The Smallest and Most Secluded Beaches of Sardinia

Below you’ll find an overview of Sardinian beaches with a length of less than 200 meters. It’s the perfect overview for those who’d like to discover Sardinia’s smallest beaches and secluded coves.

Spiaggia Punta Nuraghe

  • Location: Porto Rotondo, Costa Smeralda, Olbia-Tempio
  • Length: 80 meters
a picture of spiaggia punta nuraghe in porto rotondo sardinia

On the other side of Spiaggia Ira you'll find Punta Nuraghe, a small beach with a length of about 80 meters. It faces west, featuring views over the Golfo Cugnana and Marina di Portisco to the north-east. Beach chairs and umbrellas are available for rent, as well as canoes.

Spiaggia dei Sassi

  • Location: Porto Rotondo, Olbia-Tempio.
  • Length: 110 meters
a picture of spiaggia dei sassi in porto rotondo sardinia

Just a few hundred meters east of the marina of Porto Rotondo, in the direction of Punta Volpe, you'll find Spiaggia dei Sassi. It consists of fine sand and some small stones, and is surrounded by several cliffs. The beach is equipped with several facilities. To get there from the centre of Porto Rotondo follow the signs to Punta Volpe.

Cala Greca

  • Location: Golfo Aranci, Olbia-Tempio
  • Length: 15 meters
a picture of Cala Greca, a small cove near Golfo Aranci, north-east Sardinia, Italy.

Cala Greca, at Capo Figari, is one of the smallest coves of north-east Sardinia. This cove is popular among scuba-divers and snorkelling enthusiasts. It can only be reached by boat, or on foot from Cala Moresca.

Quinta Spiaggia

  • Location: Golfo Aranci, Olbia-Tempio
  • Length: 70 meters
a view from quinta spiaggia, the fifth beach in Golfo Aranci

Quinta Spiaggia is the fifth beach of Golfo Aranci. With warm and shallow waters, this small and cozy beach is suitable for families with children.

Quarta Spiaggia

  • Location: Golfo Aranci, Olbia-Tempio
  • Length: 70 meters
a picture of quarta spiaggia in golfo aranci

Quarta Spiaggia is the fourth beach of Golfo Aranci. It's easy to find as you enter Golfo Aranci village. It's a small beach with a length of 70 meters.

Cala Delfino

  • Location: Baia Caddinas, Golfo Aranci, Olbia-Tempio
  • Length: 30 meters
a picture of cala delfino near baia caddinas in golfo aranci

Cala Delfino is a little outpost of beauty and tranquility, with a length of only 30 meters. It is located 900 meters south-west of Baia Caddinas.

Spiaggia di Baia Caddinas

  • Location: Baia Caddinas, Golfo Aranci, Olbia-Tempio
  • Length: 80 meters
a picture of spiaggia baia cardinas in golfo aranci in north-east sardinia

The small and family-friendly beach of Baia Caddinas can be found directly in front of Baia Caddinas village, 500 meters north-east of S’Abba e sa Pedra Beach.


  • Location: Santa Margherita di Pula, Comune Di Domus De Maria
  • Length: 130 meters
a picture of pinus village beach in santa margherita di pula sardinia

Pinus Village beach is located close to the Strada Statale 195. It is set in a beautiful cove bordered by rocky slopes that gently descend into the sea.

Su Portu de su Trigu

  • Location: Comune di Sant'Anna Arresi, Carbonia-Iglesias
  • Length: 30 meters
a picture of su portu de su trigu beach in sant'anna arresi sardinia

Spiaggia di Su Portu de su Trigu, also known as Cala Sa Barracca is one of the smallest beaches of south Sardinia. This fine little beach is located just a few kilometers south-west of Porto Pino, and 6 kilometers west of the community of Sant'Anna Arresi. The beautiful sandy beach has very thin and white sands. You'll find some scattered rocks along the beach, making it an even more beautiful and charming environment. This beach faces due west overlooking the azure waters of Golfi di Palma. Su Portu de su Trigu has no facilities except for a car parking area, but this private and secluded gem should definitely be on your list of beaches to visit if you're in South Sardinia. It is the perfect place for some relaxation and snorkeling. Highly recommended!

Porto La Cruzitta

  • Location: Costa Paradiso, TrinitĂ  D’Agultu, Olbia-Tempio
  • Length: 20 meters
a picture of porto la cruzitta near costa paradiso sardinia

Porto La Cruzitta beach is located within a secluded and picturesque cove that is situated between Li Cossi beach and Cala Sarraina, in Trinità D’Agultu.

Spiaggia Di Li Cossi

  • Location: Costa Paradiso, TrinitĂ  D’Agultu, Olbia-Tempio
  • Length: 80 meters
Spiaggia Di Li Cossi, Costa Paradiso, north Sardinia, Italy.

