Sardinia Wine Tasting Guide

If you’ve been planning to go wine tasting in Sardinia this season, below is an overview of some of the best wineries & vineyards in Sardinia‎.

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Wine Tasting in North Sardinia - Isola Rossa

Wine tasting at Cantina li Seddi

  • Near Isola Rossa, Olbia-Tempio, North Sardinia, Italy.
the Vermentino, a vine that is currently used for the
For its white wines, Cantina li Seddi uses the Vermentino, a vine that is currently used for the "Vermentino di Gallura" and the "Vermentino di Sardegna".

Let’s be honest, wine tasting is a fun thing to do almost anywhere in the world, but the truth is, the superior quality often ensures wine tasting in Sardinia is often more memorable. Situated in the midst of the countryside, Cantina li Seddi is proud to offer some of the best wine tastings in Sardinia and one of the most enjoyable things to do in Isola Rossa. Needless to say, many visitors arrive for the wine itself, and in this sense, the wide selection never fails to disappoint even the highest of expectations. The surrounding vineyard is especially impressive with endless juniper, mastic and strawberry trees stretching as far as the eye can see. As for grapes, you can smell them in the air, and the quality of this product is evident in every last sip of every single wine. Featuring an authentic wine cellar and an amiable owner, this is not just a wine tasting tour but also an educational insight into the passion and history behind winemaking in the local area. Interestingly, there are also two structures on site and guests can take a look inside the production area where the rich aroma and fine tasting wine is preparing itself for the eager visitors outside.

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Wine Tasting in North-East Sardinia - San Pantaleo

Wine Tasting at the Surrau Winery

  • Near San Pantaleo, Olbia-Tempio, North-East Sardinia, Italy.
a picture of a typical Sardinian dinner made of cheese, sausage, bread and wine.
Sardinian tradition: cheese, sausage, bread and wine. What else?

One of the most enjoyable ways to get a taste for San Pantaleo is to embark on a Sardinia wine tasting tour at the Surrau Winery. Nestled amidst beautiful valleys in the eastern part of Gallura, the Surrau Winery overlooks more than fifty hectares of vineyard, and from afar, you can smell the aroma of the grapes as they ready themselves for the winemaking process. Although Surrau Winery is just as popular with casual wine tastes as it is with the wine connoisseurs, this impressive establishment features five types of wines, namely, Vermentino, Cannonau, Muristellu, Carignano, and Cabernet Sauvignon. Renowned all over the world for producing a wonderful variety of grapes, their wine is unsurprisingly crisp, earthy, and opulent to taste. You can also choose to enjoy your wine with a serving of cheese, olives, and salami during a visit while the actual winemaking process is also made visible to all their guests. In this regard, it is usually possible to take a wine tour, and Surrau Winery takes pride in how transparent they are when it comes to transforming this luscious fruit into your favorite wine. In fact, the owners of this winery have specifically created the property with a transparent façade as a symbol of their genuineness and quality.

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Wine Tasting in South-East Sardinia - Villasimius

Wine Tasting at Colline del Vento

  • Near Villasimius, Cagliari, South-East Sardinia, Italy.
an old man at work at the Colline del Vento vineyard in Villasimius, Sardinia, Italy.
At the Colline del Vento vineyard, the soil offers the ideal substrate for the cultivation of Vermentino and Cannonau, two Sardinian wines known for exceptional perfumes and body.

Colline del Vento is a beautiful winery and one of the most interesting things to do in Villasimius. Founded in 2006, the surrounding vineyard has belonged to the family for more than a century, and wine-making was common here all throughout this time. In fact, Colline del Vento features five acres of organic grapes and the ocean view is nothing less than breath-taking. A father and son duo takes care of the grapevines here to ensure the wind, sun, and scent of the earth shines through in every glass. The family has worked hard to perfect this ancient tradition and produce two different wines - Entu and Brennas. According to the owner, the wind and sea have a large part to do with the blend of wine at Colline del Vento. After all, the family has always respected the principles of their ancestors and how their founders once cultivated the same land. These conditions also make this the perfect place to relax and this winery one of the best cultural things to do in Villasimius.

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Wine Tasting in North-West Sardinia - Alghero

Wine Tasting at the LedĂ  d'Ittiri Wine Resort

  • Near Alghero, Sassari, North-West Sardinia, Italy.
A view in the gardens of the LedĂ  d'Ittiri Wine Resort near Alghero, northwest Sardinia, Italy.
The LedĂ  d'Ittiri Wine Resort's well-manicured garden and olive grove create a harmonious oasis.

