quick meals. The beach features nice vistas of the Capo Malfatano bay, the sixteenth century Torre di Malfatano and a small island named L’isolotto di Tuerredda.

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Chia Beach

  • Length: 750 meters.
  • Things to do: kayaking, kitesurfing, scuba diving, snorkelling, windsurfing.
  • ✓ This beach is suitable for families with children.
a picture of chia beach near domus de maria in cagliari sardinia

Chia Beach, with sands colored like peaches and turquoise waves rolling towards the coastline, is one of the best beaches of south Sardinia. The lagoon behind Chia beach is an important flamingo breeding ground, and if you’re very lucky, you might spot some dolphins swimming in the sea. Located nearby you’ll find the Torre di Chia, offering impressive views of the local surroundings and good opportunities to take some great vacation pictures.

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Perda Longa

  • Length: 160 meters.
  • Things to do: snorkelling.
an aerial picture of perda longa beach near chia in south sardinia, italy.

Perda Longa beach is a delightful little cove with a narrow strip of fine sand. It is located 800 meters north of Cala Ferraglione, and is 160 meters long.

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Cala Ferraglione

  • Length: 120 meters.
  • Things to do: snorkelling.
a picture of cala ferraglione beach

Cala Ferraglione beach is a small and secluded cove featuring a golden sand beach and granite rocks, giving the landscape a rugged character.

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Cala Cipolla

  • Length: 150 meters.
  • Things to do: snorkelling, surfing.
  • ✓ This beach is suitable for families with children.
a picture of cala cipolla near cagliari south sardinia.

Cala Cipolla (Spiaggia di Cala Cipolla) is one of the pearls that the Chia Bay is famous for, and is another favorite spot among off-season surfers. The beach is tucked away in a narrow bay and only spans 150 meters, with sands white and fine, backed by dense Mediterranean Maquis. There are pine and juniper trees right by the beach where you can find some shade during the hot hours of the day. The cove faces south, and on the west side, you’ll admire the views of the lighthouse on the headlands of Capo Spartivento located one kilometer away. The working lighthouse is a unique location in Chia, as it serves as a hotel with six rooms. Make sure to bring some snorkeling gear!

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  • Length: 400 meters.
  • Things to do: kayaking, snorkelling.
  • ✓ This beach is suitable for families with children.
a picture of tuerredda beach near capo spartivento in south sardinia

Spiaggia di Tuerredda, located on the headlands of Capo Spartivento, certainly deserves a spot on the top ten list of most beautiful beaches of South Sardinia. Located just west of Perda Longa and near the beach of Su Giudeu, its natural beauty is breathtaking. Sheltered from the wind, the v-shaped beach stretches for just about half a kilometer, but big treats come in small packages! The beach faces south-east, offering pleasant views of Isola di Tuerredda located 150 meters off the coast. In the far distance, you can see the headlands of Capo Malfatano and Torre di Capo Malfatano, a sixteenth century watchtower.

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Su Giudeu

  • Length: 600 meters.
  • Things to do: hiking, kayaking, scuba diving, snorkelling, windsurfing.
  • ✓ This beach is suitable for families with children.
a picture of su giudeu beach near domus de maria in southern sardinia

Su Giudeu beach (Spiaggia di Su Giudeu, also called de s’Acqua Durci (fresh water)) is located just 1 kilometer south of the renowned Chia beach, near the southernmost point of Sardinia about 50 kilometers from Elmas airport in Cagliari. Su Giudeu is one of the best beaches in the Cagliari area, and arguably one of the best beaches of South Sardinia. A popular beach for the alternative and surfing crowd of the island, Su Giudeu features several reefs just above the surface of the sea that make it good scuba diving spot. Apart from dudes with surfboards hunting for the highest Mediterranean waves, flocks of flamingos have chosen the area of Chia Su Giudeu as their summer playing ground in the lagoons nearby.

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