Tucked away in a natural amphitheater of granite rocks, Spiaggia di Li Cossi is a must-see cove located in Costa Paradiso.

Cala Sarraina

  • Location: TrinitĂ  D'Agultu, Olbia-Tempio
  • Length: 110 meters
Cala Sarraina beach, TrinitĂ  D'Agultu, Olbia-Tempio, Sardinia.

Cala Sarraina beach is located 4 kilometers north-east of Costa Paradiso, and 2.4 kilometers south-west of Cala Faa. It features a bar and a restaurant. The colors of the sea are incredible, and the water transparency enhances the superb beauty of the seabed while snorkelling. Wearing slippers is recommended on this beach, as the sand contains some pebbles.

Cala di Faa

  • Location: TrinitĂ  d'Agultu e Vignola, Olbia-Tempio
  • Length: 50 meters
a picture of cala faa beach in northern sardinia

Cala Faa (Spiaggia di Cala Faa) is a small cove approximately 4 kilometers south-west of Portobello beach, along the Costa Paradiso in north Sardinia.

Spiaggia Cala Pipara

  • Location: Capo Coda Cavallo, San Teodoro, Olbia-Tempio
  • Length: 100 meters
a picture of la pipara beach in capo coda cavallo

La Pipara beach is located in Capo Coda Cavallo, San Teodoro. It has a length of just 100 meters and offers nice views of Isola Molara and Isola Tavolara.

Cala Suaraccia Beach

  • Location: Capo Coda Cavallo, San Teodoro, Olbia-Tempio
  • Length: 150 meters
a picture of cala suaraccia in capo coda cavallo sardinia

Cala Suaraccia beach is located on the Capo Coda Cavallo peninsula, 9 kilometers north-east of San Teodoro. It features splendid views of Isola Tavolara.

Spiaggia di Puntaldia

  • Location: Puntaldia, San Teodoro, Olbia-Tempio
  • Length: 120 meters
a picture of spiaggia di puntaldia near san teodoro in north-east sardinia

Puntaldia beach, one of the smallest beaches in the area of San Teodoro, faces north-east offering marvelous views of Capo Coda Cavallo and Isola Tavolara.

Spiaggia S’Abba e sa Pedra

  • Location: Golfo Aranci, Olbia-Tempio
  • Length: 70 meters
a picture of the mesmerising views at Spiaggia S’Abba e sa Pedra in Golfo Aranci Sardinia

Spiaggia S'abba e sa Pedra is one of the smallest and most secluded coves you will find in the area of Golfo Aranci. It is only 70 meters long, and faces south-east. It is not easily accessible, since you will have to walk for about 200 meters along a narrow path that swirls through dense scrub vegetation and small trees. But once you have reached this tiny white sandy beach, you'll be rewarded with captivating views of Isola Tavolara and Isola di Figarolo.

Spiaggia di Porto Palmas

  • Location: Palmadula, Sassari
  • Length: 130 meters
A view of the beach at Porto Palmas, a beach near Alghero, northwest Sardinia, Italy.

Nestled among the westernmost coves on the island, Porto Palmas beach boasts a tranquil and unspoiled atmosphere.

Cala Romazzino

  • Location: Romazzino, Arzachena, Olbia-Tempio
  • Length: 30 meters
a picture of cala romazzino

Cala Romazzino is a small cove that is located just north of Hotel Romazzino. It is one of the little Sardinian treasures that requires some effort to find.

Colonna Beach

  • Location: Arzachena, Olbia-Tempio
  • Length: 50 meters
a picture of colonna resort beach

500 meters north-east of Cala Granu you will find Colonna beach, the northenmost beach of the Costa Smeralda, and a private property of the Colonna Resort.

Spiaggia Pitrizza

  • Location: Liscia di Vacca, Arzachena, Olbia-Tempio
  • Length: 80 meters
Pitrizza Beach, Liscia di Vacca, Arzachena, Olbia-Tempio, Sardinia.

Just 200 meters north of Liscia di Vacca beach you will find Pitrizza beach. It is a private beach that belongs to the famous and luxurious Hotel Pitrizza.

Liscia di Vacca

  • Location: Liscia di Vacca, Olbia-Tempio
  • Length: 100 meters
a picture of spiaggia di liscia di vacca in costa smeralda sardinia

Liscia di Vacca beach is one of the smallest of the Costa Smeralda. Together with La Pitrizza and Cala Granu, it encloses the peninsula of Capo Ferro. It offers magnificent views of the Maddalena Archipelago to the north-west, Isola Capuccini to the north, and the headlands of Capo Ferro to the north-east. The cozy beach is fully equipped with umbrellas and deck chairs.