Sardinia is a marvelous place for winetasting, and Alghero is no exception. 10 kilometers from the center of Alghero, at the foot of Monte Doglia, you can taste local delicacies at the LedĂ  d'Ittiri Wine Resort and walk through their vineyard and olive grove. Upon arrival, your friendly guide will welcome you to the tasting room. As you settle in, you'll be escorted to your table, where a delightful scene awaits! Five distinct glasses and a tempting tray of appetizers will be beautifully arranged, perfectly complementing the wines. Learn about the farm's history, the local area, and rich cultural heritage. Your guide will captivate your senses as they lead you through a guided tasting of each wine. Discover the unique characteristics of each local grape variety, allowing the aromas and flavors to dance on your palate. You'll also receive insightful suggestions for food pairings, enriching your appreciation of the wines. The experience concludes with a sampling of their exceptional extra-virgin olive oil. Crafted using traditional cold pressing techniques, it is served alongside traditional bread, creating a delicious combination. Should you wish to take a piece of this unforgettable experience home with you, the opportunity to purchase the showcased products will be presented. After the wine tasting, you can walk through the vineyard at your own pace.

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Wine Tasting in North Sardinia - Badesi

Wine Tasting at Cantina Li Duni

  • Near Badesi, Olbia-Tempio, North Sardinia, Italy.
vines in Badesi grow strong on sandy soil just a stone’s throw from the waters of the Asinara Gulf.
In Badesi, historic vines grow freely and strong on sandy ground just a stone’s throw from the waters of the Asinara Gulf.

As the relentless sun and unwavering winds continue to shape the island of Sardinia, Badesi vines remain some of the most significant benefactors in this Mediterranean paradise. Yes, the grapes of Cantina Li Duni have remained in spite of the nearby waters of the Asinara Gulf which has transpired this part of the Mediterranean into a traditional wine region. Each bottle of Sardinian wine comes with a very distinct character which seems to embody the unique nature of the island itself. A favorable temperature, a gentle sea breeze, and the rolling hills provide the perfect ambiance for tasting world class Italian wines. Cantina Li Duni invites visitors to explore the wine cellars in which their treasures are stored, and this provides a fascinating insight into the great care taken to produce such fine wines. As you should gather, there are many reasons why wine tasting ranks as one of the best things to do in Badesi, but we should not forget the actual taste, for Sardinian wine is famous all over the globe. Tracing back to the roots of wine making in this region, visitors can learn how these vineyards were an integral part of local communities throughout history.

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Wine Tasting in North-East Sardinia - Cala di Volpe

Wine Tasting - Porto Cervo Wine Festival

  • Near Cala di Volpe, Olbia-Tempio, North-East Sardinia, Italy.
Every year in May, life tastes good at the Porto Cervo Wine Festival.

Every year in the middle of May, the Costa Smeralda celebrates the Porto Cervo Wine Festival, an event featuring the best Sardinian and Italian winemakers. The wine tasting event lasts for three days and is held at the Cervo Conference Center and Porto Cervo's Piazzetta, roughly 4 kilometers north of Cala di Volpe. The Porto Cervo Wine Festival includes daily Italian wine tastings, lectures by nutritionists and representatives of the island, the Fashion Wine Walk, and a gourmet dinner at one of the most prestigous hotels in the area (Hotel Cervo, Pitrizza or Cala di Volpe). Tickets cost around 50,00 Euros per person, and include admission the Conference Center, the tasting of wines on display and admission to the Porto Cervo Food Festival which is held yearly in May as well.

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Wine Tasting in North Sardinia - Porto Pozzo

Wine Tasting at Capichera

  • Near Porto Pozzo, Olbia-Tempio, North Sardinia, Italy.

The Gallura region is famous for its exotic and flavorful wine grapes. Vermentino is one of the most popular native varieties of grapes in Sardinia. So that you know, these are the light-skinned wine grapes that give a distinct fruity aroma and an exotic taste to the Italian wine. What’s more, the Capichera Winery specializes in making pure Vermentino wine with perfection. In the late 1970s, the Ragnedda family decided to get the best out of Vermentino and took the initiative of sowing the nearby vineyards. Now, the winery has mastered the art of producing pure Vermentino wine with a more refined aging process, and the wine stays in wooden barrels until it is permanently fermented. With this in mind, visiting the Capichera winery is one of the best things to do in Porto Pozzo and a wine tasting experience that you won’t forget any time soon.

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