Spiaggia Sos Aranzos

  • Location: Golfo Aranci, Olba-Tempio
  • Length: 120 meters
an aerial picture of Spiaggia di Sos Aranzos, Golfo Aranci, Olbia-Tempio, Sardinia, Italy.

Sos Aranzos beach (Spiaggia di Sos Aranzos) is a small but rather wide beach of just 120 meters long. It offers wonderful views of Capo Figari and the islands named Figarolo Tavolara. Sos Aranzos is frequently visited by guests staying at the nearby hotels, so it can get a little crowded during high season. Waters here are shallow, so this spot is suitable for families children. Facilities include a parking lot and several kiosks. A good beach for snorkelling and scuba diving.

Portobello Beach

  • Location: Portobello, Arzachena, Olbia-Tempio
  • Length: 150 meters
a picture of portobello beach

The beaches of Portobello are scattered along the coastline of Portobello di Gallura, one of Sardinia's most exclusive residential parks.

Perda Longa

  • Location: Perda Longa, Cagliari
  • Length: 160 meters
an aerial picture of perda longa beach near chia in south sardinia, italy.

Perda Longa beach is a delightful little cove with a narrow strip of fine sand. It is located 800 meters north of Cala Ferraglione, and is 160 meters long.

Cala Ferraglione

  • Location: Perda Longa, Sardinia
  • Length: 120 meters
a picture of cala ferraglione beach

Cala Ferraglione beach is a small and secluded cove featuring a golden sand beach and granite rocks, giving the landscape a rugged character.

Cala Domestica

  • Location: Buggeru, Carbonia Iglesias
  • Length: 60 meters
a picture of Cala Domestica near Buggerru in south-west Sardinia, Italy.

Situated in what used to be a mining area, Cala Domestica is located on the south-western coast of Sardinia. Cala Domestica is a popular scuba diving spot, there’s plenty of fish if you dive a bit around the rocks at the border of the crescent bay. A must-see beach if you're in the area, it's one of the best beaches of south Sardinia!

Spiaggia Santa Reparata

  • Location: Santa Reparata, Olbia-Tempio, Sardinia
  • Length: 160 meters
a picture of the beach of Santa Reparata, near Santa Teresa Gallura in north Sardinia, Italy.

Santa Reparata beach, marked by white sand with rocky coves, is a 160 meters long beach in north Sardinia, and is located near Santa Teresa Gallura. The beach faces west, with nice views over the waters of the Baia La Colba, and the rugged coastline of the Capo Testa promontory. Its surrounding cliffs make Santa Reparata beach a favorite place for divers and snorkelling enthousiasts.

Spiaggia Rudargia

  • Location: Porto Rotondo, Olbia-Tempio
  • Length: 100 meters
a picture of rudargia beach on sardinia

Rudargia beach (Spiaggia Rudargia) is a small beach near Porto Rotondo and Ira beach - at the southern border of the famous Costa Smeralda area in Sardinia.

Spiaggia Porto Quadro

  • Location: Santa Teresa Gallura, Olbia Tempio
  • Length: 130 meters
a picture of spiaggia porto quadro sardinia

Drive east from Santa Teresa Gallura for about 10 or 15 minutes, and you'll discover Porto Quadro beach. This beach is nicely settled between the small villages of Porto Quadro to the west, and Villaggio La Marmoratina to the east. It faces north-west, looking out over the Strait of Bonifacio and the white cliffs of Corsica in the distance. Its waters are shallow and mostly calm, as Porto Quadro is sheltered from the winds by the rocky shores of Punta Falcone and Punta Marmorata, two scenic spots in the area that may be worth exploring.

Spiaggia Cala Granu

  • Location: Porto Cervo, Arzachena, Olbia-Tempio
  • Length: 100 meters
The beach of Spiaggia Cala Granu, on the Emerald Coast, in north-east Sardinia, Italy.

Cala Granu beach (Spiaggia Cala Granu) is a small beach - 100 meters long - located 1 kilometer north of Porto Cervo, in the heart of the Costa Smeralda.

Cala Balcaccia

  • Location: Santa Teresa Gallura, Olbia Tempio
  • Length: 160 meters
A lone piece of driftwood at Spiaggia di Cala Balcaccia

Cala Balcaccia is located 7 kilometers east of Santa Teresa Gallura, in northern Sardinia. It spans 200 meters, offering views of Corsica in the distance.

Cala Sambuco

  • Location: S. Teresa di Gallura, Olbia Tempio
  • Length: 70 meters
Cala Sambuco, near Santa Teresa di Gallura, north Sardinia, Italy.

Cala Sambuco is a small but picturesque beach located just 1 kilometer south-east of La Marmorata beach, near Santa Teresa di Gallura, in Northern Sardinia.

Cala Moresca

  • Location: Golfo Aranci, Olbia-Tempio
  • Length: 150 meters
a picture taken at Cala Moresca, with views of Isola Tavolara and Isola di Figarolo, in Golfo Aranci, north-east Sardinia, Italy.

Cala Moresca beach is a small bay in Golfo Aranci featuring impressive cliffs, scattered pine trees, golden sands, and waters of Caribbean quality.

Spiaggia di Cala Sabina

  • Location: Golfo Aranci, Olbia-Tempio
  • Length: 180 meters
a picture of spiaggia di cala sabina in golfo aranci north-east sardinia

Well-equipped Cala Sabina beach is located in the Golfo Aranci area, along the railroad track that leads to Golfo Aranci. Open from 7AM to 12 AM.

Cala Cipolla

  • Location: Chia, Domus de Maria, Cagliari
  • Length: 150 meters
spiaggia di cala cipolla near chia in south sardinia italy

Cala Cipolla (Spiaggia di Cala Cipolla) is one of the pearls that the Chia Bay is famous for, and is another favorite spot among off-season surfers. The beach is tucked away in a narrow bay and only spans 150 meters, with sands white and fine, backed by dense Mediterranean Maquis. There are pine and juniper trees right by the beach where you can find some shade during the hot hours of the day. The cove faces south, and on the west side, you'll admire the views of the lighthouse on the headlands of Capo Spartivento located one kilometer away. The working lighthouse is a unique location in Chia, as it serves as a hotel with six rooms. Make sure to bring some snorkeling gear!

Spiaggia di Portisco

  • Location: Portisco, Olbia-Tiempo
  • Length: 150 meters
a picture of Spiaggia di Portisco in Costa Smeralda, north-east Sardinia, Italy.

Portisco beach and its surrounding beaches are the most beautiful beaches of the Sardinian Costa Smeralda, located 15 kilometers away from Olbia.

Cala Mariolu

  • Location: Baunei, Ogliastra
  • Length: 60 meters
A gorgeous from the beach at Cala Mariolu, in east Sardinia, Italy.

Cala Mariolu is another top contender on our list of Best Beaches of East Sardinia. The cove is located just north of the famous Cala Goloritze, and is decorated with little pebbles made round and smooth by the eternal movement of the waters. This spot is very suitable for scuba diving, and is one of the best snorkeling beaches of Sardinia. Due to its location, the beach of Cala Mariolu rests in the shade of the limestone rocks at the end of the afternoon. There are no hotels in the direct vicinity of Cala Mariolu, but there are plenty of accommodations to be found up north in Cala Gonone and down south in Santa Maria Navarrese. The cove can be accessed on foot from Piredda in the Plateau of Golgo (Altopiano del Golgo), but the trek to the beach is not easy and should be done well prepared. Boat trips are available from the villages of Cala Gonone and Santa Maria Navarrese.

Cala Biriala

  • Location: Baunei, Ogliastra
  • Length: 100 meters
a cove named Cala Biriola near Baunei, east Sardinia, Italy.

This Sardinian beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the East Coast. Cala Biriola Beach is a good place for scuba diving, snorkelling, and climbing.

Cala Fuili

  • Location: Dorgali, Nuoro
  • Length: 100 meters
a picture of the beach at Cala Fuili in the province of Nuoro East Sardinia

You'll find the beautiful cove of Cala Fuili three kilometers south of the center of the seaside village named Cala Gonone, in the province of Nuoro, the provincial capital of the central area of East Sardinia. It offers extensive views over the Tyrrhenian Sea, the wooded hills and dramatic cliffs of Parco Nazionale del Golfo di Orosei e del Gennargentu. The beach is sandy with small white pebbles around the water edge. Cala Fuili is one of the best beaches of East Sardinia, therefore it can get rather busy during high season, so it's best to go there early if you can, preferably before 9 AM. Beach activities include snorkeling around the rocks, swimming in the crystal-clear warm water, and climbing. If you'd like to take the 3.5-kilometer walk from Cala Fuili to Cala Luna, the hiking route is well signposted. You can reach Cala Fuili Beach from Cala Gonone by heading south on Viale Bue Marino. There's a parking space for about fifty cars.

Spiaggia di Sos Dorroles

  • Location: Dorgali, Nuoro
  • Length: 100 meters
Sos Dorroles beach (Spiaggia di Sos Dorroles), just north of Cala Fuili beach in the area of Cala Gonone.

Sos Dorroles beach offers a different color palette than most beaches of Sardinia. It is located approximately 300 meters away from Palmasera beach.